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Author has written 3 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

I like drawing alot, I am currently obssessing over Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Hibari-kun~) I have an account on DeviantART.

Heres my link:

You may like my art, and you may not, either way, COMMEMT :3

I am generally a nice person, a bit stubborn, but you'll love me anyway. I am factuated with DeviantART completely, if some of my friends read this (probably won't) I want to say HAI, especially to one of my best friends, Samelia, your so funny! D: And my favorite Artist of all time

I love her~ X3 I love Kingdom Hearts too (who doesn't?) Sora and Riku plz XD I also like Roxas and Axel, and Sora and Roxas...and Demyx and Zexion, and Kairi and Namine, and Luxord. That smexy brit. I dun know why I like Kingdom hearts so much, maybe it's because it's WAY more interesting than anything that goes on in the world.

OH and my favorite couples on Hitman Reborn (I'm so unorganized) Hibari and Tsuna are love l3 Yamamoto and Gokudera are probably my favorite, Dino and Hibari, even though I can't stand Hibari being the uke. Tsuna so cute X3 fish. I currently have 20 excliptic doujinshi's of them ALL. Oh shit...I just relized I'm saying my interest...dammit. Ok well moving on >>

Ok for one, I dislike Naruto, it's a ok show, but never in a million years would I EVER become a Narutard (No offense) I never watch it, or pay attention to the hundreds of trading cards, manga's, or DVD's that I pass in the store like every day. My first reason, Sakura's so damn annoying, no matter how you look at it. Second, it's too dramatic for anyones good, it'll get kids into there beds, thinking too deeply, about 'destiny' (Neji...) Third, the dub sucks. SPONGBOB IS MAH LOVE. He is so cute X3. I love Nightmare before Cristmas all too much, and Tim Burton, I want to be married to him X3. I love the show Hero's, and The Adventures of Flapjack. Um...I used to obsess over Bleach, mostly cause Grimmjow gave me fangasm. Yeah..

Nirvana, they fokkin rock. Aerosmith is my favorite EVER, long good old songs, I really love them. Green Day, but not as much anymore, I listened to there songs like a billion times, and have memorized them all. Paramore, I don't know why, just something about yellow red hair. Rihanna, probably the only pop artist I will ever like. She's so gorgeous, I get fangasm when I look at her. Rascal Flatts, I luv country X3. Poison, Nickleback. Yeah xD And I also love all japanese music, it's so great when you can't understand it D: I love it XD Asian Kung-Fu Generation, SPLAY, um..Utada Hikaru (there's another pop artist D:) And lots others. I like comedy too, like Larry the Cable Guy, and some Weird Al Yankovic (White and Nerdy~)

Twilight, OMFG my favorite book EVER! She's such a good writer, or maybe I'm just obsessed with Vampires. I love Jacob, he sounds hot, literally and figuratively. Um, Water For Elephants, I'm not done yet, but it's good so far. I love Nicholas Sparks books, there really good romances. I used to read Series of unfortunate Events, but they got old, now I just like the Movie :D I love stories on Fanfiction too, good stories, well written and stuff. My two favoritest authors are Ashinan and ASpotOfBother! Ashinan's story, 'Want Me' , completely fcking blew me away. It's like, all my favorite pairings all put into one story! And I always have something to look forward to heehee. I just read the one with YamamotoxTsuna, and I must say...OH EM GEEEE, it's sooo ot! XD They commented on my DeviantART page, and I wasn't surprised, that someone with a creative mind like that would have a DA account. Teehee I love you Ashinan!~

I think I'm done! For now... :D Please check out my link!

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