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About Me: I created a fanfiction account to write relatively original stories. I am a recent college graduate and am now a fully licensed English teacher... go figure.

My youtube channel -

My New Website (This is where you'll find the link to my new book in the books section) - https:///writer

My new book is called 4 Corners Edge: The Black Grimoire, and the ISBN # is 9780999661406

Favorite fanfiction categories: Artemis Fowl, Star Fox, Code Lyoko, Naruto, Gundam, etc.

Favorite fanfiction pairings: Artemis/Holly(Artemis Fowl), Jeremie/Aelita(Code Lyoko), Katz/Sarah( These two are from Z Gundam and I have not seen a fanfiction featuring these two so I will probably write the first. ), etc.

NEW!!: Check out these possible story ideas that I've been thinking about doing in the future. There is only two so far, but I'll probably put more up later.

Fanfiction Archive: "Looney Toons" (Cartoon Network's "Duck Dodgers of the 24th and 1/2 century" to be exact. This takes place after the series ended)

Pending Name: Hand of Fate

Summary: Tyr'ahnee, the uncontested queen of planet Mars, has been depressed lately. Even though she knows that Dodgers is her enemy, she can't help but still be in love with him. She left X-2 at the alter, and so was still at war with the Earth Protectorate. She had been attacking Dodgers specifically every chance she got, and every time she was given the chance to kill that feathered idiot... she hesitates, and allows him to take advantage of the situation. Because of her unusual love for him, she just hasn't been herself. After X-2's latest failure at the hands of Dodger's inexplicable luck, a mysterious man steps in and gives her a chance to finally end her inner turmoil, offering to force Dodgers into falling in love with her with the help of a magic special that will force the subject to fall for the first person of the opposite gender they touch. How will Dodgers manage to escape with this new bounty hunter trying to take his hand for Tyr'ahnee? Probably not very well with his intelligence, but the feathered imbecile has luck like no one could believe.

UPDATE! (9/18/2013): Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I last did anything here. I can't believe it has been 5 years since I first wrote "Only a Girl." I remember being asked several times on whether if I could make an animation of my series, would I? The answer to that question was always 'Yes,' but only if I had the means to. Well... I think I finally have the means to do it... miraculously over night amazingly. In a single day, I was able to use a site called GoAnimate (I'll leave a link below), to animate what I always thought the opening to my story might look and sound like.

My first goal for the five year anniversary of my story is to start an animated adaption of my stories, although it probably won't be much more than that. Depends on what happens in the next couple of months. I am going to be posting up my opening sequence on my youtube channel later on today, if youtube cooperates with me (I'll leave a link below).

My second goal, which is much easier to accomplish, is to revise and edit "Only a Girl Out of this World." After finally finishing my college education and going over this story, I decided it was high time to fix up and polish this story. Some of the mistakes I found were atrocious. I used to not have a very critical or educated eye, but now I do. So, starting in the middle of October, I am going to start revising the story one chapter at a time.

GoAnimate - http:///

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