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A bio for me? Hmm, where to start. Cayla Renee Kullin is not my real name, though Renee is my middle name. If I ever publish an original story, this is the name I will use. My real name will remain secret, for privacy and safety purposes. I've been writing ever since the third grade, when I was shocked to realize that people enjoyed my stories. I'm a bit of a book nerd, especially when it comes to Twilight. I'm fifteen years old and live somewhere on the eastern coast of the United States. I mostly started this to post Twilight stories, but who knows where my random inspiration will take me? Feel free to talk to me, if you can put up with the long spans of seriousness only penetrated by very random times of silliness.

In order to let you know a little more about myself and what I'm usually like, as well as probably give you some good laughs, I've decided to put up some very odd IM comversations between me and my best friend. Warning: Dangerous levels of randomness/craziness/downright wierdnedd ahead.

Me: Twilighttttttttt!!

Her: OMFG YES!! Do me Edward!!

Me: Wouldn't you want both Jacob and Edward? Hot and cold chica! Have balance!

Her: Chinese liquor stores!

Me: Pickle flavored bagels with a mustache in space!

Her: WTF?!

Me: Long story. I was bored.

Her: And apparently fascinated by pickles and bagels.

Me: The wierd part is, I don't even really like pickles.

Her: I know that.


Her: I'm not in your head!!

Me: Then tell Edward that those thoughts were private!

Her: You were having private thoughts about pickles?

Me: Yes. Who doesn't?

Her: No comment.


Her: Are you gonna continue that thought or is that all?

Me: It's very long but very odd but very funny.

Her: I get it. Just go.

Me: Well you remember how I'm in an argument with Bettyname has been changed?

Her: Yes

Me: Well I was in some hotel room with three hot guys and we were hiding from the evil vampires that were trying to take over the world. But they were that odd Hollywood type of vamp, not the Twilight kind. And so we're chillin and Bettyname has been changed walks in. Out of nowhere! anyway it was daytime but then when it got dark we were gettin all quiet when I noticed that Bettyname has been changed forgot to lock the door! Even though how I have no idea how she got in because the door was already locked. But anyway so I run to lock the door and somehow the bad vampires move the curtain from the outside (I don't know how) and they have a gun!! So the one guy rushes over and then the vampires get in and me and the one who rushed over fall to the floor and we're mad itchy bcuz somehow we're turning into vampires without getting bitten. So we're on the floor and the one guy says 'you can't kill us. You're just like all the other vampires and we beat them!" and all that and then the leader is like "we're not like the other vampires... because we use napkins!!" and then the other vampires sing "napkins! napkins! napkins!" in low opera voices and then start sucking blood (using their napkins to not make a mess) and I'm still itchy and then I wake up all cracking up and my parents are like "wtf?" but I was too busy rofl-ing to answer.



Her: Nothing.

Me: My mom then threatened to take away Twilight and I was like "But they weren't Twilight vampires!!" and she looked at me like I was crazy!

Her: You are.

Me: Hey!

Me: Actually, you're right.

Her: What else is new?

Me: Pickle flavored bagels with a mustache in space!

Her: Why do you always say that?


Me: Random alien monkies are invading the world with their pet pickle flavored bagels with a mustache in space?

Her: What?!

Me: You said to guess.

Her: Remind me never to say that again.

Me: Ok. So what were you gonna say before?

Her: Twilight movie is out tomorrow!!

Me: I know. We have tickets, remember?

Her: YES but I just felt like getting some excitement out.

Me: You should run around in circles in the middle of a four way intersection when the lights are green and play screamo music really loudly with a huge speaker and headbang while you run in circles.

Her: Didn't you do that once?

Me: LOL yea. It was to get out excitement because Breaking Dawn was coming out and I was going to be at the bookstore at midnight. But that was before YOU started reading Twilight.You only started reading it because I talked about it so much and you could not understand me. YOU ARE A POSER BITER FAKE TWILIGHTER!! AHHHHHHHHH!! CONTAMINATION!!

Her: Well I'm sorry that I can't recite entire pages from the books by memory like you can!

Me: You should be sorry! and jealous! It takes a hardcore Twilighter to be able to do that!!

Me: and mad skillz!!

Her: NEVER say that again?

Me: Why you gotta get all up in my grillz homie?

Her: Oh God.

me 7:08 P.M.: haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
her 7:09 P.M.: hey
her 7:10 P.M.: 0.o
me 7:10 P.M.: lol watch this:
her 7:10 P.M.: ehhhh not now
her 7:10 P.M.: i dont feel like it
me 7:10 P.M.: DO IT!!
me 7:10 P.M.: it's only a minute
her 7:11 P.M.: ughhh fine
her 7:12 P.M.: lmfao xD
her 7:12 P.M.: wtf?! so random
me 7:12 P.M.: lol :)
me 7:12 P.M.: i gotta go to candy mountain
me 7:13 P.M.: with jonathan and veronica's boyfriend who's like my other younger brother.
me 7:13 P.M.: meaning we're playing rockband and i gotta sing.
her 7:13 P.M.: lol ok
her 7:13 P.M.: k bye

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