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Thanks for all of you that choose to check out my profile. I hope you enjoy my stories. Procrastination is a part of life, so I apologies in advance to not updating. :(

For those who would like to email me, my penname is the same on fanfiction as it is for Yahoo!. Sent me a message there, or a PM here. Both work.

I'm about 6'1", and am in school for the time being. I have a few very close friends and most happen to be spread across the world, because I move so much. Currently living in SD, where it only snows for 7 months of the year. :D
Other than writing and reading Fanfictions, I play WoW. Generally on the weekend I get caught up on all the sleep I have lost since I get 2-3 hours every night during the week. I have played sports for about three years, both Volleyball and Basketball, but have stopped. I am planning on majoring in Pharmacology and possible Physics or Chemistry minor. [I earn my German minor this fall.]

I really enjoy reading. I happened to see Twilight in a bookstore and thought it had an interesting cover. Just like most I came back before the end of the day and bought New Moon as well. Eclipse came out a few months later and I was hooked. I'm not super great with book recomendations. If you want some feel free to ask, however most of my tastes have changed since Twilight became super popular. (Don't worry, I will still write fanfiction in the category due to the response these fics get.)

I get way to much inspiration from music. I am ALWAYS listening to my iPod. Some of my personal favorites are Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Framing Hanley, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for My Valentine, Shiny Toy Guns (the earlier songs), Saosin, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Fades Away, Falling Up, Shinedown, Seether, Apocalyptica, Skillet, Decyfer Down, Demon Hunter, Kutless, and Kill Hannah.

On the other side of technology, I don't usually watch much T.V. I generally prefer movies. There are three shows I watch every week though. House(so like my personality), Glee, and Lie To Me(new show that caught my attention). When I noticed Vampire Diaries was going to be on CW, I went insain so I will now watch that as well.

All stories written are completely my idea or are adjusted so they are not 'just like' the original. I am hoping to eventually write on all of these stories. For now I just need to find the time to do so.
Most of my stories are made due to life situations or songs that I listen to. If it is by a song, I will put up a few verses of it so you can understand how it fits. If you want to know the song, ask away. Most will come from my favorite artists.

Satus Novus - Starting New
- T - Main Focus
Bella just moved to Forks to stay with Charlie. What will high school be like for her? Will she find love in the tiny town? Vampire and Human. New FanFiction writer, so would love your opinion. Flames accepted. JasperxBella EdwardxAlice EmmettxRosalie
~~I'm lost inside the pain I feel without you - I can't stop holding on - I need you with me~~

Bloodlust - T - I can't plan properly on the story so it is on the back of my list until I get something to pop into my head again.
When Jasper has a problem with bloodlust and attacks a hiker, what will the Cullens do? Will there be a way to cure his bloodlust, or will he continue to feed on humans.
~~Tonight I'm so alone - This sorrow takes ahold - Don't leave me alone - Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks - Falling through the depths, can I ever go back? - You were my source of strength - You gave me everything - Falling inside, falling inside the Black~~

Changed - T - All vampire story
Bella has lived a normal life until she met the Cullens.
For her best interest, they leave Forks but the Volturi still find out.
Nearly twenty years later, Bella has gotten over that she is a vampire, but has no memory of her past.
She returns to Forks and picks up right where she left off. High School.
Before she knows it, a friendship with other students has formed. What happens when the Cullens choose to come back as well?

- T- One of the stories I am really looking forward to writing.
Once again another random idea I've had. Basically the Cullens leave, but it's not the police who find Bella.
It will be my own personal character and pictures will be added. Why is a new vampire in the area, and why does Bella get an interest in him?
He's not like the Cullens, but for some reason she still trust him. Will he make her a vampire and what if she meets the Cullens again?
~~This world will never be what I expected - The world we knew won't come back - The time we've lost can't get back - The life we had won't be - I don't belong - You want to end your life - Maybe we'll turn it around - Cause it's not too late - It's never too late~~

Pieces - T
Bella is in an abusive relationship and Renee decides to send her to Forks, Washington.
Charlie does the best he can at learning how to be a father again. Who will help Bella out of these hard times?
Based off of a song by Red, which became the title.
~~When I see your face - I know I'm finally yours - I find everything - I thought I lost before - You call my name - I come to you in pieces - So you can make me whole~~

