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she believes; everything happens for a reason . sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together . but in the end; whats meant to be will always find a way.



the makeup and hair

theres a sign saying;

handle with care


laugh your heart out . dance in the rain . cherish the memories . ignore the pain . love learn . forgive forget . because remember; we only have one life to live . . . . . the only people you need in your life are the ones who need you in theirs // . . .it doesnt matter anymore .things happen for a reason . tears eventually fade away and one day everything will be exactly how its supposed to be . youve gotta learn not to cry cuz its over but to smile cuz it happened . moving on is a process and you have to promise yourself that youre really ready to let go :)

Favourite Colour: Blue! :D

Favourite Singers (not in any order): Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Akon, Usher, Chris Brown, Taio Cruz, Lil Wayne, Pitt Bull, T-Pain, David Guetta, Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, Jessica Mauboy, Jessie J, Ne-Yo, Enrique, Tino Coury, FayDee

My favourite and only boy band is Big Time Rush 8D I am a rusher for life!!!! And nothing and no one can change that - especially not one direction -.-

Favourite Food: uhhh...not sure =/ not a fan of fast food...way too unhealthy x.x infact i hate McDonalds XD yes i know...its quite shocking (to most people anyway) but yeah back to the question :) i guess my favourite food is italian food :D and no that does not mean pizza XD i love pasta :D

Favourite Activity: I am a's just about the only sport i'm good at. I cannot do contact sports, i'm like a total fail at them XD so I'm pretty okay-ish at volleyball, but i am not sure if that is a contact sport...ehh either way, i dance, that's about it :)

and now moving on to my obsessions - ...warning, after reading these you might start to think im a little crazy XD which i agree...i am a tad bit crazy :)

Latest obsession is

POKEMON!!!!!! 8D

XD i was always in love with pokemon but somehow it just disappeared and turned into a simple 'like', then my friend downloaded some random pokemon app onto my iphone when i wasnt looking and now im in love again XD

Favourite Characters:

Dawn: Dawn is like my most favouritest character of them all! :) i can relate to her perfectly :D im a girly girl just like she is and her personality is exactly like mine :) and ofcourse she has the cutest pokemon!!! *o* pachirisu, piplup, buneary (even though i hate its random addiction to pikachu XD), cyndaquil togekiss and even mamoswine :) so cutee!!! another thing that makes me so much like dawn is that if pachirisu frizzed my hair i would react the exact same way...even though my hair's curly and i hate curly hair...when i straighten it, i hate people touching it or it going frizzy or anything happening to it XD just like dawn. i love her determination aswell :D plus if pokemon world existed, id be a coordinator too, id probably do gym battles for fun but id definately primarily be a coordinator like her :)

Drew: i recently fell in love with this guy...*o* HE'S SO DAMN CUTEE!!!! 8D but yess asides from that, i love his personality, he's so egoistic but its funny XD and his hair flip! XD omg i love that!!!! stupid sexeii betch makes me squeal everytime he does it XD (yes...i am a fangirl of drew XD) i love how he gives roses to may all the time aswell :) so cute! and i love his roselia!!! now evolved into a roserade...which i saw in an episode of diamond and pearl :) anywaiizz he's pro...and damn sexeii too - overall my favourite guy character and second favourite general character...tied with Gary :)

Gary He is so sexeii *o* i love Gary Oak...he's so awesome!!! 8D His personality is kind of stuck up but I just love him for it XD I have now become a fan girl of Gary too XD His pokemon are awesumm too!! :D His umbreon and cutee! (yes i think his electivire is cute) :3 Overall he is my favourite guy character and second favourite general character (tied with Drew) 8D

Ash: he's naive and dense and overall pretty stupid but i love how he never gives up :D and i love his pikachu so adorable!!! but yeahh he has awesumm pokemon too :) and he's cutee - dont like his voice though...the girl (yes girl o.o) who dubs him has a really hoarse voice...sounds like an addicted smoker o.o

Brock: this guy makes me laugh soo much XD him and his his random infatuation with all the nurse joys' and officer jennys' and any other pretty girl that they encounter XD and then croagunk who always zaps him XD i like croagunk better than misty and max...infact i actually hate those two...but that shall come later :) brock is amazing, specially cuz of his awesumm medicine skills and smartness (which is probably not even a word XD)

