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I'm just new in the site. A beautiful friend of mine had told me about the site and I pretty much liked it so, I ended up making an account.

About Me:

Nothing much about me. I am just a youngster... I'm just kidding. I am not a youngster anymore, that's right, folks. Okay, I'm a gorgeous 24-year old here in North California who is working as a CRNA. I'm pretty much happy with my life as of now, though, working in the hospital is pretty tiring but it is fun cause you got to socialize with the patients.

I'm an Asian-American, and yes, I'm pure Nihonjin but I cannot understand Nihongo at all. And I cannot read or write their characters. I was born and raised in USA, so sue me. And my parents won't teach me how because they were born and raised here in USA as well. But the good thing is, I have been in Japan like three times in my whole life. I went there to visit my paternal grandparents because they retired over there... so yeah.

Yes, I know, it is ridiculous that a 24-year old lady is in this site, I love Anime since I was... 17? My ex-boyfriend had gotten me into it, and he was Nihonjin as well. I know, right! I was addicted to it, but not anymore. I love so much Animes, but not a big fan of Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre, though, I love Harry Potter. I am a realistic person.

Well, being a Japanese descendant, I have an average looking eyes. Black straight hair, I have the lightest shade of tan complexion. Well by just looking at me, you can tell that I am Japanese, though sometimes people thought I was Vietnamese, Chinese or Korean. Oh well, it wasn't like I could blame them, we look alike, don't we?

It's not like you want to know, but just in case, I am engaged to my 2-year boyfriend. But we're not planning to get married yet, well at least not me. I mean c'mon, I am just turning 25. It's no fun getting married in early age, though I love him. Well he is older than me like 6 years. He's old, he's 30... turning 31. He graduated like a year ago, he's a cardiologist. Enough about him, since he is a very private person.

I'm open to everyone, unlike my boyfriend, I am not a private person. You see, if I was a private person, I wouldn't write anything about me here, now would I? I'm open-minded as well, I don't judge people but you don't mess up with me. I'm a very mature person if you are mature but if you're not, that will be just too bad.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, my name is Karen, and guess what? I know what it means, it means lovely in Japanese! Ha! Well my last name... it's none of your business. Just think about a weird Japanese last name, and that's not it. So yeah, keep guessing what my last name is. My penname is like this because... er... I want a fairy tale ending like everyone?

Oh, oh, beautifulgeek11 is awesome, check her out.

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