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February 24, 2010:


So, I’ve decided to take all my stories down for the time being. My updates have been farther and farther apart. Yet, again it seems that I have lost my drive for writing, not to mention life is just not permitting me to write at the moment. I will be posting these back up, not for a few months or longer, hopefully with more chapters added on. Sorry, and thank you for all my readers who have stuck with me.


Name: Tennislove, but some call me Ciara

Age: Not important, but just out of curiosity how old do you think I am?

Likes: Reading, writing, doing well in school, music, movies, books

Dislikes: prejudice, Stories with Angst, tomatoes, Peanut Butter

Fav. Books/ Movies: Harry Potter (all), Twilight series, Pride and Prejudice, the convenant, Face off

I spend 75 of my time reading, whether for pleasure or for school. I try to always have a book with, yes this means I read in the lunch line at school. I love to read Fanfiction, and some of it is really good. The other twenty five percent is spent with friends, most of it is school, and doing other things.

I'm terrible at spelling, yet im an almost straight A student...that almost is defined by the pesky little 'B' that keeps apearing next to my math class on my report card, dont ask me how it got there. I love challenges, and taking on big projects. Im an Idea person, but I also like to see things through, albeit as is represented by the deletion of some of my stories, those ideas are not always forthcoming.

I love when people review!

Changes (Bella's Dress):

6-27-09- I have removed the stories Sapien Secret and Battle of Sex's from this site, both i had put on a hiatus, and they were just taking up space. If an idea strikes me for eithier of them stories then i might put them back on.

What is happiness? (torture devices):

1st device:

Words reviews
"Could you do it to me, could you take my soul and make me a monster...Watch me die."
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