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Author has written 4 stories for Sailor Moon, Twilight, and Avengers.

Hi! Call me Alita,

I live in Costa Rica, I am 26 years old, I am a business school graduate and I love to write and read (that's not true my favorite hobbie is to sleep and watch tv, specially Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory).

I love to read Sailor Moon's fanfics and Twilight's, although if the storyline is good I will read about anything...really liking the gleefics

Sailor Moon it's very close to my heart, you know? It's almost the very first anime I ever saw, but of course I first saw it when I was nine (that was ages ago).

This is my e-mail if you ever wish to clear doubts about the story line or get sneek peeks about up coming chapters or if you have an idea for a story:

My stories

So I have been working in my first story, it's kind of a drama with a funny twist to it, it's called: "Haven't you had enough?" (Sailor Moon of course)

I personally love the title because sometimes it's something you are dying to say to someone who has been bugging you like forever or to someone who often likes seeing you down, "haven't you had enough of seeing me like this? or haven't you had enough of doing this to me?" I like it, I think there is potential here...

Other one in the workshop as he speak is "The Cardboard-Cutout" (Twilight)

Did anyone ever read "The absolute boyfriend" or watched it... well this is kind of inspired in's really funny

New edition of HYHE for fans, it's called Still haven't had enough... I know two years too late

Haven't you had enough?

Dream cast (so far)

(I tried to figure it out by physical resemblance and age approximation)

In order of appearance

Serena Tsukino-Brittany Snow

Rei Hino-Keiko Kitagawa

Lita Kino-Julie Gonzalo

Amy Mizuno-Alexis Bledel

Mina Aino-Rachel Hurd-Wood

Darien Shields-Chase Crawford

Andrew Furuhata-Matt Lanter

Carson Lambert-John Cusack

Camilla Lambert-Joan Cusack

Annaleigh Roberts-Blake Lively (light brown hair, might need contacts too)

Emerald Greene-Madeline Zima (black hair, bright green highlights)

Diamond Blackmoon-Ed Westwick

Sapphire Blackmoon-Jackson Rathbone

Dominic Colton-Sean Faris

Scott Miller-Jeremy Sumpter

Molly Osaka-Anna Popplewell (redhead)

Melvin Gurio-Dan Byrd

Lizzie Furuhata-Danielle Panabaker

Ikuko Tsukino-Kelly Rutherford

Sammy Tsukino-Connor Paolo

Greg Lee-Jyoji Shibue

Nate Summers-Mehcad Brooks

Nicholas Montgomery-Cam Gigandet

Seiya Kou-Shirota Yuu

Kenji Tsukino-Dennis Quaid

Elena García-Belinda Peregrín

Young Serena-Elle Fanning

Young Seiya-Yuya Ozeki

Young Darien-Ethan Dampf

Young Taiki-Kazato Tomizawa

Young Yaten-Naoki Takeshi

Mrs. Kou-Zhang Ziyi

Silvia Shields-Emily Deschanel

John Shields-Scott Patterson

Yaten Kou-Mike Hee

Taiki Kou-Nakamura Shunsuke

Abigail Roberts-Sierra Pitkin

Elizabeth Shields-Liv Tyler

James Shields-Matt Letscher

Arthur Novak-Robert Pattinson

Setsuna Meioh-Megan Fox

Saint Valentine's dresses

(to check out the outfits)

Serena's Prom dress


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