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Author has written 4 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Dark Cloud, Sailor Moon, Zatch Bell, Dragon Ball, Courage: The Cowardly Dog, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Update, 7/22/2017: Revising chapter seven of Ocean Days (SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile!

If you're wondering about the origins of my username, it's a combination of the names "Gash" and "Zeon" from the anime/manga Konjiki no Gash!!

I enjoy watching cartoons, competition television shows, sitcoms, boxing, and all genres of anime; reading fantasy novels, realistic fiction, memoirs, dystopian novels, and all genres of manga; and playing strategy, fighting, role-playing, and platformer video games. However, I will watch, read, and play anything that has an interesting story, gameplay, or premise.

I write mainly crossovers between anime, manga, video games, and television shows. The crossovers' genres include action, adventure, general, friendship, romance, parody, horror, humor, and drama. The crossovers I write may be strange to some but mesh like peanut butter and jelly in my head.


If someone asked me to recommend anime, manga, video games, television shows, or cartoons, these are what I would recommend. They are in no particular order.


Gungrave--I wrote that this list was in no particular order, but this is my favorite anime. It contains a mixture of action, drama, and sympathetic, dynamic characters. Every character has a relatable reason for try to accomplish his or her goals. I played both video games, Gungrave and Gungrave: Overdose, and I like them both equally. I enjoyed the anime's story more than the first game's story since the anime adaptation expanded on the characters' backstories, goals, and personalities. The second game didn't get an anime adaptation, but its story is much deeper and more thought-out than the first's game's story. The second game's story reminds me of the anime in its story.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu--A funnier version of Full Metal Panic!. It was refreshing to watch this after watching the first anime. The humor was great. My favorite episode was the hot springs one, especially toward the end. The manga Full Metal Panic! Overload is similar to Fumoffu, except in manga form. (Personally, I prefer the anime. I think comedy anime in general are better than comedy manga since the anime are animated.) I like the cutesy art in the manga, too.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon--One of the first anime I watched. I loved the memorable, funny characters the most. I really enjoyed the manga. Queen Beryl is a pretty sympathetic character, and Chibi-Usa is a much better character--in the clips I saw of her in the 1990s anime, she always seemed bratty. The last arc, Stars, was my favorite because it showed how much Usagi had grown. I loved how centric it was on Usagi. During the Stars arc, the villains were a little better developed and more sympathetic too--at least they told the heroes why they sided with Galaxia. However, I never felt like I learned much about the other characters. Naoko Takeuchi gave the Guardian (inner) senshi their own chapters, but I still felt like they were lacking in personality. The Outer Senshi were shared only one chapter, and no chapters focused on them individually. More could've been done with the Guardians and the Outers, especially since Usagi developed so much. It would've been nice if the Guardians and the Outers had character arcs.

Codename: Sailor V--This manga is focused entirely on Minako Aino, Sailor Venus. Most of the chapters are humorous, and I love Naoko Takeuchi's witty sense of humor. The memorable villains try to accomplish their goals in hilarious ways.

Pokemon Special (Pokemon Adventures)--When I first heard of this manga, I thought it would be like the anime. It barely resembles the anime and instead adapts the video games, such and the Red and Gold versions. I like this much more than the anime. My favorite arc is the Ruby/Sapphire one; I think it's the most dramatic arc. I like that the author makes minor characters more important and the complex plot. I also like the dynamic characters.

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken--The manga is similar to Dragon Ball but is more emotional. The characters aren't from the games, and it doesn't follow an RPG plot. It combines everything I like in a manga--action, drama, strong relationships, and character development. The romance is done well, and I especially like how important the romance is during some of the battles. Pop shows the best character development I've seen in any form of media. He doesn't morph into a completely different character, but he's a far cry from who he was at the beginning.

Konjiki no Gash!!--This anime and manga combines everything I like in a story--action, adventure, emotions, no inconsistencies. Nearly every character is fully developed and has a reason for either trying to save or destroy the world. The villains often feel as though the world cheated them in some way. Characters that would otherwise be trying to save the world have valid reasons for helping the villains. Most characters also show great character development. Some villains face their fears and become heroes.