- T
Set in Twilight when Jasper and Alice take her away from Forks.
Lets say nobody got there in time to save Bella from James, and she was set to wander the streets of Phoenix after she became a vampire.
Nearly ten years later the Volturi are no longer in power, but vampire hunters have taken their place.
Will Bella be 'Hunted' by this killer, or will she find a way out of it?
~~Everything around me falls apart - When I walk away from you - I know I should, but I don't always say, what you want me to say - Now it's all so clear, doesn't any one see what's happening here - it falls apart from the very start - It falls apart - Seems like everything I touch falls apart - Falls apart~~

Forget and Re-Learn - T - Bella/Edward
Human - They have lived as neighbors for the past 15 years. They grew up together, learned together, and even hung out on the weekends when not swamped with homework.
Life was good, but a deadly crash ruined it all. Bella was the only one who came out alive, although that doesn't mean life would be easy for her. She suffers from both long and short term memory loss, but was adopted by the Cullens next door.
She still doesn't remember everything, but that doesn't mean that she can't re-learn.

The Forest Floor - T - Bella/Sam
The day she gave up looking for Edward was never a good one, and the last though she had was about him. She collapsed on the floor, due to exhaustion and grief.
Luckily Sam was there to find her, but nothing goes as planned. Imprinting was not voluntary, and neither was the connection between the two of them.
He was like her counsiler and always helped her along the way. She was his rock, and although she had yet to really know how much she affected him, Bella knew he cared.

Just a Child
Bella is on a plane which eventually crashes. Bother Charlie and Renee die, and Bella gets admitted into the general hospital of Forks at the age of 8. The Cullens decide to take her in and Edward seems to have an automatic attraction to her. She soon learns all about vampires while growing up. What happens when they all reach high school?
~~Left alone with empty hands - Losing you is more than i can stand, I can't mend - I closed my eyes, and made a wish to lose myself so I'll forget about you - It's no use - Swore to never ever leave you - To never let you out of my hands - Nothing here could ever change this - I never meant to be a liar - The shame is cutting into my skin - Swore I'd never stray from you~~

She Lives Seclusion With He Who Fell - T - Bella/Alec
Bella always knew she would try to save Edward when he went to Voltera, but what happens when things go wrong and they end up trading places.
Bella is forced to live in seclusion, and she is guarded constantly. Aro has a notion and picks Alec to be in charge of her, but instead of keeping a distance they grow closer.

Volgende Deur - 'Next Door' in Dutch - T
Renee and Phil are killed in a car crash and she is forced to live with Charlie. Bella suffers from insomnia, and usually goes to sit down by the tree in her backyard during the night and early morning. She is completely zombie-like since she almost refuses to sleep. Next door are the Cullens, and they become friends instantly. Will anyone come out to join Bella at night?
~~I know I'm not there to hold you - Look up see the sky that I do - I just want you to know I love you - I miss you - Baby close your eyes - Let's meet - In our dreams tonight~~

Here is the link for all the characters I have added to my story. The title shows what story they are in and who they play. Comment below lets you know if there are slight changes with the image shown. This has been updated 3/15/10!

Right now I am looking at other options with stories. I am starting a little bit on something completely off from Twilight; if I do end up liking it I shall post it and see how it does. I understand stories like this are not popular so I'm not looking for a major amount of reviews. Just going to place it out there. - Pictures to be added soon. Both are unpublished for now, but I am writing on them. May have hiatus.

Visions - T - This is not based off any book, although it may relate to some.
Nikolas is a sixteen year old boy who lives with his father who died when he was just a child. On his seventeenth birthday, he gets sucked into another world. In it he has recollections of what went on as a child. Everyday since then he can see further into the future, but soon he begins to see things that have never happened. What would he see that surprises him so much? Why does he only know about this know? And most of all are there others like him in the world?

Do you Believe in Angels? -T
What if a loved one would die because of something which was not in their control? Elizabeth is a girl who lives in Texas and who's boyfriend is now dead. She has never believed in the idea of angels, and never has a firm trust in religion. What happens if one day she meets her 'guardian angel'? Will she believe in the possibility, or think it is just another human?

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Move Together by beavoicenotanecho reviews
*AKA "Boarders"*EDIT/REPOST* Bella, a restless teenager, has turned her gaze outward - beyond the borders of La Push. Enter Sam Uley, pillar of the community, who has amassed a notable following made up of La Push's young men. How will this snarky, yet fiercely loyal, teen handle the inescapable forces of fate that threaten to fix her in place? AU
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 52,495 - Reviews: 1605 - Favs: 1,481 - Follows: 933 - Updated: 7/27/2017 - Published: 9/6/2009 - Bella, Sam
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