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Author has written 8 stories for Twilight, Little Mermaid, Teen Titans, and Danny Phantom.

On this site I am known as Anna Craft, well, just Anna if you so please.

Really quick get to know me type deal. My pen name is not my real name, just so that's clear. I am 22 years young and have been writing fanfiction since I was 13. Currently I am an animation student so a lot of my time is spent working or in school. This is only for my pleasure and it apparently my pleasure brings you pleasure so it's a win win.

Born: USA -- Living: California, Near San Francisco but also in Los Angeles or Hollywood at certain times of the year.

Hobbies: Writing. Sports-Basketball&Tennis Music- I taught myself piano and am doing the same for guitar. Reading. Drawing-very well, might I add. Photography. Dance&Singing.

Writing Style: preferred third-person, occasional first-person; I write based on music a lot of the time so don't be surprised to see lyrics of some songs snuck into dialouge or detail. I'm very detailed in my work and often I am found attempting to make a joke that's not very succesful; my bad.

Interests: The things I write about will vary, I read and watch a great many of varied things and so it just comes out to what I'm interested in at that moment in time. Maybe even just what's in my head, or (like how my most popular one was created, Marina: The Third Generation) it's based off of what if's.

Music: I love all music but bluegrass country. These are some examples I kinda base my writings on: Three Days Grace- Skillet- Halestorm- P!nk- Paramore- Kelly Clarkson- Papa Roach- Evanescence

If ever you grow bored of fanfiction a good place to start with some originals is the sister site I do happen to have an account there and some stories already up if you want to take a look then please do so: /elainecoven

Currently RE-Reading: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

No Quote Yet.

Past Quote: (don't have the heart to take it down yet)

"'That's why when major badasses greet each other in movies, they don't say anything, they just nod. The nod means, 'I' am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass,' but they don't say anything because they're Wolverine and Magneto and it would mess up their vibe to explain."

-Simon from City of Bones: Book One

My Interests in Writing


02- Sequel

xx- Hiatus

Currently working on--

xxClair de Lune- Book- Twilight -- I'm not sure if it's what you call a spin-off, at the same time it has nothing to do with the characters though they are in there making it all a very interesting tale.

Marina: The Third Generation- Movie- The Little Mermaid -- The first generation yearned for the land, the next for the sea, where does this land the third?

Black&White- TV- Supernatural -- I know I have so many things to write. But once I have at least six chapters on the first two I started I'm going to put up the first chapter to this one. It's AMAZING! I swear you'll love it, even if you don't watch the show or are not a big fan, don't worry and just read it because I'll explain everything in there for those who've never seen the show. For those who want to watch it. Every tuesday at 9 on CW

02Identity Crisis- Cartoons- Teen Titans SlashFic -- RedX&Robin This will be the sequel to OoP. So basically Red X and Robin still aren't sure about what it is they feel about each other and in the midst of all this a game arises.

Battlefield- Cartoons- Danny Phantom Slashfic -- Vlad&Danny: Okay so this idea is sparked by the Jordin Sparks song with the same title. For those of you who know the song or hate the song, don't judge until you've read it. I've got half a chapter written and when I get it up I'll put a better summary here.

Revenge is Sweeter (Then You Ever Were)- Cartoons- Danny Phantom Slashfic-- Vlad&Danny: So I'm almost done with the chapter and will probably have it up before Battlefield and Identity Crisis but we'll see how my mood goes. I know the title is kind of long but oh well. I'll put up a proper summary after the first chappie is up. Okay so I was completely inspired by the song of the same name by the Veronicas. I listened to it and thought damn, Vlad would so sing this to Maddie and then it all just clicked! The questions, the why and how, all those amazing things that make my fics :D Well let me know.

Finished --

Obsession of Possession-Cartoons- Teen Titans Slash Fic -- RedX&Robin: People love this story, and I thank all the people that got me to finishing it. You all made me want to finish it and now I know why famous people thank their fans, cause support really helps.

My Siren- Book- Twilight -- It's a quick oneshot between Bella and Edward that I suddenly got the thought of and had to type down before it went away.

Rocket to the Moon - Cartoon- DannyPhantom --Danny/Vlad [unsure slash or not] I am putting this under finished for now because I can't decided whether or not I want to continue it so for now it is a oneshot. Anyways, this is based of the fact that not everyone remembers that Danny wanted to be an astronaut. It was his biggest dream ever and the realization that his ghost powers would probably get in his way and the fact that he had an evil millionare on Earth with one of the only two ghost portals in the world. So what does Vlad do about this? Well read to find out. Then let me know if I should continue it.



I understand I cannot be on at all times (AAT) and will try my best to at least update a story once a month. What I want is to do it once a week but alas life is as hectic as ever. Thank you for taking the time to go through this. And for reading of course.

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