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Author has written 9 stories for Pokémon, and Turbo Teen.

Salutations! I'm Jonseycat79 and I'm glad to be on this wonderful world of! : )

Personal file:

Real name:??(not giving that away easily)

Gender: Male


Favorite films: Evangelion 1.0:YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE,Evangelion 2.0: YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, Matrix trilogy, District 9, terminator Salvation, Star trek Nemesis,The Dark Knight,The Dark Knight rises, Alien (Where my name comes from), Aliens(best sequel ever, though I like all the Alien films) Predator series. AvP series, Prometheus, The Thing (1982 & 2011) Spider-man2, godzilla films( 1984-96 preferably) Iron Man, Marvel's The Avengers,and of course, Star wars!

Favorite Anime series: Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Slayers, Armitage III, Rumbling hearts, Tokyo Mew Mew(A.K.A Mew Mew power) and Pokemon (The original series)

Favorite game series: Mario, Zelda, Metroid , Metal Gear solid (The stories and voices are awesome!), Soul Calibur (Seung Mi-na rules!) Resident Evil, Mass Effect, and Pokemon( "Gotta catch em all!" chika chikori!).

Favorite Soundtracks: The Dark Knight (Why so serious is awesome, but a Dark knight and Watch the world burn are my favorite tracks) Aliens Vs. Predator-Requeim(Decimation Proclamation and Aliens vs. Predator-Requeim main theme are awesome! But I also like Skinned and hanged.) Aliens-deluxe edition (My first soundtrack ever. I like Facehuggers, Ripley's rescue, Futile escape, and Bishop's countdown.) Any Star Wars soundtracks. (Episode III has most of my favorites. Battle of the heroes and Anakin vs. Obi-wan. ) The matrix soundtracks. (NEODAMMERUNG!)

The turbo teen stories: The site where the turbo teen fics that Chasing ghosts is based off of can be found here at and

Current projects

Transformation: Project legend : A young boy named Daniel is captured and is transformed into a Lugia by a mysterious organization known as Team: Dark Gale. traped under a cold hearted scientist named Scottsdale, Daniel must fight a battle to maintain his will and sanity as Dark Gale captures more innocents and transforms them into legendaries in the web that is known as Project:legend. based on Transformation universe created by Turtlesandmonkeys. My most popular and busiest project.

NOTE ABOUT PROJECT LEGEND: Please stop sending OC requests. I appreciate the requests but I'm already filled enough.

Transformation:New Dawn- SEQUEL TO QUARANTINE!! This is part 2 of Cindy's saga in the transformation universe created by TurtlesandMonkeys. Cindy 's humanity is intact as she trys to find her friends as a pokemon. But will her humanity remain for long?

Ancient Society: Ascension: This story is also a spin-off of theTransformation series, one that I'm glad to hear that TurtlesandMonkeys, the original author, actually likes. ( I was surprised to hear that I was right on the mark, go This story about the Old man's rise to power was one that I thought would be interesting to explore, and in a way that is true to the original, but expands the mythology just a bit. Sorry for the late updates, I'm focusing a lot on Quarantine at the moment.

Hybrids: Genetic terror- A plane carrying a deadly cargo crashlands and unleashes a terror upon an unsuspecting town and the onlything more terrifying than the beasts that result from this clash is what is sent to combat them. who will survive? I decided to make a nitty-gritty AvP style pokemon story, and it has a bit of a realistic spin on it. it's also one of my bloodiest works. You have been warned.

Future projects-coming soon...

Inu-yasha: (working title)-

a girl named amanda has been friends with boy named kennith and wants to confess to him her long standing love for him but an accident in his family leads to him becoming more distant than ever. when she is tryong to comfort herself with her anime and manga, she unkowingly makes a wish to be close to him that sends them to her favorite manga/anime world, Inu-yasha.

evangelion-resurrection-3rd impact has occured..humanity has almost been completely decimated...yet shinji ikair has chosen to reject instrumentality,now everyone has a remain in oblivion, r boldy venture intot eh new world,a new age...

Other projects: Whispers of a memory was one that I just had to write right when it just hit me. I advise that you read Transformation and Ancient Society chapter 7 to fully understand the setting.

Darkest before the dawn is a one shot detailing John's capture and Transformation at the hand of the Ancient Society.
Special thanks goes to Swack 16 for requesting this.

Transformation Quarantine-I finally finished this story that started from an Idea when TurtlesandMonkeys asked for story ideas, and this and ascension popped up.This is my most popular story. I appreaciate all the support from TurtlesandMonkeys, Lord nalthren, Swack 16, felix the evee trainer, and Bored out of my head for thier support.

Oh, I now have a DeviantArt account under Jonesycat79, so feel free to check that out. THANK YOU SWACK 16!

Keep an eye out for a Naruto fic and an Inu-yasha fic I might be starting! (I still need to get my facts straight before writing.

Coming soon:

My little pony: friendship is magic- Equestria Dawn



JonseyCat, out! MEE-YAA!

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