May: i dont mind her actually...i havent seen advanced season in a really long time though so i dont remember her voice, but i saw the episode of her in diamond and pearl and her voice is sooo damn annoying!...but just her as a person i dont mind :) but not as a pairing with ash...HELL NO!!!!

yeahh those six are my favourite...

uhhmm...cant really think of anyone else =/

but yeahh i HATE Misty and Max oh god! they annoy the hell out of me...especially misty == and her stupid mallet too!!! she's always whacking poor brock and ash on the head with that thing...think of the brain damage!!! D: but yeahh i just dont like her personality in general, she's too much of a tomboy for my liking, ughh...-_-' and i hate how all her pokemon are water type...i mean yeah okaii shes the leader of a water type gym but seriously...get some variety, its not good in battles...ehh anywaiizzz

i dont know why i hate max actually...i guess i just find him to be an annoying little kid...i dont even know why he went on the journey with them when he was too young to get his pokemon and stuff anywaii o.0...ehh whatever i just dont like him...he's actually the reason i stopped watching advanced season half way through...


I am a pearlshipping fan...definately!! i love Dawn and Ash! theyre so perfect for eachother!!! i love itt i wish they actually got together in the show :( and at the end when ash and brock were leaving you could so easily see the chemistry between Dawn and Ash! and there were so many moments and hints in the show aswell!!! I mean, even Lyra kept hinting towards them that they liked eachother- soo cutee!!!!

I also really like contestshipping. It's so funny how Drew and May are always fighting but you can so easily tell that they like eachother XD and drew, oh my godd, his personality! he's like all easy going and really confident...a bit full of himself actually =/ but yeahh and his hair flipping and stuff XD May and Drew are perfect for eachother :D plus it means she'll stay away from ash >:3

Egoshipping Misty and Gary's personalities match with eachother really well and it also means she'll keep her hands off ash who is meant for dawn >:D I think they've met too havent they? i havent seen the original season with misty in sooooo long...i just remember that i hated her from the start XD ehh regardless, i think it fits :)

Orangeshipping i also think is a good shipping. Even though i thought Tracey was gay when i first saw him and i was freaked out that he'd turn ash gay XD when i saw him and Misty together, i thought they were a good pairing so yes, i support this shipping too :)

i am a hater of pokeshipping...not saying that others shouldnt like's my personal opinion and i have nothing against those who prefer pokeshipping but that also means that people cant say things to me for liking pearlshipping...get it? got it? good :) anywaiizzz i hate misty therefore i also hate their pairing...i dont understand how they could like eachother (once again my opinion) when all she does is rage at him and smash his head with a mallet...besides i think she's older than him =/ ehh...anywaiiz bottom line..

pokeshipping hater = me

please note that this does NOT mean that i hate pokeshippers!!!!

ever since i started playing the pokemon diamond game, i kind got this fondness of Barry so yeah Twinleafshipping i dont mind so much actually XD barry's awesumm :D so yeahh Barry and Dawn i dont mind the pairing at all :)

also Gary and Dawn i actually find so cute and so funny XD she's always like "it's the poet guys grandson! :D " and he's like "I have a name..." XD so cute! so yes Cavaliershipping is also a shipping I support :p

uhhh...did Drew and Dawn ever actually meet in the anime? o.0 as far as i know...they never exactly where did Belleshipping come from? i dont think they'd be a very good pairing...i mean its kinda random actually =/ but I do think they'd make adorable siblings! That's why you'll find in a lot of my stories that Drew and Dawn have a sibling-like relationship.

I dont think Leaf was a character in the anime, just in the game, but I've read so many fics about her that ive begun to really like her and Gary as a pairing :) so cute together...i wish leaf would show up in the anime for once so yes...OldRivalshipping or LeafGreenshipping which ever one its called...cuz i have absolutely no clue at all which is the right shipping name...but meh...theyre a good pairing :)

Basically, the shippings i support are:

Pearlshipping (definately)
Cavaliershipping (It's adorable XD)
Contestshipping (so cute!)