Dragon Ball--Light-hearted, funny, and action-packed. When I was little, I hated this anime because it bored me. I gave it other chances when it was on Comcast's OnDemand, but they never posted all the episodes, so I turned to the manga. When I watched the episodes, I thought it was entertaining and fun, and I'm glad I gave it another chance. I like the early adventures the most because they're unique and funny. However, the Cell saga, the most emotional arc, is my favorite. Vegeta's goodbye to Trunks during the Buu saga is one of my favorite scenes.

Hajime no Ippo--This is a great boxing manga, and there's a lot of character development. After each exciting fight, I feel like the main character, Ippo, has grown. Other characters show great character development. Kimura's fight against Mashiba is one of my favorites. I'm only reading that manga, but I've watched a few of the first and second anime's fights on YouTube, and they're very well done. The fluid animation and explosive sound effects are incredible.

Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings--I love the four brothers' carefree attitudes. Almost the whole world is against them, but they stay calm and have fun defeating the villains. I would love to read the light novels one day.

The Kabocha Wine--Shunsuke and L are on their way to being my favorite couple ever. I usually don't like romance in anime, but it's done well here. The anime is episodic and focuses on Shunsuke's warming up to L. This began in the early '80's, so I doubt that it will ever be released in the U.S. I'll have much more to say if I somehow finish this.

Future GPX Cyber Formula series--One of the few anime not based off anything. The drama is entertaining, the orchestral music is great, since it's nostalgic and similar to a movie's soundtrack, the comedic parts are well-placed, and the romance-drama doesn't feel forced. The first and second half-fan games for the PC are also very good, and the cars are well-detailed. Whoever created the game were big fans of the series and thoroughly researched the cars. Every car is different. It takes a while to master them all.

The Sacred Blacksmith--It's refreshing to see a strong female lead in a seinen (adult male demographic) manga. Cecily, the main character, is one of my favorite characters simply because of this. This manga shines with its characters and their relationships more than the generic plot. This manga also has a fair helping of drama to go with its action. Not to mention the amazing art.

Zegapain--I love how many twists this anime had. There were secrets and surprises until the very end. It was a refreshing take on mecha anime, and all the characters were likeable.

There are more, but they're on my MyAnimeList account. The name of that account is krysis, which includes my favorite anime/manga characters. Here it is: . My profile also has my favorite quotes.

Cartoons/T.V. Shows:

Big Brother series--It can get pretty interesting in the Big Brother house with all the drama, action, and “showmances.” I look forward to watching this show every summer. Some of the houseguests are really ruthless since $500,000 are on the line. Several of the houseguests show great strategies, including Dan from season 14 and Derrick from season 16. Dan and Derrick are my two of my favorite houseguests because they proved that you don’t need to be great at competitions to be great players.

The Price is Right--Some of the easily excitable, memorable contestants are really funny. Watching this show with friends or family is much more fun.

Crashbox--A fun, family-friendly show. This show has a variety of fun mini-games, even though a few of the minigames, like Haunted House Party, are boring. My favorite mini-game is Mugshots even though some of the mugshots scared me when I was little. I wish they had created more than 21 episodes.

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy--The slapstick and timing of the humor are great. Eddy's scams and the repercussions are hilarious. This show helped cultivate my love of slapstick. My favorite episode is "One Plus One Equals Ed" because of its uniqueness.

Dexter's Laboratory--Another funny cartoon. The sense of humor is original, and I related to Dexter and Dee-Dee when I was little. Dexter's inventions were, of course, the highlight of the series, and I enjoyed even the last season. But the episode centering on Mandark's past bored me to tears. I thought that was the worst episode in the series. It was too long-winded and talkative, two aspects that I don't particularly care for in cartoons. (I prefer for cartoons to be more physical, but times have changed, and cartoons like Dave the Barbarian and Adventure Time have proven that even talkative cartoons can be great.)

