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Heyyo everyone XP. Well, I suppose I should tell you about me. 1) I suck at spelling so if u see a spelling error, that's just how it's going to be. There will hopefuly be less errors if i ever write a story. 2) I'm 16: 17 in mid July. And it sucks because I'm not even going to be here to make a special one-shot for my birthday. =( 3) I have one dog, several bunnies, and two cats, one who has 2 litters a year (slut) and one who just had her first litter a few weeks ago. 4) I have a quizilla user though i hardly go on there any more because it's changed so much. 5) I don't live in Maryland. And 6) I have 5 other siblings and live in a place so small that I'm related to practicly everyone in my town, the next town, and half the town after that. And that is a little about me.

Hello everyone that may stumble upon my user here. I'm going on vacation (to the island) with my family for the week or so starting tomorrow. That would be the 10th that we leave and we come and... I'm not exactly sure when we get back. (7-10 days) So, if I'm needed, you'll have to wait until I get back. I'll update then.

I'm back!! XP. Just to let anyone who cares know. It's... hold on.. the 19th.

Happy Halloween every one!! this is my favorite holiday. I've put up a new story (obviously) so go check it out. I'm really tired right niw and need some sleepy for tomorrow, so I'm just going to end this here. I'll try to update more often, for anyone who cares. And, I'm trying to work out my first actual story, but It's pretty likely that i'll drop that before I even get it started. So yah, that's just me. Well, nighty night.

Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I would write a story for you, but i only have a half-an-hour till 12:00 and i don't feel like puting myself through that kinda pressure. Anyways. Oh, stay alert for my next story that i'll be posting (for those of you who care). It should be decently good. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

Happy 4th of July! it's been one year already since i wrote the first thing. wow.

Hello everyone. just have to say... TODAY IS MY B-DAY!!!! FINALLY!!! I am now, finally 18. YAY!

HI! I'M BACK!!! Happy late Halloween!... yah, i've been sayign it for awhile now, but i really do hope to publish a full storie some day. Maybe, if i can recover the documents from my recently decesed memory stick, I could publish the stories I had been working on. But that may take a while, if it ever ends up happeneing. it's kinda saddening.

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