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Stellar: Saving a kid from walking into oncoming traffic wasn't particularly on Riku's agenda for the day. Then again, neither was housing said boy -- who also happened to claim that he crashed his ship made of gummies into the city park after getting caught in an asteroid belt. The babbling, that Riku could handle, not so much the 'I'm going to make a communicator out of your remote control and microwave so my shield and staff can pick me up from outer space!' RikuSora

Only in Dreams: Being the youngest of five made life an everyday trial for Zexion, which was the very reason he absorbed himself into the music he loved. After a fight with his father, however, Zexion finds himself thrown out into the streets to fend for himself. With nowhere to go, Zexion soon takes advantage of a discarded bus pass to begin following around his favorite band as they tour the world. Of course, between sleeping on benches and spending his days in bookstores, to be acknowledged by Nocturne is something that would only happen in his dreams, right? Zemyx

Start Something: Zexion was never fool enough to do anything about the undeniable attraction he had to his student. A ten year age difference was something that continually dangled itself in front of the Psychology teacher's face. Yet, he can't help the lasting touches of a hand to a shoulder, and to desire the ghost of young lips against his cheek. Resistance never seemed so futile. Zemyx.