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Author has written 16 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, Princess Tutu, Please Save My Earth, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Okane ga Nai.

Hello everyone! My name is M.P-chan. I've been writing fanfiction for about 3 years now. Though it's hard to believe with how little I've published, isn't it? I work mostly with Detective Conan, and a few other fav. series, and I especially like oneshots and character pieces. I appreciate reviews *hint hint* and constructive criticism. Please be gentle with me!

Some Stuff About Me:

Name: M.P-chan

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Female

Nationality: American


Favorite Detective Conan Pairings: AOKID (Aoko x Kaitou KID), KAIKO (Kaito x Aoko), SHINRAN (Shinichi x Ran), HEIKA (Heiji x Kazuha), HEISHIN (Heiji x Shinichi) SATOGI, (Satou x Takagi), AISHIN (Ai x Shinichi), Eisuke x Ai/Shiho (blame ami-chan the frenchie's AMAZING Cup of Tea?), SHISHU (Shiho x Shuuichi; yes, i DID go there), Yukiko x Yusaku, Yukiko x Toichi (yes, again, I DID go there), RANCO (Ran x Conan)

Completed: (9 stories)

Believe (Detective Conan) - This was fun. I was watching a Heiji episode when Kazuha called him because he didn't show up for their date. I thought it was funny, but then I felt sorry for Kazuha, so I decided to write something for her. This was a Christmas present for Kazuha-chan (from the CT community) The Omake is for Chocolaty taste and her brilliant fanart!

I Remember You (Detective Conan) - This is an idea I had been playing around with for awhile. A Ran that never stopped waiting. Originally, she stayed single and mourned him for years, until the fanfiction took place and the setting was a temple on New Years where she prayed for a sign from Shinichi. But I discarded the idea after thinking about it. Ran's a strong girl, and I think that while she'd never really be able to get him off her mind, she'd still TRY to live a regular life. Plus, I was really moved when Shinichi told Eisuke that he wouldn't let him have Ran. And so this fanfic was born. This was a Christmas gift for xShinran who got me writing fanfiction in the first place.

Eternal Snow (Detective Conan) - Ok, I liked I Remember You so much, that I started this as a as a prequel. But it was a Christmas present for Shinichi726, and she made a few requests as to how I should do it. Actually, I still think it was better in its prequel form, but a lot of people liked the added happy ending. So I guess it's good the way it is. The original (edited) version is on my livejournal.

Winter's Illusion (Detective Conan) - I had no intention of writing this fanfic. I didn't want to. But I ended up loving it. It was as fun as heck to write. It's features the snow trick that Kaito used to defeat Akako in the Magic Kaito manga. This came from an idea for Nocturne, and I think of this fanfic as a "cut scene" that just didn't make it into the series. Mostly because in Nocturne, Toichi died around August, and here he died in November. Looking back, this song/songfic is a lot like Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends", which in a way make sense, because my old school friend Mitchell worshipped them. By the way, Janne Da Arc has great lyrics for songfics, but they run a bit mature, so I won't be doing too many songs from them. Still, their music is really good, so check them out! The main inspiration came from my granfather whose father was a police officer who died when he was only 11. Children weren't allowed to visit hospitals in those days, so he never had a chance to say goodbye to his dad. I put Kaito in a similar situation, and so I look back on this as the romantic tale of a man coming to terms with the death of his father.

欲望 Yokubou – Lust – A Continuation (Detective Conan) - Shinran and I traded fanfictions. We agreed to sequel each other's fanfictions. She choose my Two Sides Forlorn and I chose her 欲望 Yokubou – Lust, despite named her fanfiction "Lust" there wasn't anything particularly lusty about it, so i wanted to write about Shinichi and Ran's love life in a more intimate way. But i decided against it because it went too much against the style of the original fanfiction (and this is a tribute after all!) Still there were some parts were I wished I had had more space to work this, like filling in details about Ai's death, and including a scene with Shinichi and Ran going to visit Agasa to check on the progress of the antidote, and having a conversation where Ran initially calls Sonoko for support in confronting Shinichi but ends up going over her designs instead, etc. but i realized that i was turning it into a series-length fanfiction while it was just meant as a friendly tribute. Either way, i hope you enjoyed it, even if it's very different from the original!

Kaikou (Detective Conan) - This was the second fanfiction I wrote, and It's not really as great as I would have liked it, but it's decent enough. I edited it and fixed it up, because it was a present for my friend Marie9 and I really wanted to give her something nice. She gave it the title, by the way. And if she's reading this, don't worry I'll write you another, better one!

Princess Fakir (Princess Tutu) - My first Princess Tutu fanfiction! This crack-fic popped into my head during a road trip while I was rewatching princess tutu. So i starting writing without stop and an hour later I had this completely finished! It's not my best as far as writing goes, but I love its humor and it's really a very fun fic. I hope to write more for this fandom eventually. *hint, hint*

Deadly Poison (Please Save My Earth) - This was odd! It's a series of three vignettes (maybe?) that make up a songfic oneshot . . . kind of? I choose to focus on three characters that tried to reach out and change Rin . . . and succeed. It was such a lovely story with complex characters relationships, and it SCREAMS Evanescence, so I had to fanfic it of course (I've been a big fan for years). I perfer the first two to the third, mostly because there is very few fanfiction that talk about Lazlo and Mikuro, even when they're such important people. As with Princess Tutu, I'd like to write more fanfiction for this fandom in the future.

