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Hey guys! I've finally updated my profile after SO LONG!! Some basic things you might want to know about me... My name! Laura! I've never really liked my name. It's kinda bland and boring, but! What can you do? It's your name. I guess I could always change it, but it just seems like to much of a hassle. I am 16!! Yes sadly I am still in high school, I can't wait to graduate. I'm really into writing. I'm hoping to become an author, or maybe write for a TV show. Or you know writing screen plays and actual plays could be fun too!!

My favorite color is yellow!! It's so mellow and soft! Yet it can still be vibrant and wild!! Much like me.

What got me into writing? When I was younger I was always too shy to be 'out there' or perform. I'm not shy anymore (except for stage fright, I cannot act or do public speaking to save my life!!) so I always just kinda wrote stories about how I wanted things to be like and soon I became addicted to writing stories!! I first discovered fanfiction when I was like in fifth grade reading teen titans fanfics. (yes I know I am a dork!) And I got my first account in 7th grade.(That account has been long forgotten, I don't even remember the user name.)

My favorite shows are JONAS,(of course) Sonny With a Chance, Glee, Scrubs, House, The Mentalist, Psych, iCarly, Gilmore Girls, Make it or Break it, Greek, and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

My favorite pairings:

1. Kevin/Macy KACY!! They are my absolute fave!! I am seriously going to cry if they don't get together in the series. (Ok, so maybe I won't actually cry but I will be very, VERY disappointed and I'll probably boycott the show for a few weeks. But them I'll get over it and watch again. It's only the first season there is still hope!)

2. Jane/Lisbon JISBON!! They are very cute, kinda yin and yang. Kinda.

3. Chad/Sonny CHANNY and Sam/Freddie SEDDIE!! Honestly who doesn't love a good love/hate relationship? They tied, I couldn't choose.

4. Joe/Stella JOELLA!! You know what they say say friends for now...

5. Shawn/Juliet SHULES!! I was so angry when they didn't get together!!

I mostly write Kevin and Macy. I put other pairings in the stories. Like Joella, but it's all basically Kacy. So if you're a Jacy or Nacy shipper you're barking up the wrong tree.

I have a youtube channel, ProfessorSeus where I make mainly Kacy and Joella videos. check them out and subscribe, I do take requests.


10 Things I Hate About FanFiction:

10, I hate it when authors don't even try to use proper grammar or spell check

9, I hate it when a great show (like JONAS!) or book or movie doesn't get it's own category/section (I'm not sure what it's called.)

8, I hate it when authors make a character soooooo OOC to the point that the story isn't even enjoyable anymore. (OOC is fine, just don't overload it!)

7, I hate it when sooo many stories basically have the same plot or are at least way to similar to be their own. A little similarity is fine just not too much please!

6, I hate it when you read a story and you realize it's basically the same story you posted last week. (Or whenever. I know this is like the one before, but this is more plagiarism then lack of creativity.)

5, I hate it when I read stories that have no plot and it's just a lot of random crap about the characters in random order.

4, I hate it when authors try to make a sad, depressing moment for a character but then have them all back to normal in a day or less.

3, I hate it when an author rushes through a story and gives no detail or character development.

2, I hate it when an author doesn't update for an agonizingly long time!! (And I hate that I do that even more!!)

1, And most of all I hate when authors put their stupid OCs as the main characters and have the whole story in their P.O.V!! OCs are fine as minor characters, but when you try to make them the main focal point it's annoying!! The reason readers read JONAS stories, or Sonny With A Chance stories, or whatever stories they read, is to read about the characters, not you OCs!! I swear if I see another stupid OC main character story I'm gonna blow!! If you want a story with OCs as main characters just write a story of ALL OCs. Then it's fine!! Just don't go into a category Like GLEE or something and put your OCs as the main person with the P.O.V because those stories are always the most boring. (Sorry, I'm kinda ranting here!)

If you agree copy and past this onto your profile, or create your own 10 Things I Hate About FanFiction in this format. If you do either, add you name and let's see how far this will go!

Hello I am insert name here

Hey this is for my fic New Mission: Harry Potter

Yule Ball Gowns

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