Courage the Cowardly Dog--Courage's screams are hilarious. Some of the villains are pretty funny, too, like the fox in the episode "Cajun Granny Stew”. The episodes ranged from creepy ("Perfect") to sad ("Remembrance of Courage Past," "The Tower of Dr. Zalost"). Hardly anything made me scared or sad when I was little, but this was one of the rare shows that did.

227—A 1980’s sitcom. I used to not really like this show, but I do now. The misadventures are funny, and Jackee Harry does a great job portraying Sandra Clark, the best character in the show, at least for the first few seasons. Her role as Sandra Clark is more entertaining than her role as Lisa in Sister, Sister. I like Sandra in earlier episodes than in later ones. She seemed to become dumber as the show progressed. In the earlier episodes, she was a lot wittier and more of a rival/antagonist to Mary. I also enjoyed the contrast between the older, traditional values that Mary embodies and the changing, modern times and Sandra embraces. Sandra and Mary's debates would be more heated and enjoyable in the earlier episodes. The other characters, save Pearl, aren't as memorable. Sandra kind of made the show what it was.

Good Times--I like this until James dies. Then, it all goes downhill (with a few exceptions, the most triumphant being the four-episode arc when they introduce Penny). Until then, though, this show is great, focusing on a poor black family's struggle to leave the ghetto and become successful. This show covers pretty much everything, from racism, to failure, to bad relationships. One of my favorite characters is James, a strong father who tries to be a role model to his children by working hard and scraping up enough money through his minimum wage job to make them successful.

I Dream of Jeannie--A classic. I first saw Jeannie on the Scooby-Doo movies (I loved Scooby-Doo, especially the movies, when I was little). I think I watched (and loved) the Jeannie cartoon as well, because when I looked up the Jeannie cartoon recently, the name Babu (the genie-in-training), sounded really familiar, or I just remembered him from the Scooby-Doo movies. This is a fun show that takes your mind off your problems, at least for thirty minutes. The earlier episodes are more talkative, while the later episodes are more cartoon-like.

South Central (T.V. show)—A drama that focuses on a working-class family's life in South Central, Los Angeles, a city known for its high crime rate. The family consists of a mother, Joan, who works at a grocery store and barely makes it by for her three children; Andre, the son; Tasha, the daughter; and Deion, the adopted son who was born on crack and can't talk. As the show goes on, we discover more about this family and their past tragedies. This was a very realistic and interesting show. Andre always seemed to have good intentions, but he never went about accomplishing them the right way. He wanted to be the man of the house and provide for his family. If the show had continued for longer than ten episodes, he could've been given a lot of development.

Totally Spies!--I've enjoyed this show since it first aired on Cartoon Network. Sam's, Alex's,and Clover's entertaining personalities and the fun mysteries always make this show a joy to watch. I also enjoy the villains' personalities, even though most of them don't have a good reason for trying to destroy or conquer the world. The spies' short attention span keeps me chuckling.

Little Lulu--I enjoy the shorts from the 1940's and the cartoon from the 1990's. The '40's cartoon is centered on slapstick, my favorite type of humor. However, the '90's cartoon is snarkier. I enjoy both of them equally. I love watching the lengths the boys and girls go through to one-up one another. I like how Lulu annoys the adults in the '40's cartoon, yet manages to be charming and cute while she does so.

Liv and Maddie--It's decency surprised me. All the characters are likeable and relatable, but Liv is my favorite character because she shows quite a bit of depth. The characters are all charming and hilarious, though, with Karen, Evan, Liv, and Willow being my favorite characters since they’re so quirky. The jokes are pretty funny, and the show also features a bit of slapstick, which I'm a sucker for.

Xena: Warrior Princess--I loved the relationship between all the characters, especially Xena and Gabrielle. Watching their close friendship unfold was beautiful, and I loved seeing them overcome so many hardships together. I also liked watching Gabrielle's growth throughout the show and that Gabrielle wasn't treated as just a sidekick. I also enjoyed the thought-provoking stories and the comedy episodes. I liked the finale, too, since it seemed like I was watching a movie instead of a T.V. show. The finale was beautifully done, both in filming and writing. It was a great ending to the show.