The Demon of Shinjuku (Okane Ga Nai x Durarara!!) - I'm really embarrassed about writing for Okane Ga Nai (anyone who has seen/read it knows why), but this idea wouldn't get out of my head. It explores a lot of things I have been thinking about for awhile now. It's funny looking back at it now, but in a way, this is almost like a story of demonic possession (and in some ways it is). Oh, Ayase, won't you exorcise Kanou's demon?

Within Temptation series (Detective Conan): After I wrote I Remember You, I felt unsatisfied. I wrote a prequel, but that evolved into Eternal Snow, which takes place in an AU. So what i decided to do, was a series of oneshots for the Shinichi x Ran x Eisuke x Ai love square and have them all be related and go in a certain chronological order, and yet have them so you can read any of them independently. So just because I think of them as a set, the reader doesn't necessarily have to. "Within Temptation" comes from the band Within Temptation, whose music influenced me while writing out the plot for this series of fanfictions.


2. Untitled (Ran x Eisuke) - PLANNED

3. I Remember You (SHINRAN) - COMPLETE

4. Monochrome Kiss (Various) - PLANNED

5. Untitled (Ai x Eisuke) - PLANNED

Origins Project (Detective Conan): Ok, there are some things that bug me about DC. Mostly, why character are the way the are. Characters develop over the course of the series, but let's face it, they can start out very disagreeable or just plain weird, so i've decided to start out origin stories for some of these characters. Origin stories can be any length, with songs or poetry or nothing. But who will I NOT write for? Here's a List:

Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mori, Kazuha Toyama, Kaito Kuroba, Aoko Nakamori, Akemi Miyano, Ayumi Genta & Mistuhiko (though i might write a fic about how they first got together . . . MAYBE), any of the FBI agents (Though I might write random mini-fics about their ordinary life)

Any one else is fair game; even Vodka

Memories of a Fallen Empire (Axis Powers Hetalia): The nations remember one of their own. (ON HIATUS - Until I get Lady Alienore updated)

1. The Child - IN PROGRESS - Sealand is depressed that no one will recognize him as a country. Sweden tells him why.

2. The Name - BEING EDITED - Germany's name.

3. The Kiss - PLANNED - Italy thinks about what a kiss means to him and in the process remembers his first.

4. The Match - PLANNED - While on an outing, Hungary spots Italy and Germany on a date. Happily, she remembers all the hard work she put into matchmaking them both now and in the distant past.

5. The Reminder - IN PROGRESS - While giving young America a history lesson, England remembers what he learned from watching another young "empire".

6. The Brother - PLANNED - Watching Ludwig grow, Prussia contemplates past mistakes and tries to be the brother he couldn't be before.

7. The Other Brother - IN PROGRESS -France remembers the twin brother he pretends to forget, and comes to terms with the feelings he gets from having killed a nation, Italy's dearest, and the brother he thought he hadn't loved.

8. The Memory - PLANNED - Germany has always had blanks in his memory. Now he's started to ask why.

Current Priorities: (9 stories) What I'm CURRENTLY working on. This changes all the time, but I switch off all of this depending on which I have the most inspiration for at the time.

Top Priorities: (2 Stories) - Currently Writing. Expect to See Updates On These Works First.

Run For Your Life, Chapter 5 - My intended three-shot has grown larger than expected. The next chapter will be the last!

Roses (Detective Conan) - oneshot for Marie9 (Heiji x Kazuha) (I swear I'm working on it! It's just that Heiji is soooo hard for me to write IC)

Second Priority: (4 Stories) - Planned Out, But Trying to Put Out First Priority Chapters First, So These My Take A Little Longer.

Memories of a Fallen Empire (APH) - Various

Voice (Blood+) - Takes place during their time living in The Zoo. Haji's getting older.

Lady Alienore (APH) - Chapter 1 - In which France meets our heroine.

Lies, Chapter 3 (Detective Conan) - People don't write this pairing. The general consensus seems to be Ai x Conan and Ran x Shinichi (mostly to keep the bloodshed from shipping wars to a minimum. But being the rebel I am, AISHIN it is.) It's one of several planned prequels to I Remember You. I have the fanfiction planed out and i have about half of it written, but the characterization is proving somewhat tricky. So it might be awhile before this shows up.

In My Spare Time: (3 Stories)

Untitled (Lovely Complex) - In which Otani grows to his desired height of over 6 feet.

Untitled (Rurouni Kenshin) - What Kaoru remembers from the Revolution.

Untitled (Saiyuki) - Goku remembers, but he doesn't know how to tell them.

ON HIATUS: (3 stories)

Heaven's Place (The Good Witch of the West) (OFFICIALLY ON HIATUS - WRITER'S BLOCK) - my first non-DC fanfic; there isn't a single fanfiction on the site for this fandom, but I'll really want to write it. So I'm struggling to make it easy for people who have never heard of the Good Witch of the West to read and enjoy. (I only have five pages "done", but I'm putting most of my energy in this.

The Darkest Night (OFFICIALLY ON HIATUS - ON BREAK FOR RESEARCH)- a Detective Conan songfic to Emilie's Autumn's song Faces Like Mine. I have it completely planned out, and so far it appears it will be about 30 pages long. Which is way too long. This fanfiction will take a lot of work (and especially time) so don't plan of seeing it any time soon.

Untitled - A Kaze To Ki No Uta fanfiction I'm writing to in celebration of the new KTKNU livejournal community, Wind and Trees. (if you're into Boy's Love, go check it out!) Ironically, it's not about the main pairing, but Pascal and Carl.

And somewhere among this I have to find time to catch up on Marie's Muzai (which is really good, check it out!), and I've been wanting to read So I Can Breathe by s2lou which was recommended by a reviewer.

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