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Welcome to my profile, dear reader,

Background and stories:

I am a former player of the Rage, the Apocalypse Cardgame and Rollplaying game. In 2006 I finally started writing down some ideas I had and these writings were the basis of my first Fanfiction story, The Silver Lotus Pack - The boardwar in Paris. This story was completed and consists of one prologue and 18 chapters.

In December 2007 I started working on a second story, The Silver Lotus Pack - Cherry Blossom Shrine, which is actually a follow-up to the first. The second story will contain one prologue and 9 chapters, which are almost completed.

I have recently published the first few chapters of my third and final story in this series, which is called The Silver Lotus Pack - Apocalypse Japan. It concludes the events of the second story, but can also be read as a seperate story.

Recently I decided to revise my first story. I took the original story down, and am now republishing each chapter after a thorough review. I am also using the services of a betareader, who I highly recommend (

I am also writing the storyline for the Ahadi Block, a block of multiple sets for the Rage the Apocalypse cardgame ().

Style of writing:

I like to introduce a lot of characters, both main and minor, in each story. Spawning a lot of characters early in the story should give the reader the feeling that each character is actually part of a huge world/environment. The world in my stories is meant to be complicated, just like our real world is. There are many different factions in it, each with their own motives, and the characters are part of these factions. The brave or foolish actions of one individual or faction will effect the other main and minor characters in good or in bad ways, and they don't have much control over it. There is individual rational or irrational choice and luck, though.

I like to gradually introduce the main characters to the reader, one by one, and chapter by chapter I will reveal the delicate connections between most of them. My more recent chapters are rather long, and I take a while to complete each chapter, but I am quite happy about the result uptil now.

I really enjoy reading 'reviews'of my stories. With the information I will try to improve my writing. Reviews will also motivate me to continue writing, so please leave a message. :)

Update 05-07-2011:

The Prologue of the Ahadi Block storyline has recently been published both on the Rage CCG Fan forum and here on

Working on the first chapter of The Ahadi Block storyline at the moment. Finishing the first POV of chapter 1, which introduces the Huntress.

Update 10-08-2011:

The first POV of chapter 1 Ambush, which introduces the Huntress, has been published on the Rage CCG Fan forum. Started working on the second and third POV of the chapter.

Update 03-10-2011:
The second POV of chapter 1 Ambush, which introduces Jomo Skullcrusher, Kisasi and Sashet Davis, has been published. Started working on the final POV.

Update 26-11-2011:
Chapter 1 will have a total of four POV's. The first (the Huntress) and the third (Jomo Skullcrusher) have been published. I am working on the second (?!) and the fourth POV (the Huntress) at the moment.

I have also started writing the first POV of chapter 2.

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