Festivalshipping (Solidad/Harley XD so cute too!)
Wishfulshipping (Iris/Cilan I think they suit eachother :p)

Shippings i Do Not Support are:

Pokeshipping (hate it!)
(Brianna/Drew...i hate her, she's such a biotch -.-)
( not that i dont like may, but may belongs with drew and ash belongs with dawn! therefore i dont like this pairing)
Negaishipping (not sure how anyone could fall in love with someone who continuously refers to them as 'a little kid')
Penguinshipping (Kenny/Dawn ...i hate kenny == he annoys the crap outta me!)
Ikarishipping (Dawn/Paul...the opposites attract theory is so overrated these days -.-')

There is one thing i must admit though! the Advanceshipping fan art is absolutely amazing! D: out of all shippings, i swear its the best ive seen! :) doesnt mean im gonna like the shipping any more though XD

and the shippings i find absolutely random and weird:

Farawayshipping (May/Paul...i dont think they met either o.o)

some of my favourite pokemon and the ones i would catch if pokemon existed include (not in any order):


and yeahh so many more that i cbf listing XD im sure you noticed from that list but im in love with the eevee evolutions...theyre soo damnn cutee!! :D

there are probably a lot more that i missed out on though XD

however, the pokemon ive listed above are the form that i like them in. that pretty much means that just cuz i like the pokemon doesnt mean i like its evolutions...the pokemon whose evolutions i dislike are mainly

-piplup (i hate prinplup and empoleon...they're weird =/)
(Grotle and Torterra look like giant moving bushes o.0)
(toxicroak looks both creepy and scary o.o)
(combuskin and blazekin are not my kind of pokemon =/)

...I also dont like pikachu's evolution to raichu...i find raichu ugly o.o if i had a pikachu id give it an everstone to make sure it would never evolve into a raichu even if it accidently touched a thunderstone

yeah im sure youve noticed im all about cute pokemon XD i dunno why o: maybe its cuz im a girl and its just natural for me to like cute things XD but yeahh

random note here: i dont know why but i like pachirisu and pikachu as a pairing...i know theres practically nothing in the anime but i just think theyd be soo theyre both electric type

My favourite series, generation or whatever it's called is Diamond and Pearl, not just cuz of dawn but the episodes are just so much better, and so is the plot. In my opinion, the legendary pokemon, Dialga and Palkia, are much better than the legendary pokemon of the other generations. I find Diamond and Pearl more captivating and more interesting. plus the pokemon in the sinnoh region are so much more awesumm too

ehh anywaiiz im done going on about pokemon now...time to talk about other obsessions :D

X Men: Evolution:

I am honestly in love with Xmen: Evolution 8D one of the freaking greatest cartoons i have ever awesumm!!! :D

My favourite Characters

Cyclops (Scott): I just love him! for one, he's irresistably sexeii ;) and his personality is freaking hott too!! and i love his powers! i wish i could shoot lasers from my eyes, 8D attack the enemy when they least expect it!! >:3

Shadowcat (Kitty): This girl is exactly like me, in almost every single way, she's girly and says 'like' in like every sentenceand has a somewhat fiesty temper and is really fun-loving, just like me :) and ofcourse her power is awesumm!!! i wanna phase through walls and other stuff =( but yeahh out of girls she's definatly my favourite, hence the pen name ShadowkittyxX :)

Nightcrawler (Kurt): I LOVE kurt!!! XD he's so cutee!!! even in his blue fuzzy form!! and his personality is amazing, even though he looks all blue and fuzzy he's still all happy and makes jokes and pranks, i admire him :) not that im a blue furry thing XD but blue is my favourite colour :) plus his power to teleport is something i envy him for!!! teleportation is so freaking cool!!! 8D i wish i could teleport to places, specially when i need to get out of an embarrasing situation XD

Iceman (Bobby): this guy is hilarious!!! he comes in the second season but he's so cutee, kinda reminds me of the little brother ive never had but always wanted...instead of my evil older sister =.=, and his power is like so amazing!!!! I'd love to just freeze stuff!!! and like turn into ice!!! 8D lucky betch!!!

Jean Grey: she's a little bit bitchy but i still love her :) plus her and scott's pairing is my favourite and she is actually a very awesumm person :) i love her power of telekinesis 8D it would be awesumm to just read minds and move things with it too!!!! 8D

Rogue (Anna Marie): ehh, i dont really like her in general, she's just...i dunno, i just dont like her, but i love her power and the fact that she can stand up to people!!! best quote i have ever heard from her:

Random Guy: what's your special power? can you like, read my mind?

