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Poll: (Dethl Interactive Story) We have returned, and now we must choose a victim. The main hero of our story, yes. Now who will be the object of our greatest Nightmare? We must choose wisely... Vote Now!
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10/3/13: OA is officially complete. Now working on When I Return and possible new Nightmare Dethl story.

9/30/12: After nearly a year, Occult Ascendancy is back online with the conclusion of Rend. We're going full gear on OA until it's finished. Thanks for your patience!

9/25/11: I should've said this a month ago, but Occult Ascendancy will be on a hiatus until I get further in Rend! I'm so so so sorry, I think this is my first hiatus ever. Hopefully it won't be too long before I update again :'(

12/14/10 - Against my better judgment, Occult Ascendancy is up up up! I will still follow poll results and focus on Rend for the most part. Don't fret - finishing Rend will be my top priority.

I have fanfic-related flip-book animations on youtube now: if interested, please look for the user name tam3shi :)


Hello, nice to meet you. Fleets here.

I guess I started writing when I was both blessed and cursed by excessive free time (which is now a rare commodity D:). I now juggle two accounts, one on ff.net and one on deviantart (see "homepage"), and the devart is used to submit art on characters from my stories (among other random junk).

So, if you like what I write (and I hope you do) then with encouragement I’ll be fast/er with my updates (at least I'll try). Constructive criticism appreciated!

I probably won't write smut, but I'm more open to the idea of M-rated material.

Thanks for looking!


Random messages from the author:

If my earlier stories at any point ever sounded homophobic or sexist or what have you I am very very very VERY sorry (I was rereading some of my old stuff and I cringed). I was young and stupid and... stupid. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then carry on as though I never said anything.

Important Disclaimer for ALL my stories - Some of you will find my characters and their beliefs offensive. Yes, very offensive, and they will make you feel bad. Take Vaati for example. I have created his character to be someone who is the biggest jerk and asshat to everyone alive. Of course, because I usually portray him as a main character some of you may become attached to him like I have. When that happens, you may be shocked and outraged when you see him doing what he does best: be a rude, arrogant jerk.

One example is Vaati's attitude with gay people. Because he has feminine looks, he has grown to be super sensitive about being anti gay to "prove" his straightness. He does not hesitate to insult gay people (even though he may just be hiding in the closet and afraid to admit it... I have no idea).

An honest mistake I have a pet peeve on is when people think that my characters' beliefs = my beliefs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trust me, if I behaved like Vaati or my OC Opal I would have no friends and would be very hated. Still, I am loyally bound to staying in character, and the Vaati I have created is not so tolerant of gays.

For anyone I have offended (mainly anyone who is gay who reads my stories) understand that I don't see gays any different from straight people. One of my best friends last year before he moved away was openly gay. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay, and personally I don't care if you're gay or not. All that matters is that you're a living person with an interesting thought or two.

Most of the characters I write about have nasty personalities. I like writing about the twisted world of villains. We tend to make a costly mistake when we forget who they really are and start seeing them in a better light. That's when you start thinking I have something against (insert stereotypical group of people to offend here). I don't, really. Once you get to know me you'll see me as someone who doesn't care about a lot of things (it's a bad habit, I admit). These little dramas don't catch my interest for the most part, but if a friend asks me to fight for something then that's when I get moving. Until then, I avoid all the icky and occasionally immature fighting of what's right and wrong. I am one of the LAZIEST people on the planet, meaning I also don't have very many strong opinions about anything.

Please bear in mind I sometimes overreact to things. It's immature of me, but I can't help it. The things I overreact to the most are when someone becomes upset with me for assuming something I am not. Or assuming something my characters are not. I know I had a couple of months when I made it a point to tell everyone that I had not written Vaati and Link with the intention of being gay for each other. If you thought I did this because I was antigay, I'M SORRY. I did this because these people were becoming upset with me that I had made a gay pairing. 1.) I did not intend a gay pairing 2.) seeing a gay relationship between them is totally fine, so long as you don't go all rabid on me because you think that's what I had in mind when I wrote it.

So what are my beliefs? sigh I never really thought anyone would be interested, but it seems writing this out would be the quickest way out of all these confusions on putting ME together with my bastards (i.e. Vaati). I don't have a set religion, but that doesn't mean I'm athiest. I've had friends of all sexual orientations and I don't care what you are so long as we get along. I'm snappish like a terrier, so you'll have to be patient with my impatience. I've had friends of many, many nationalities and backgrounds. Again, so long as we get along I could care less if you're from New York or Pakistan. I'm undecided on political standings. I lean towards Democrat, but flirt with the Republicans.

