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Hello there,

I'm Marie, and I no longer live in the Cotteswolds but in the far north of England with my beautiful and talented wife and a small menagerie and I love it up here.

I love to read, and to write, and spend time with my friends and knit and that is pretty much all I do these days. Strangely enough I'm quite happy with that fact. It didn't take me long to become obsessed with fan fiction. It started off with an obsession with Mass Effect fan fiction, in particular Shepard/Kaidan stories. Then one day when I'd read all of them (yes, all of them) I decided to see which other Universes I was familiar with. This is how I became so engrossed in Harry Potter fan fiction. I was always a Harry/Ginny shipper, but being the open minded sort I decided on a whim to give Harry/Draco a try. I expected to be unimpressed and quickly go back to my old ways. What I found instead was a new obsession just waiting to be explored.

I love Harry/Draco, just love it. However there are some things I veer away from. I tend to avoid m/preg stories. They just don't make sense and ignore some of the more angsty aspects of what a good long Harry/Draco story should be. I also steer away from creature fics/ and magical inheritance fics. I think that the characters are fascinating with more than enough unexplored depth and there really is no need to pervert that. Apart from that though, I'll give most things a go. Though will stop quickly if the author can't construct a proper sentence or their pacing is all over the place.

Not sure what else to say,

Most recently I have developed a slightly worrisome addiction to Glee and more specifically Klaine. those boys are just too cute for words.

Update 03.06.10

Hi all, just wanted to reassure anyone who might be looking that 'From The Ashes' will be completed. I've just upheaved my entire life to move to the North of England, 200 miles from where I've spent my entire life so far, so with all the stress of that I haven't been able to write. Now however I have settled into my new house with my stunning girlfriend and hope to be able to update within the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the long delay y'all xx

Update 19.06.11

Woops! So so sorry, I have no excuses to offer other than writers block is a bitch and it took two very very pretty boys and a whole lot of singing to unstick me. That done, the new chapter of From the Ashes is complete and currently being edited. It should be posted this Friday. Really sorry for the delay.

Update 11.05.13

From the Ashes is finished at last. I'd like to thank anyone who stuck with it, and those who would email me occasionally begging for an ending. If you hadn't kept prodding me this would never have happened. I will be writing other stories in the future but I will be not be posting them here. This is because I am unable to access my FF account after this because it won't let me change my password. *sigh* In the future you can find me here http:/// Love to you all

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