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i'm 18 and male. i live in florida and am a freshmen in college. i believe everything that is seen or heard today is shit until it proves itself otherwise. so while my list of likes is few, my list of dislikes is endless. music is dead to me, being staked at the cross by the evil satanic spawn that is (c)rap, save for a few choice bands, and the true area of music was the 70's. television sucks save for some shows like avatar, which was a work of genius writers, scrubs, which is hilarious, and most law and order before CI because at that time of the day, there is never anything else on. i love games though, gaming is my passion. Aion is like online crack and my current MMORPG and plays like a virtual orgasmic LSD roller coaster ride of pure awesome, and xbox live was the greatest creation in the history of the world since life itself. dragon age, halo, bioshock, call of duty, gears of war, mass effect, assassin's creed (even with it's flaws), portal, and the list goes on and on with games that i love. i love to read some imagination stories about shows like avatar up here, along with some other mangas i like to pick up and read while i'm bored, such as naruto, death note, inuyasha (in the beginning, before it started repeating and shitting all over itself), ranma 1/2, trigun, and blah blah blah. recently, i was devestated by the ending of my favorite show, avatar, which left about as many cliff hangers as a poorly written mystery trilogy, where the final book was burned and had no true ending, which really let me down. 4th book all the way. if you weren't so bored with this you decided to go out and shot yourself, try e-mailing me because i love to chat.

I joined this site because after Avatar ended, i felt it left some things open. i had been to this site on and off over the years, but i was never a serious member considering most of the things i write are origional. but with this ending, i just felt like it left me empty and hollow, and it left some things unexplained, so this is what i chose to do with my ideas. i will admit that after reading for the past two weeks lots of fanfics, i must say, there are some fabulous writers on this website. and it's nice to write something that isn't from scratch, so i don't have to be quite as detailed, much more laid back then my usual stories. i totally support canon parings of avatar characters. i never have and don't think i ever will under stand this zutara craze, but my girlfriend says that it is from immature girls still in middle of low high school who think they want a "Bad Boy". it never made sense to me, but i try to tolerate and give it a chance by reading some zutara fics. if you want a truly fabulous review of parings though, read liselle129's profile, she sums up my feelings exactly how i would. i thought about writing some about other animes i watch, like naruto, kenshin, inuyasha, ranma 1/2, trigun, death note, and others, but i never had an idea that truely stuck in my head like this one for Avatar. so until further notice, i'm writing 1 story. i love reading other peoples story on the site, but i just never really got a large idea for an anime character, or if i did, i usually implement it in my origional story. 1 last thing: LONG LIVE KATAANG (just thought i should throw that in there)

UPDATE: Alright, back on this site after a year. my computer got a virus on it form my parents, one of the virus that doesn't let your computer start up and makes it blue screen before anything else comes up. So i lost not only everything i had for my 1 story on this site, but also a lot of my original stuff. i sulked about it for months, and didn't start re-writing parts of it until a three months ago, but it's not as good. and some of the stories i have giant lapses in knowledge and chapters, so i really wasn't in the mood to write fan fiction anymore, but after seeing the live action trailers and a couple episodes again, i decided to pick it up and continue it, so i reposted it with a new and better name, gonna leave the old one as a memorial to what i've lost. QQ

Say you thanks to mike and bryan at:

man, i wish they would continue the story, or atleast make something related to Avatar, i miss it already.

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