BASICALLY, I would be the traitorous bat from Aesop's fable of the fighting birds and beasts. I flit around between two opposing sides with no real opinion, and in that sense I am one of the most worthless people in the world. As a bat, I am the lowest life form. And speaking of fables, I am also the peacock; incredibly vain and annoyingly so.

I HOPE THIS CLEARS THINGS UP. If my characters offend you, they apologize. Remember they do not represent me - if I'd wanted to do a self-insert I would have done so.


Yaoi - Despite what I said before, I really don't care anymore. If an author can really convince me with the pairing, I'll read it. Heck I'll even write it.


Okay, so I swore I'll never think of a future project if I was already working on a story, but these ideas are tormenting me these days. These projects may never happen, but at the moment they're bugging me enough that they're screaming to be written down.

Possible future projects:

We are Dethl: Our story begins when you fall asleep. Our story ends when you awaken. But you, sorcerer, will never wake, because once you enter our world we will never let you leave.
Still in planning at the moment. May change depending on current voting outcomes, but as of now, it will be about Vaati's entrapment into Dethl's nightmare during the sorcerer's imprisonment in the Four Sword.

Unique from my other stories in that this is reader-interactive, with certain plot decisions based on reader voting outcomes.

The Ornamental Girl: Someone requested a VaatixOC story once upon a time, and though romance isn't my forte, I've been entertaining the idea for some time. Here's the gist: Being the eldest daughter of the local fisherman, seventeen year old Wren Pinetti was raised with the responsibilities of a boy so that her father could pass on the family business in peace. When she grudgingly dresses up as a lady to celebrate her cousin's wedding, she unwittingly catches the eye of a certain sorcerer who had been passing through the village.
This is the story of one of the many maidens kidnapped by Vaati, and her life as a captive in the Palace of Winds.

May tie in ideas with the female mages in FSA who were supporters of Vaati.

EDIT: this story will probably no longer be a true romance genre. After giving it more thought, Vaati must be the major villain of this story, with the maidens as the primary heroes. So forget what I said about VaatixOC :P


Completed works and works in progress:

When I Return: Originally a one-shot, now a multi-chapter story. First romance story I've ever attempted, so be prepared for a potential train-wreck. Also it happens to be Stockholm Syndrome captive/romance story, which is particularly tricky since I'm trying not to romanticize abuse and kidnapping. Oh and it's a VaaZel.

Legend 2012: Occult Ascendancy: It's not as LoZ as my other stories, but I'm going to try my best to keep the elements in there ;)

Sequel to Legend 2010: Avilux Ignis

Gale Engst, now known as Vaati Engst, is happily content with life minus one small (er... actually really big) problem; he hasn't been able to figure out how to stop his reincarnation curse that had landed him with the problems revealed in his last adventure with Avilux. He knows that his life as Vaati right now is only a short respite of regaining all of his memories as the great and powerful sorcerer, for as soon as his current life ends he will cease to remember everything and go back to being some bumbling, clueless idiot with no idea of his past glory.
Meanwhile, Halstead Dugal, former member of the shady mercenary group Talon Three, has approached Vaati on a deal for revealing the location of an old temple if he agrees to work together. Grabbing the opportunity to find a hint on ridding himself of the curse, Vaati agrees and the two make their way to the temple: a highly mistrusting and dysfunctional, yet strangely effective team. Before long they, as well as everyone who had been involved in the Avilux case, are chased by the United States government for information regarding the mysterious incident in Japan that had caused a stir in the global community.
Along the way they encounter others like them who believe that magic is real, and not just something stupid the ignorant believed in during the Dark Ages. Enter, tarot readers Thistle and his partner Thyme, two suspicious "mages" who have a fascination with the Sorcerer of Winds.
As Dugal, Vaati, Dark, and Zelda learn more about the secrets of the ancient world, they split into separate factions - former allies becoming enemies, and enemies becoming friends...
And when the rest of Talon Three decide to join the fray, who knows who will end up siding with whom?

Rend: The rewrite of my first project Beyond Centuries, including both halves.
When Vaati released monsters from the Four Sword at the Picori Festival during his first takeover, he had unwittingly freed a problem whose consequences would extend beyond centuries. After his third, and what appears to be his final, attempt to take over Hyrule, the fruits of his actions at the festival come to being and he and Link are thrown into Hyrules of different eras. To make things worse, the most powerful sorcerer in the world has lost his abilities to cast magic because of a curse, and he is forced to work with his mortal enemy to get back to where they belong.
However, this is an alliance that has come together through twisted means. When this adventure is over, what will happen to their strained partnership?