Rogue: Yeah, like I could find it!

funny woman XD but yess also her power to take other peoples powers and memories, that is effing cool! i mean it sucks how she cant touch anyone without her gloves, so i wouldnt really want that part of it, but in general her power is awesumm!!! 8D

Mystique: okaii...hate the bitch, but her power is probably one of my favourite, to just change my appearance to anyone or anything else would be the single most amazing thing everr!! however i wouldnt want to have blue skin and orange hair which is a disgusting clash. but yeaahh i want her power :)

Other characters I love (cuz i cant be stuffed writing comments about them all):

Magma (Amara)- she can basically turn her entire body into to magma and she shoots lava :D

Jubilee (Jubilation)-she generates plasma from her hands and turns them into fire like balls :)

Wolverine (Logan)- im sure that anyone who is actually reading this, knows who wolverine is. I dont exactly like his personality cuz he's an uptight gruff emotionless jerk most of the time. But i love how he can extract metal claws from his knuckles!!!! 8D that is freaking amazing!!

and yeahh...thats about it :) bu yess this show is absolutely amazing, ive never seen "Xmen" only Xmen: Evolution" but somehow i get the feeling i wont like it as much as this one anywaii XD


I think this is one pretty much the only show 4kids managed to dub somewhat decently...even still alot of good scenes are missing, but atleast its not as crap as they made winx and tokyo mew mew...pfft mew mew power...what the eff kinda name is that? o.0

Yami/Atem (he's soooo damn hottt!!! and i LOVE his voice!! soo deep and his hair is sexeii!!! =D)

Joey (he makes me crack up laughing with every single comment of his...i dont think theres a single episode where i havent gotten sore cheeks from laughing)

Bakura (he's super hott too!! and i just love the rebellious evil character of his and the good version of him is soo cuteee XD he has sexeii hairr aswell =P)

Yugi: oh goshh how do i even start! this one is sooo damn cuteee with his baby face and he's so shortt XD i love yugi!!! he's adorable

Seto Kaiba: goshh this guy is crazziee but i love how he's so over powering and confident of himself XD me and my friend, when we role play on msn and youtube we pretend that he's my brother...even though im not over powering and confident like him...i dunno for some random reason we just do XD ahh i love kaiba XD

Marik (he's a bit of a douche bag but he's still cool and he's hott XD i love his character aswell)

Tristan( he's funniee, specially when he's with joey XD godd those two are like twins...they both make me laugh when theyre together)

as for the girls...i dont like them very much, cuz they get quite annoying except for Mai...she's cool =) but t'ea and serenity REALLY annoy me...t'ea and her friendship speeches and serenity and her constant crying...ishizu's okaii aswell, i like ishizu =)

anywaiiizzz PAIRINGSS!!:

Yami/Atem and Tea (I know theres an accent in the 'e' i just dont know how to put it on =/) : okaiii even though i dont like tea i love her and yami's pairing cuz well...they just suit eachother and they look good together =)

Joey and Mai:They look so cutee together =) and their personalities match too - need i saii anymore??

Tristan and Serenity: as much as i dont like serenity...i love her pairing with tristan, specially cuz i keep getting to see joey rage at tristan which makes me laugh even moree XD

one other thing...I cannot STAND Yugioh GX and Yugioh 5Ds...i will not insult the shows cuz its slack but honestly i do not like them...but i love Judai/Jaden from GX XD he's so cutee...i just hate everything else about the show =/ ehh anywaiizzz for those of you that like it which i know a lot of people do, i completely respect your opinions which is why i have not insulted either show :) anywaiizzzz moving on :D


Completed Fics

-My Best Friend's Brother (Pearlshipping)
- A Dare of Dating (Oldrivalshipping)

Current Fics

-Washed Up Popstars (Pearlshipping/Contestshipping/OldrivalShipping/Novelshipping)
-Just Like a Fairytale (Pearlshipping)
-Bittersweet (Pearlshipping/Cavaliershipping)

I know I completely disappeared off the face of fanfiction for 3 years, but I've decided to try and get back into writing and finish off these stories. I probably won't be starting any new stories though - regardless of whether I finish these ones or not. Writing used to be my ultimate stress relief, but over time it started to feel like a chore and became a pretty big cause of my stress so I definitely don't want to add to that at all. I'll try my best to finish off these stories that I'm working on but no promises as to how long it will take!

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