Video Games:

Need for Speed series--My favorites are Porsche and Carbon. Porsche's PC version is similar to a driving simulator. The PC version is vastly superior to the PlayStation version: there are more cars, more tracks, and online. The PlayStation version is similar to an arcade game. Carbon focuses on street racing and police chases. It's fast-paced and addicting.

Burnout Paradise--It really would be driving paradise if there weren’t so many pedestrian cars. The game becomes incredibly hard toward the end, though, and I haven't concerned myself with finishing it. It shines in the online portion.

Crash Bandicoot series--My favorites are the first one (simple, great platforming), TwinSanity (amazing 3D platforming, great humor), and Crash Bash (fun minigames). Mind over Mutant isn't the best gameplay wise, but it has the best humor. I like the art style in the early games as well. TwinSanity has great gameplay and great humor. I was surprised to find out that many aspects were not put into the final game, including Coco being playable. It seemed complete when I played it. Crash Bash had a lot of fun mini-games all rolled into one game. My least favorite mini-game was Polar Push when it become frustratingly difficult, and Tank Wars, which was always difficult. Jungle Fox and Swamp Fox are the hardest mini-games in the whole game. In Swamp Fox, the controls are too loose. Jungle Fox is simply hard. The Medieval Mayhem minigames are the most fun. It's hard to pick one favorite level out of Crash Bash; they're all very fun. I've poured many hours into Crash Bash. Rilla Roo is my favorite character to play as, and I wish he'd been in more games so his personality could’ve been developed.

Jak and Daxter series--Platforming and third-person shooter combined, except for the first game (only 3D platforming) and Jak X (combat racing). My favorite game out of the series is the second one. I've put the most hours into it, and I used to imagine my own storylines while playing, mostly while free-roaming. The third game also became fun after I beat it, completed Hero Mode, and unlocked the "Stay as Dark Jak/Light Jak for an unlimited time" (something like that) powerups. I used to run around Spargus City, Haven City, and previous levels as Dark/Light Jak the entire time. It was incredibly fun. I used to pretend that I was part of the Krimzon Guards while playing. The third game could've been longer, though.

Dark Cloud--I like this game's plot better than the sequel's plot because it's darker and not as cheesy. I wish Xiao, Goro, Ruby,and Ungaga would've appeared in cutscenes more often. They have great, charming personalities; could've made the story more interesting; and shown a great deal of character development. Osmond appeared more often, but I don't like him much, and Toan, the main character, is in almost every cutscene. Apparently, Level-5 loves Osmond; he appeared in this game's sequel and in White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2. I enjoyed the duels the most. This game needs a bit more recognition. So many people pay attention to only its sequel. Since the sequel improved nearly everything, most people dismiss the first.

Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle)--There's so much to do in this game, and it takes a really long time to do it all. My favorite video game character is Monica. Even though she's a princess, she's down-to-earth and friendly but not a pushover. It took me about eight years to warm up to Max, but he's one of my favorite video game characters now. Once I began to study him, I learned that he’s a very sympathetic character. He's learned to put others first because his mother left when he was five years old, and he doesn't want to see anyone else disappear. I would've liked if the developers included the dueling minigames from the prequel. I'd rather have the fights against Gaspard in duel form instead of real-time. I would've also liked if the developers had included dungeons in the future and shown us Monica's castle. The story's a little cheesy, and watching the cutscenes is almost like a guilty pleasure. It's much more colorful than its prequel. The story toward the end is pretty dark, but it doesn't come close to the prequel's story, which was dark throughout. Everyone says the cel-shading is amazing, and it is well done, but I think it looks a little strange. The cel-shading only applies to important characters, not to NPCs, who look a bit weird.

Mirror's Edge--A first-person point-of-view platformer that involves more strategy than action—Faith, the main character, avoids enemies instead of fight them. I wish the game included a free-roam mode. The game isn't perfect and becomes difficult toward the end, especially since the player is forced to fight enemies instead of avoid them, going against the point of the gameplay.

