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(Lives I Believe Should Be Honored and Remembered)

Uncle Ronny: He was there even when I didn't have a care in the world what he meant to me, but when I did realize that, it was too late for me to tell him that. Thanks for all the fun and all the fond memories. He also gave my mom the courage and the strength to deal with the disease she is plagued with (M.S.) just by being there and being her only family she really knows. (aka. being her only biological family she had in her life) Thank you for giving my mom the life she needed. If only you could continue your work. I will continue to take on your duties.

Vicky: I haven't known her very well for very long, but when I did, she was a unique woman. She had an unrecognizable disease that made her act strange, but other than that, she was the one friend my mom had. She helped her out when she thought no one could. (As with me and my sister, when we were babies not even 2 years apart. What horror!) She gave mom someone to talk to, someone to go to when no one else would listen. She let my mom have fun. For that, I am thankful. There are just some things a daughter can't do. Thank you, Vicky.

Grandma(Granny): Although I can't remember her well, she served a part in 11 of her own children's lives that gave them something to remember (i.e. how to cook, how to clean, how to care for each other) That in itself is something for me to honor.

Daddy's Little Cannibal: She was one of my favorite authors. Even though I didn't really know her, most of her writing showed enough of herself to be known even when she's gone. From what I have found of about her, she was a memorable young lady. She made everyone laugh, she was there when other's weren't, and she looked out for all of her friends. I'm sure a lot of others looked up to her. I hope she found her place with God that she worked up for.

About Me

My name is Carly, obviously. My full name is Carly Taylor Stahl for those of you who might ask for it. I'm 13 years old, but I act almost 3 years older than I really am. At least, that's what everyone says. My birthday is on September 29. As you have probably noticed, I don't have a picture of myself anywhere on my profile. This is just for protection. I don't want anyone to have my picture on the internet. Anyway, about myself. People at school go far and beyond and try to guess my personality and my likes or dislikes. You can go ahead and try to guess, but you will never get it right. I am the only one who knows the truth about myself. Although, if you want to know, here it is:

My favorite colors are pink and black. I can take black by itself, but pink has to be accompanied with black. My favorite animal is a monkey. My favorite stone is a Sapphire. I love to write and read. I have stories I have written, but none of them have ever been finished. The only type of books I enjoy reading are either Science-fiction, or Fantasy. If you have any book suggestions, please send me a message. My favorite genre of music is either techno or country. Hip-hop or rap is my least favorite. If you have any other questions on likes or dislikes, please send me a message. I will add it on to this list, so that everyone will know.

I do have a boyfriend whom I love with all my heart. His name is Jeremy Dietz. He is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I hope to never have to give him up. For those of you who might ask, no, I do not know him in person. We have an internet relationship, but we hope to meet once he graduates in a couple of years. He is 15 years old now. His birthday is June 26. He has the sweetest heart of a guy I have ever met. We have loads in common, but enough difference to have something to talk about. I have known him for more than 2 years. If we ever do break up, which I hope will never have to happen, there is no one in the world I could love again. He is the one and only reason I'm alive at this moment. If he weren't with me, I would be dead. No joke.

Favorite Books

Twilight Series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn), The Inheritance Series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, etc.), Keys to the Kingdom Series (Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday, etc.) The Immortal Series (Wild Magic, Wolf-Speaker, Emperor Mage, The Realms of the Gods), Harry Potter Series (The Philosopher's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix, The Half-Blood Prince, The Deathly Hallows) The Vampire Diaries Series (The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, Dark Reunion, The Return, Nightfall)

My Writing Skillz (:

I'm not the best writer in the world, of course. I'm sure there are LOADS of other fanfiction authors out there that are 20 times better than I am. So what? I still like to write. I try my hardest to write these stories for other people's enjoyment. I just hope they appreciate it. Okay, well, my strengths in my writing is mostly the dialog. I can do the dialog parts of the story pretty well. XD That's pretty bad when that's all I can do. I can write the descriptions of parts pretty well, too. The only thing I can't really get is the mind of people. Describe what the people are thinking, want, need, etc. The mind of the people. Get it? Well, I can't quite brace myself around that and I try. In my stories on here, I like to try to think of ideas that readers would actually enjoy to read. So if you could PLEASE review, I would deeply appreciate it. I will probably say this in all my Author's Notes at the end of my chapters, but I would just like to say this: I do not include reviews that only consist of two words such as "Great story" or "Update soon" If I have a review count for updating, I WILL NOT count reviews that are plain and simple. I want reviews that tell me the things I need to work on or the things you really like about it. That's all I ask, people!

Thoughts of Twilight

Okay.. The first book, Twilight, has to be my second favorite out of all the books! Most books have their first book as their most productive and that's true. The setting is set up that way. The introduction to all the characters is what gives it its taste. I absolutely love it. :D Stephenie Meyer has a way with Edward. Of course, Stephenie owns Edward and she knows how to work him. (; We all know that. But how she makes him slowly grasp the idea of falling in love with Bella still amazes me! I always wished I was as good of a writer as her. XD I'm sure everyone does. Anyway, my favorite part in Twilight is how Bella tries to flirt with Jacob! It was soo funny. I mean, I cannot flirt, and I'm sure I could have been a little better at it than she was. Although, Jacob was young (well, still older than me - younger than Bella ) he loved Bella from the moment he met her. Of course, he was semi-imprinted with her so of course he liked her. :D But with that little wanna-be-flirticious act, Bella got the information that produced the whoooole plot for Twilight. With out that information, Bella would have never guessed what Edward was... Well, if she was smart than maybe, but Jacob eased her job.

New Moon was my most favorite out of them all! I am a total Jacob lover, so that book gave me a nice treat. XD Not only did I like it because it had a lot of Jacob, but also because, Jacob gave Bella courage while she didn't have Edward by her side. He was a great friend. New Moon actually gave Jacob a part in the series, not just a side character. It showed that he can be useful, and he was going to be useful throughout the books. He helped Bella when her heart was broken. He gave her things to do to get her mind off the thoughts that hurt her the most. Although, I think it was pretty stupid when Bella just took Edward back after what he did to her. I know she loved him with all her heart and that couldn't be changed, but couldn't she let him suffer for a little while? Let him earn her love back. Oh well, that was just my thoughts. I still love that book for what it's worth!

Now, Eclipse, I have nothing to say except, amazing, epic fighting! Woo! XD

But Breaking Dawn: I have thoughts on that book that could go on for miles! Renesmee is so sweet. When I first got a glimpse at her powers, I thought it was so cool how Stephenie morphed the Cullen's and Bella's powers together to form her own little power of her own. But, before Renesmee was actually shown to us, I totally love the part when Jacob finally imprints! Now, my sister and I have been arguing over this for a long while. I have my own thoughts on how Jacob imprinted with Renesmee. I think that Jacob actually was slightly imprinted with Bella. I mean, he loved her, but he was still not imprinted. Like it said in the books, he couldn't find anyone else he could imprint with. He just kept seeing similarities in other girls with Bella. Now that Bella had a child, I believe that since it had part of her in there, and part of her own Renesmee-ness or whatever, then that was just what Jacob needed to imprint with her. She just had enough of Bella for Jacob to actually have enough to imprint with. I know, that sounds complicated, but that's just what I believe. I'm not sure if Stephenie actually set that up, but I believe that would be pretty awesome.

Okay. Those were my thoughts on Twilight. I will post more if I ever think of any.

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