Check out the original, Beyond Centuries, at your own risk if you are a new reader (there be spoilers and bad writing sometimes).

Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is not a boyxboy romance, and the most it will go to is friendship. Feel free to see it as yaoi, but if you do (and happen to not like yaoi), don't angrily yell at me for it because that wasn't my original intention...

Legend 2010: Avilux Ignis: It's year 2010 and Gale Engst is a relatively normal brooding teenager boy living in affluent suburban NJ. His hobbies include longboarding, playing on his Xbox, and being a general douchebag to almost everyone in sight. One day, however, a teen with a questionable past by the name of Malenko "Link" Petrov shows up on his front doorstep with an outrageous claim that he is not Gale Engst but the reincarnation of a wind sorcerer who lived more than 8,000 years ago. To make matters worse, Link makes the claim that Gale is the only person who can prevent worldwide disaster from occurring and he is slowly dragged into an adventure he does not want.
Before long, the two teens along with a young genius scholar named Zelda Sterling are wanted by a sinister organization who is after an infinite energy source, the Avilux Ignis. What is the nature of Avilux Ignis? Just who is Link, and why is he seeking help from someone who is allegedly an evil mage? And where does an old Hyrulian legend fit into all of this?
Gale has a bad feeling he won't be liking any of the answers.

Tainted Heart: I know lots and lots of people have already written stuff about pre MC Vaati's past stories, but I since I'm writing tons on Vaati I figured I'd add something like this to my collection.

Though you don't need to read my other stories (Beyond Centuries, The Unresolved) to get this and vice-versa, please check them out if you like what I write because I'm going to refer to some quotes in this story in them (I actually already included them in BC and a little in TU because I'd anticipated writing TH when I wrote them). The first chapter with Vaati reminiscing actually takes place between BC and TU, but this fact quickly becomes irrelevant once I start writing about his past.

Beyond Centuries: The Cursed Sorcerer: This was my biggest project, and first fanfic ever written (so the beginning is especially...ick). It begins at the end of the Four Swords Adventures. The personalities of the four Links Green, Blue, Vio, and Red are influenced by the characters from the Four Swords manga, so yes, they talk.
I think the Link in the later chapters is closest to Green.

First fanfic, first disaster. I would point you over to Rend, since it's basically this story but with major improvements.

Beyond Centuries: Hero of Time, Hero of Wind - This is Part 2 of Beyond Centuries. Link and Vaati find themselves in a waterflooded Hyrule, well into the future. They must continue their search for Ganondorf if they hope to make it back to their own era, but what will happen to their strained partnership when their adventure ends?

It's post Wind Waker, and I'm not sure where Phantom Hourglass fits. PH can be placed wherever, it'll still make sense. :D

The Unresolved: Sequel to Beyond Centuries. Vaati has spent several years alone and away from civilization to think and reevaluate his life. He had hoped that he could spend his time quietly by himself, but these hopes are crushed when he finds the six year old daughter of Link and Zelda far away from Hyrule castle. Trouble has been brewing over at Hyrule, and though Vaati could care less what happens he finds himself caught up in the mess.

Rated T to be safe.

Recollections: 19 years have passed since the creation of the Sheikah, and all but one of the few who knew the elusive wind mage are dead. Follow the memories of the past as Princess Zelda attempts to make sense of the chain of events that lead to the downfall of the Sheikah and the death of everyone she knew and loved. Tragedy, depressing, and something I probably didn't need to write in retrospect. Good luck.

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WW/ST-AU Hyrule is now The Pride of the Goddesses, a nation ship that scuffles with the Gerudo nation ship. Link, Itaav, and the princess, however, have dreams that extend past the boundaries of the Pride. One fateful day, an attack from the Gerudo ship ties the fates of these three together - as well as that of the world's.
Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 29 - Words: 151,714 - Reviews: 124 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 10/17/2014 - Published: 6/7/2010 - Link, Vaati, Zelda, Ganondorf
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Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 21,748 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/10/2008 - Vaati, Ezlo - Complete
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Forget-Me-Nots and Violets reviews
Sequel to When I Return: What would you do if the person you loved forgot every memory you shared together? An accident causes Zelda to conveniently lose her memories of Vaati. An accident shrouded by politics. An accident that was not an accident. Someone is out to stir trouble in Hyrule, and Vaati is determined to find out who. Post FS VaatixZelda
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VaatixZelda: It was only after Zelda was kidnapped by Vaati that she learned being an evil overlord wasn't exactly easy. She also learned that he wasn't completely terrible after all. Wait no, that can't be right. He was definitely terrible. Sometimes, though, she found it difficult to make the distinction between good and evil, and she hated herself for it. captorxcaptive.
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