Unreal Tournament 2004--My first first-person shooter, and it's incredibly fun, especially with anime and video game models. Imagining storylines while playing is fun, too. For example, I think of reasons why the characters are in the tournament. For the Sailor Moon models, I've imagined a storyline in which the guardians have turned against each other for some reason. Maybe the Dark Kingdom brainwashed them. Maybe the Dark Kingdom forced them to participate in the tournament. Bottom line is, I exercise my imagination while playing.

Valkyria Chronicles--A first-person shooter/strategy war game. The characters have quite a bit of depth. The atmosphere is bright, but not always cheerful. There's a lot of emphasis on nature. The plot is pretty good, but some of the actions and decisions the characters make don't make sense.

Eternal Sonata--I really like the strategic battle system in this game. The graphics are vibrant and fluid while the story is well thought out, metaphorical, and symbolic. It also parallels many real-world issues.

Folklore--Has a plot that is one of the best I've seen in any video game. The protagonists are sympathetic, and the atmosphere is grim and depressing. The gameplay isn't the best, but it's pretty fun. It can be frustrating sometimes; it's difficult to find monsters' weaknesses. The maps were also a little confusing, and I ran in circles quite a bit. As you can probably tell, the plot drove me to finish this game, not the gameplay.

Sim Theme Park (Theme Park World)--This game is very addicting. It's similar to a business simulator. You build your own park and ride your own rides, including roller coasters that you create yourself. This game can be played for hours in one sitting. But the advisor can get annoying, especially if you play the PlayStation 1 version, in which many of his lines are repeated. However, in the PC version, his lines are mostly varied. I started playing this on the PlayStation 1 and later got the PC version, which, I think, is superior in every way. I wish there were more games based on this series.

MegaMan Starforce--I enjoy the character development in the first game. I liked watching Geo grow from an asocial, brooding boy to a somewhat social, positive person. It's also nice to watch Luna develop from a snooty princess to a somewhat down-to-earth and caring girl. I enjoy the fast gameplay and creating my own movepool. I like how free the battle system is and how reliant it is on timing. The story and the gameplay kept me playing through the end. However, I've only played the first game in the series, and I'm hoping to buy the second and third games one day.

Tak series--I love the humor, and the platforming is pretty good, too. The Jujus are always fun to listen to, and the plot is simple while the plot twists are funny. It's somewhat addicting to play even though the later levels become frustratingly difficult. I've played the first three games, but not the ones based on the T.V. show, so I'm not sure how to judge those. I watched an episode of the T.V. show a few years ago, and it was all right, but it's not something I would marathon like several other T.V. shows on my favorites list.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch--The characters are developed and sympathetic. Their flaws are clear, and each gets a character arc. The gameplay is pretty addictive, and there are many minigames that'll keep players occupied for hours. I wish that we could've seen the character's goodbyes to Oliver at the end of the game, though. I loved the small, charming adventures within the main story. The music is also memorable and orchestral, like the Dragon Quest series' music.

Future Plans

These are ideas I have for crossovers. The titles are in parentheses, and the titles with question marks next to them mean that I don't know if that will be the definite title. If there’s a question mark next to the entire name, then that means that I don’t know if I’ll write the crossover. I’ve also included the premise. If one of the premises suddenly disappears, I'm not going to write the fic.

Konjiki no Gash!! x Pokemon Special (Golden Adventures)—Kiyomaro, an unambitious genius, and Gash, the aspiring king of the Demon World, become partners during the battle to determine the Demon World’s king. The demons and their partners will be battling simultaneously with Pokemon. Red, Green, Blue, the other Pokedex holders, and some Gym Leaders will have demons, but I don't want to create my own (I will if necessary, but I'd rather not). To avoid creating my own demons, I'm going to change demon partners around (just the unimportant ones from the beginning and the anime’s filler demons). This will probably be my most difficult story to complete. I want to combine both plots of Gash Bell and PokeSpecial, but I'm unsure how to do it. I'll definitely go through Gash Bell's plot in its entirety, but I'm not sure how I'll incorporate the PokeSpecial plot, with the revolving protagonists and all. Red and the other Pokedex holders will fight alongside the Gash Bell!! protagonists, though. Here are the Pokemon the Gash Bell characters will have: Kiyomaro will have a Klink. Gash will have a Dratini (possibly nicknamed "Dra") and a Deino (possibly nicknamed "Dei"). Megumi will have an Audino, and Tio will have a Minccino (possibly nicknamed "Cino"). Momon will have a Bidoof. Wonlei will have Mienfoo, and Li-Yen will have Meditite. Suzume will have Spinda. Iwashima will have Magnezone. Gold will have Hyde as his partner, and Diamond may have Kikuropu as his partner. Unfortunately, not all the Pokedex holders will get demon partners. There aren't enough demons, and I'd rather not create my own. Even so, they'll still participate in the major battles, just with Pokemon instead of demons. Pokemon won't be able to burn spellbooks, so they'll have to fight alongside humans with demon partners. I'll replace the world that Gash Bell!! takes place in with all the regions.

