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Sasuke, you're such a frickin ham!

Name: Donut

Occupation: student/ totally awesome air-guitar playin' rocker chick! XD

Random Saying: Wild beasts will dominate the world! Mwa ha ha ha! twitch +D (if you see a random while beast out your window, bloodyflowers1721 will not be held responcible)

Favorite anime charactar(s):Sasuke (i looooooooove him, even though he's such a jerk and leaves Sakura), Sakura, Itachi, Sesshomaru (from Inuyasha), Ikuto, Amu (from Shugo Chara!), Riiko, Night (absolute boyfriend), hm... can't think of anymore.

Loved Pairs: Sasuke/Sakura (4ever!), Hinata/Naruto, Temari/Shikamaru, Sakura/itachi, Sakura/Gaara (the only person i really don't like sakura with is naruto), Inuyasha/Kagome (obviously), Kagura/Sesshomaru (Sesshy's gotta have some love too!), Ikuto/Amu (I simply adore Ikuto, go anthro!), Riiko/Night (I was in tears when Night shut down!)

Disliked Pairs: Naruto/Sakura (wrong! so, so wrong!) Sasuke/Naruto (that's even worse!) Neji/Hinata (they isht cousins!), Tadase/Amu (no offense Tadase fans! he's okay but in my opinion, Ikuto's better), Soushi/Riiko (she needs to be with Night!)... i really have no life...

When people look at me, they usually lift an eyebrow because...well, I love to smile! Sometimes i smile in really weird times like in the middle of class or when someone's tellin me somethin that's not funny. But when i get sad, well... i don't smile. When i get mad... i don't smile then either. I try to avoid getting both sad and mad, who likes to be sad and mad? But the mad one just sorta comes naturally. (Luckily i don't get grounded from the computer! Woot!)

So that's me, I really LOVE making friends and when people read my junk. You don't have to review it but it is severely recommended. Bye bye!



One-Shot (already made)- Wittle Sakura.

Sakura has been taunted by Sasuke for everything since she was four. Her forehead, her hair, her shortitude, her smartness level. But they always say that they tease you because they like you. SasuSaku

Chaptered (already made)- Uchiha Sasuke - man or stone?

"Sasuke's so flat sometimes it's crazy!" a Haruno states. "If it's my only accomplished goal in life, I will make him do something that's not so stone-like. And I will break him of the stupid 'hn','ah', and 'tch' replies!" SasuSaku

Chaptered (already made)- When Past turns to present

Poor Riiko has had her heart torn apart and beaten and broken and everything. She loses the figure she's cared everything for and ends up going out with someone she's been friends with since childhood. He's the only person she can talk to since she hasn't any friends, and her parents are still away. So, a year later, she begins to lose interest for him. And... Night returns?! RiikoNight

One-shot (not made)- My Pussy Cat

Amuto. Obviously. Those adorable cat ears, those pretty sapphire eyes, that silky hair, that velvety tail, that mouth-watering smirk. "What?!" Amu wakes up from yet another dream of that annoying boy! To top it all off, he comes over unannounced at the worst possible time ever! Great. "I like Tadase-kun, not you!" Smirk. "Sure, keep telling yourself that."


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Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile.

(if you want to X3)

by the way, thank you for READING AND REVIEWING if you've read my stories. And if you haven't reviewed, expect it to rain within the next week. And if you like the rain, then expect to find an unpleasent-looking spider. And if you like both spiders and the rain, then...

I beg you, just read and review!

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