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Here's a Man of Jollity; Yeomen of the Guard

"Give us an experiment
In the art of merriment;
Into it we throw
Cock who doesn't crow!"

Dialogue following "How say you, maiden, will you wed"; Yeomen of the Guard

"Lieutenant. And so, good fellow, you are a jester?

Point. Aye, sir, and like some of my jests, out of place.

Lieutenant. I have a vacancy for such an one. Tell me, what are your qualifications for such a post?

Point. Marry, sir, I have a pretty wit. I can rhyme you extempore; I can convulse you with quip and conundrum; I have the lighter philosophies at my tongue's tip; I can be merry, wise, quaint, grim, and sardonic, one by one, or all at once; I have a pretty turn for anecdote; I know all the jests — ancient and modern — past, present, and to come; I can riddle you from dawn of day to set of sun, and, if that content you not, well on to midnight and the small hours. Oh, sir, a pretty wit, I warrant you — a pretty, pretty wit!"

The Watchers Universe:

This is a mild-AU universe in which Sheik is a separate entity from Zelda; I initially came up with it for an exploration into Sheikah culture, in Watchers and Gravediggers. It was primarily inspired by the usage of "seek" and "seeker" in the Japanese page - crudely translated into English by Google - as well as my facination for the similarities between the Eye of Neverwinter and the Eye of the Sheikah.

Watchers and Gravediggers: In this, Sheik and his friend Devin (the creepy graveyard boy) are around the ages of 8-9 (Sheik) and 6-7 (Devin).

Traditionalism: This takes place shortly after Sheik turns ten - an important mark in his life. Devin grows more curious about Sheik's cultural differences.

Eyes Closed: Sheik and Link are around the border of fifteen and sixteen. Puppy love is rampant, despite Sheik's inherent modesty.

More information coming soon on my blogspot.

Other Fan Fiction: does not seem to allow more adult tinted material, unfortunately. Though I personally find it tame, in comparison with smut and "erotica" one would normally find on the Internet, I have not posted my "smut" on It is available on my blogspot, truthamongthechaff, under the name "Morning Person."

It is easily found under the "Fan Fiction" section of the table of contents.

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