Sailor Moon x SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Ocean Days)--While under attack from the Dead Moon Circus, Fisheye uses CereCere's opening ball to create a portal that sends the Guardians to the bottom of the ocean, where, he thinks, they'll die from the pressure and being unable to breathe. Instead, the Guardians are transported to Sandy's treedome, where they can survive. Hilarity ensues. When the Outer Guardians find out that the Dead Moon Circus is attacking Earth, they fight back. The overwhelmed Circus creates another portal to get away and try to strengthen themselves to defeat the Outer Guardians but accidentally end up in Bikini Bottom, where the Inner Guardians are. Thinking that the Inner Guardians are dead, the Circus members decide to stay in Bikini Bottom and eat the Bikini Bottom citizens' dreams, especially while the citizens are distracted by the recent robot outbreak. Plankton makes a deal with them, saying that he'll help them eat the best dreams if they help him get the krabby patty secret formula. The guardians struggle to find a way to get themselves and the Dead Moon Circus back on land while protecting Bikini Bottom from not only the Dead Moon Circus but also the robots.

Digimon x Valkyria Chronicles (Valkyria Adventure 00)--The human/Digimon pairings are as follows: On the good side are Welkin/Coronamon, Alicia/Betamon, Isara/PawnChessmonBlack, Rosie/Dracomon, and Largo/Kumamon. On the evil side is Selvaria/Lunamon. They're all the first generation of Chosen Children, even though they're not children (it was never explained who the first generation of Chosen Children were. They were mentioned in the one of the last few episodes of Digimon Adventure and never seen or mentioned again.). They're transported to the Digital World, Lunamon and Selvaria separate from the rest of the Chosen Children. The good side's mission is to defeat Pinochimon, who is planning to destroy the Digital World, and defeat Selvaria and Lunamon, who are working for Pinochimon. The same Digimon who chose the second generation of Chosen Children (Taichi, Yamato, Takeru...all them) tells the good side's Digimon (before they meet their human partners) about the situation and to protect their partners at all costs. Pinochimon tells Selvaria and Lunamon to defeat the good side. I want to put some stuff from the manga Digimon: D-Cyber and Digimon Adventure V-tamer 01 in here, specifically the energy spheres from D-Cyber and using Digivices to uplink advice to the Digimon from V-tamer. I have to use OCs for the Digimon partners. By the way, I'm lying in this summary a little.

Megaman Zero x The Kabocha Wine (MegaSL)--Zero's body is failing him. Ciel says that one way for him to survive is for him to get his real body back, which Weil has. When fighting Weil on Ragnarok, they both fire a single shot. The shots meet and explode. When the dust clears, Zero's real body is nowhere to be seen. Shunsuke, who's in his dorm room, sees a shooting star. He makes a wish, but then the star smashes into the ground, making the sky light up. He goes down to see what happened. It's Zero's biometal. He thinks it's an artifact and decides to sell it the next day. He takes it and keeps it in his closet.

The Sacred Blacksmith x Tak and the Power of Juju (The Sacred Power of Juju)—I have only a few loose ideas floating around in my head. I do know, however, that the commander of the knight guards will be recruiting Cecily to destroy a great evil, and a Juju will guide her (Flora and Fauna, maybe? Or maybe just Fauna?). It'll parody RPGs, since The Sacred Blacksmith is a lot like an RPG, and Tak is already a funny game.

