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Author has written 18 stories for Hogan's Heroes, StarTrek: The Original Series, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: 2009.

I started out on FFN as a writer of Hogan's Heroes stories. It's one of my favorite 60's shows. And since I also love a good spy story, you may find that element in some tales I pen. Lately, I've been dabbling in some fic for the new Star Trek film. It's been interesting, to say the least. I'm one of the original generation (ha!) that saw it when the series premiered (as a little kid). It's mostly day to day scenarios aboard the ship, some adventure, some espionage, what have you. You'll see some elements of TOS in these offerings (slightly different, of course, as befits a different timeline).

My stories tend to be more plot-driven than character-driven, that's just a personal preference of mine. Visual images intrigue me (as in "Memoirs of a Geisha," which I really liked to lose myself in). You might find a look into a story's plot element that was only mentioned in passing--I wonder, "What's THAT about? What's the culture like?" And so on. I also write about O/C's as part of background color; if they are a main character they are NOT a Mary Sue, so do not ask why they don't hook up, geez, with a lead! ;-) I will, on occasion, do an in-depth story on a character and what makes them tick, but it's not one I do often.

I do the odd parody (sometimes with a self insert). That is MEANT to be a parody and is always labelled as such. What you WON'T see from me is a pure angsatathon (there may be some elements here and there to move a story along, but the entire plot isn't one huge funeral dirge weepie), slash (nothing against it but it's not my cup of tea, though well-written grown-up slash is fine to read), stories written solely for a pairing (but that doesn't discount couples appearing in my work), excessively graphic hurt and comfort (if someone is injured, there'a reason for it) or a SQUEE!fest. There are many who specialize in these genres, and I defer to them. I remain true to what I want to write. If you don't like it, so be it. That's part of life.

About me, well, let's see. I am a tail end Baby Boomer--who faced down 50 recently. Yikes! I love classic TV and adore not only HH, but 12 o'Clock High, McHale's Navy, Combat!, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, any espionage (MI, Get Smart, UNCLE, etc), MASH, and all forms of Trek. TV Land and American Life are two channels I am always setting for recording great shows. But I also like all the Law and Order and CSI franchises, too. Favorite authors, in no particular order, Faulkner, Williams, Waugh, Chekhov, Thoreau, Anne Rivers Siddon, Tim Dorsey, Tom Clancy, Shakespeare, Frost and many others. I read quite a bit and visit the library on a regular basis. I also enjoy live theatre.

Background wise, I'm from Los Angeles, a native Cailfornian. Went to UCLA, got my law degree in San Francisco at Golden Gate University, and lived, studied and worked in Europe (the UK, but travelled everywhere) during the 80's. I can state that I saw the Berlin Wall come down live on the BBC news while I was grading essays in my living room, and having seen Checkpoint Charlie just a few years before, that night is one I won't soon forget. I did a great deal of traveling throughout the Eastern Bloc nations (spent not one, but two May Days in Sofia, Bulgaria) so often include that in some of my fic writing. Europe is one of my favorite places, along with Key West, the Southwest USA , San Francisco and Seattle.

I have three beautiful kitty cats who sometimes find their way into my stories. My background is education admninistration (university level). When I have free time, I write, travel, or keep active by kayaking, rollerblading, cycling, riding, whatever. Who says 50 is a death sentence? :-)

I've been writing since about the 5th grade, and have several excellent English teachers who inspired me along the way, to stay curious and never stop learning. To them, thank you. XD.

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