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I used to be theonly9one, but now I feel more divine... And lunatic!! (evil laughs) /months later/ Ahehee, now I suppose I'm going under the 'alias' Xamira Gray. Hi again

Quote time!!

"I want you to remember this for the rest of your life: You can't look dignified when you're having fun. If you're not having fun, you're not enjoying your life. If you're not enjoying your life - why even bother being alive? I'm living on borrowed time. If I wait until some imaginary distant point in my life to start enjoying it, I'll be dead before I get there. But if I get myself killed tomorrow, at least I can be pretty sure that I enjoyed myself more than whoever is killing me!"

~Wes Janson~

"Another thing to remember boys, fly's spread disease. So keep your's closed!"

~Georgie Luz~


Ummm, yeah, I haven't updated anything in ages, I've just been completely swamped with school work... Plus I'm suffering from a huuuuuge writers block, so anything I wrote would just be a load of c-ap...

So, hopefully I'll have more writing time/energy in the summer holidays xDx

Love, from the divine lunacy formerly known as theonly9one, and who likes the name Xamira 8D

Ummm... Hi!

Well, I'm a Finnish-American girl, completely obsessed with Kingdom Hearts... So that's why I've started writing KH-fan-fictions!

Every now and then I realize that I like a character that I previously hated, and was kinda afraid of. It started about a year ago when I noticed how much I liked Leon and Aerith. Then I started liking Demyx (at the moment, he is my favorite Org. Member...). And most recently, Saïx and Axel. It's just... weird, how my likings and hatings swing around...

Other random things about me:

1. I'm seventeen now. Yay, only a year more till I'm 18! (woot, four months now 8D) (and two now) (Hah, passed that stage!)

2. I'm a cynic. This probably shows in my writing. At least it shows, ummm, sounds in my talking.

3. I'm in to performing arts. I'm in two different Speech&Drama courses, the school choir, I go to guitar lessons and band-practices...

4. I have a thing for fantasy and scifi. That's pretty much all I read. (and watch... and play...)

5. My favorite tv-shows rarely have a consistent plot. So I like sit-coms, crime-fighting shows and hospital series.

6. I do things in the spur of the moment, but I get easily distracted. That's why my updates can be a bit irregular...

7. I'm a total caffeine junky... Other things I'm addicted to: Kingdom Hearts, the Squall/Rinoa-pairing, Evanescence, Paramore, MCR, Avril, Pink,Green Day, my sisters Bunny Castle (if you know what I'm talking about, please message me!), books, chocolate, the usual stuff... FF X-2, Jak&Daxter stuff (squuuueeee @ TxA) X-wing series (squuueeee @ Wessie-poo)

8. I found out that little sleep, Paramore 'chipmunked', and strange dreams result in even stranger fan-fics!

9. I'll update this every now and then, when I can think of more things to say of myself...

My stories:

Snatched: CURRENTLY DELETED, MIGHT COME BACK SOMEDAY. My first fan-fiction ever D8 I'll probably re-do this one, since I've changed the future of the story so many times, that many of the plot-points I've made are going to be irrelevant. And I'm afraid that if I continue this way, my OC is gonna be turned in to a Mary-Sue... Or simply: I wasn't quite as good at writing a year ago as I was now.

BASIC STORY: Evie, a relatively average teen from our world gets warped in to Traverse Town, but for what reason, she doesn't know. Can she help her new friends achieve their goal, and is she going to find her place in this new, strange and dangerous world?

CHARACTERS:CURRENT: Leon, Aerith, Yuffie.POSSIBLE FUTURE: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Rinoa, Diz, Organization XIII.

OC's: CURRENT: Evie, the 16-year-old protagonist. Too curious for her own good, she has always wanted to be a part of 'something bigger, something different'. And I've been told that she is arrogant, but in a good way.

Jake, Evie's 15-year-old younger brother. Just a typical little brother, Jake's significance to the story is yet to be seen.

Carolyn Harper: Evie's and Jake's mother. I didn't want the kids to be orphans, so I just threw in a rather clichéd mother. Very little significance to the story at this point, in fact, I actually had to check her name X.X

FUTURE: Isabella, a young woman who has allied herself with the Organization XIII. Possibly making her debut at the end of the first story.

The fourteenth member: No, not Xion. I started to write the story before I knew about Days, and I'd planned the story that much ahead, that Xion didn't fit in. This OC shall remain a mystery for now.

Sirene Leonhart: Gather all you want from the name, cuz I ain't telling you anything about her yet! -evil lulz-

CHAPTERS: 3 up, but even these will be taken down at some point. Please don't ask when T.T

STATUS: Currently on hiatus, possibly starting to re-write it someday. Which is why I deleted it for now.


The Fourteenth Journal: Hmmm, this one I'm pretty pleased with, but I just haven't had the time/energy to up-date it. Most of the story is written in the spur-of-the-moment, so don't expect a consistent plot.

BASIC STORY: Xieve, the newest Organization member lands herself in trouble neatly immediately. In hopes that this would keep her rather large mouth shut, Xemnas orders her to write into a diary. He obviously had no idea of what exactly he had done, since this outraged Nobody doesn't understand the meaning of spearing ones words... Overly honest, exaggerated opinions ftw.


OC'S: CURRENT: Xieve. Yup, you probably already guessed it, she's the Nobody version of Evie, although this story has absolutely nothing to do with Snatched. She shares a similar 'personality' with Evie, she's just a bit more jaded, cynical, flirty, and obviously emotionless.

FUTURE: Isabella. Almost exactly the same as in Snatched. She's gonna be thrown in at some point too, a.k.a. when I have absolutely no idea of what to do next.

CHAPTERS: First two are up.

STATUS: On hiatus, dunno when it'll be continued. It will be, at some point >.


Yuffie and Aerith meet Saïx: Yeah, ouch.

BASIC STORY: The title says it all. Pain ensues.

CHARACTERS: Again, all in the title xD


STATUS: Complete


"Do You Feel It? The 'Moon's' Power?": Undeniably the most popular, and funniest one of my fan-fictions. Even I laughed at it while writing/proof reading this. And that's saying something, as I usually am close to hating my work...

BASIC STORY: Why did Saïx receive the Moon as his element? This alcohol induced question Plagues the minds of The Luna Diviner himself, Zexion, Axel, Demyx and Roxas. So they have a bright idea: "Hey, let's go ask our demented, hammered leader why!"

CHARACTERS: As listed in the story description.

CHAPTERS: Well, one, since it's a one-shot.

STATUS: Complete, thank God.


Little Myde Goes to a Recital: My first poem-fic, and my first fic rated K! (Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid with ratings...) I personally thought that this one was quite sweet, and it was really fun to write too.

BASIC STORY: Myde has a recital with his band. Things don't go exactly as planned, though...

CHARACTERS: Myde/Demyx, the OC's are sort of based on real life people... Yeah, this is one of those fics.


STATUS: Complete


The Scientist: Another first for me, a song-fic this time WITH VEXEN AS THE MAIN CHARACTER?! I don't really even like him, t'be honest... Damned plot-bunnies...

BASIC STORY: Set to Coldplay's The Scientist. Vexen has some... interesting things to do in his lab. Chaos and 'fire' reign supreme.

CHARACTERS: The afore mentioned Vexen, a bit of Lexaeus, and some of the rest of the Org. make their appearance.


STATUS: Complete

Just wanted to let you know that I now have a Fictionpress account, with mostly poetry and a couple essays in it.


Please visit if you like my style at all ''


The Divine Lunatic/theonly9one/Whatever I'm gonna change in to next... aka Xamira Gray xD

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