ChalkZone X Totally Spies! (So Totally Chalky)--Rudy accidentally leaves the portal to ChalkZone open, and Reggie and several of his classmates enter ChalkZone and are captured by Skrawl before Snap, Rudy, or Penny can rescue them. WOOHP hears about the disappearances, and Jerry sends Sam, Alex, and Clover to investigate before more people disappear. Rudy struggles to keep his new, suspicious teachers (Sam, Alex, and Clover) from discovering ChalkZone while figuring out how to rescue his classmates. But Tim Scam, following the spies, also finds out about ChalkZone and decides to use it to his advantage.

Jessie x Dragon Quest (Quest of the Hunted)--Jessie, the Ross kids, Bertram, Tony, everyone lives in the Dragon Quest universe instead of New York. Like in the show, Jessie moves away from her father to pursue her dreams of being an actress. She tries to stay at an inn only to find out that she doesn’t have enough money. She’s thrown out the inn, at Zuri’s feet, and becomes the Ross kids' nanny. However, an assassin threatens the Ross kids, forcing them out of their home, and Jessie and the kids leave on a journey to find their bounty hunter parents and return to their regular lives. Jessie will be a gladiator wielding either an axe or a hammer (maybe both—she could alternate between the weapons), Emma will be a minstrel wielding a whip, Luke will be a martial artist wielding a fan, Ravi will be a mage wielding a wand, and Zuri will be a ranger wielding a boomerang. Kipling will be an Ironturt instead of a water monitor lizard. Bertram might tag along with them as a gadabout. The adopted kids' parents will appear. I'm thinking that their journey will begin when the Ross kids become hunted because of their bounty hunter parents. Because their parents don't know about the threat against the Ross kids, Jessie is forced to take them from their home and search the continent for their parents, avoiding the assassin all the while.

Ni No Kuni x Unreal Tournament (The Unreal World)--After his mom dies suddenly, Oliver is forced to fulfill the rest of her ten-year sentence participating in the tournament with Drippy as his teammate and mentor. He becomes the leader of his own team that includes Mr. Drippy, Esther and possibly several other Unreal Tournament characters. Respawning has deadly consequences. Although Oliver wants to leave the tournament at first, once he finds out that every participant is brokenhearted, he decides to help them.

Xena: Warrior Princess x Overlord (The Epitome of Evil)--A new Overlord is chosen, and Xena and Gabrielle set off to end his tyranny. The Overlord will be someone Xena motivated to become evil (I'm leaning toward Caligula, the antagonist from the episode "The God You Know," or the warlord from "Many Happy Returns," Ferragus, since both of them seem to have a sense of humor, unlike other Xena antagonists). It will take place after the Xena season five episode "Chakram" but before "Succession." There will also be a few crossover with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, too, that'll include mostly Hercules, Iolaus, and Salmoneus. Once I play more of Overlord, I'll have more details.

These are only ideas, and it will take a while for me to post them all. I write only one story at a time since writing more than one at once is distracting and takes away from their quality.


I reflect on past fanfics I’ve written. They will be posted on a blog:


You'll get to read my thoughts as I wrote the fic, corrections, my current opinion of the fanfic, and other explanations. I'll poke fun at any plotholes and details that don't make sense. I'm going to read my first fanfic, The Quarrels of Megumi and Edward, and comment along the way.

I've decided to wait until the ten-year anniversary of when I first posted The Quarrels of Megumi and Edward. I won't read any part of my first fic so that I can forget a majority of the work. That way, much of its content will surprise or confuse me, and I'll be able to provide better commentary.

Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to leave a review! I'd like to make my fanfics the best that they can be. I’d love to know about any inconsistencies, plotholes, vague descriptions, and the like so I can continue to learn and improve.

Please look at my favorite stories, too, especially if you're familiar with those fandoms. I chose stories that made me feel happy, sad, and a mixture of other emotions. They always left me thinking, and I read them from time to time.

Enjoy my stories!

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