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Author has written 3 stories for Flame of Recca, Count Cain: God Child, and Kaine.

It was a dark and stormy night. A young woman, her long hair swept back into a low ponytail, fixed her cold gaze on the viewer before growling, "What, did you think I was seriously going to write my bio like a over-dramatic murder mystery?"

Consider the fourth wall officially broken.

Welcome to my profile page. Before I get any further... if you're the 45-year-old pervert that still lives with his parents that my mother warned me about, I'm not interested. Really.

I'm a rather sarcastic and cynical person. I'm also commonly described as apathetic, though I feel it's more accurate to call myself "level-headed." Or perhaps "logical." It just sounds better, does it not? Oddly enough, the first two fanfics I'm posting fall under the "humor" genre (well, at least that was what I planned, before an idea for a Godchild fic got the best of me). I do enjoy a good helping of sarcasm and irony in my sense of humor, so consider yourself warned. I also seem to be concentrating a good deal on first-person writing on here, though usually third-person limited is my preferred tense when I write original prose.

I enjoy video games, reading in general (as well as reading manga), and anything that can make me think, be it a video game, a book, or a nice debate. My favorite reads are (novel-wise) Timeline by Michael Crichton, Dracula by Bram Stoker, most anything by Robin Hobb, and Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. Manga-wise, I particularly like Death Note, Godchild/ Cain Saga, Demon Flowers (Kuruizaki no Hana) and Loveless. In any format, I will read nearly anything as long as it doesn't sap my brain entirely. (I'm talking about you, "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch." Not to mention most anything by Yuu Watase.) My favorite video games are currently Assassin's Creed, Samurai Warriors 2, Dead or Alive 4, and the Soul Calibur series.

Most of my fanfiction ideas come from strange conversations/ strange inside jokes with my friends kilala fae and DR4G0lV. Actually, they're the only reason I even have a account. But blame them for the bizarre fanfic topics... though I was the one who agreed to write them... hm. Perhaps it is my fault, but feel free to affix as much blame as you wish on them as well.

That is beside the point. I'll desist with my rambling and allow you to continue on to whatever you wish to do next. It was a pleasure having this nonexistant, one-sided conversation with the untold number of "you"s who will visit my profile page.

Fare thee well.


P.S.- Your friendly neighborhood Shadow has been very, very busy. Thus, I haven't gotten time to write much... plus, I'm working on about 4 fanfics at once, as well as some original prose. Currently, story stats are as follows:

Rebirth- Since it is now up and completed, I'm working on the sequel. Due to computer issues as well as schoolwork, it will take me longer than I would like, but it will still be done. Keep an eye out... it will be called Revealed and be from Cain's point of view.

Flame of Shigeo- On indefinate suspension. My train of thought on this didn't just get lost... it totally derailed, and caused mass amounts of damage before stopping in a flaming ball of wreckage.

New story ideas- First few pages written on a Kuroshitsuji multi-chapter fic, "Murder, D.C. al Fine." Possible Loveless fanfic still being plotted out. Possible Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic nearly finalized in terms of content, but unknown as to length, and still unstarted.

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When Kagero gets captured, Team Hokage has to go save her! Wait... Recca's dad is coming along? Mikagami's point of view.
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