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Hello all of you readers who actually have enough time on their hands to read this.

I welcome you to my profile page but, mind you, I hardly ever go on this sight anymore. I'm trying to get my motivation back so I can write the rest of my stories but...well, it's pretty much been a year and I still don't feel like it...

Just a bit about me:

-I am obsessive and tend to go overboard about many things. Most of them being some sort of anime or video game.

-I don't like scary movies, and I don't think I ever will.

-I have a Pepsi addiction and I love sweets but chips are my favorite. Why you need to know that is irrelevant to anything on my page but it fills the void of nothingness, I suppose.

-Whether I'm a boy or a girl, you'll just have to figure that out.

-My friends call me Mad...or Mad-ee (maddy, maddie, madi, however you spell it)

-I'd like to thank my very good friend ItachiX (the other half to my username) for being the co-writer for Never and ForNever and Always and helping me along the way in my other stories no matter how much it bugs you that i started a new story without finishing the previous one first. I'd also like to thank my other friends and sister for supporting me by reading my stories and giving your oppinion. And to all my readers out there, thanks for sending all those reviews and making my job as a writer easier.

-My favorite colors are silver, red, orange, and black (just because it looks alright when I wear it)

-I don't really watch Anime shows anymore but I still enjoy Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, FairyTail, Pokemon, and a few other things that I seem to be forgetting at the moment.

-My favotire manga are: Fairy Tail, Pokemon Adventures, Princess Ressurrection, and Fate/Stay Night (though I haven't read that one too much, I just own a few of the volumes)

-I also like a lot of different music. I listen to different genres to get different emotions when I'm writing to really get into it. It helps.

Current obsession : Vocaloid (Yeah, that's right. Vocaloid)

Quotes from my friends and other people I might have heard them from

( Note: Most of these will be quotes from my friends and I so they will mostly be inside jokes and random crap, and the bold lettering is when people are doing things, just to let you know )

"It's better to regret sometihng you have done then to regret something you haven't done." - Billie Joe Armstrong


"If there are any objections, speak now or forever shut your trap." - My friend Ashley

"Maweg. Maweg is what bwings us togeva today." - The Princess Bride and my friend Ashley

"Dearly beloved, we be gathered here today to bond this man and this woman in holy macaronie." - My friend Ashley...again.

"Oh look! A sighn with someone looking through a telescope thing! Oh but it's orange, doesn't that mean it has sometihng to do with workers working on something on the road?" "Maybe the workers are sight seeing." - My sister and I

"Taking exams is dangerous work." looks at bleeding scratch from pencil in pocket before the exam even started - Me

"I can't cut the cake!" Natalie attempts to cut an ice cream cake with knife "Are you using a butter knife?" Ashley walks over "No." "That's a butter knife!" "No it's not!!" Natalie runs away. Ashley reads the cake " 'Haaaappy Birthday'." - Friends Natalie and Ashley.

"Hey look, i found my old volley ball." I pick it up and pretend to throw it at Sean "You won't really hit me." Hits Sean in the balls with volley ball Sean falls on ground while Natalie laughs "Ouch." - My friends Natalie, Sean, and I

"Have you gained wheight? ALOT of wheight?" - Timmy's dad on Fairly Odd Parents.

"Natalie said that she has a food baby." "Yeah, first name: Apple, last name: Pie." - Me and My friend Rochelle

"Wow, that ball is sick!" he was talking about a volly ball. "Oh, maybe we should give it some medicine." I start laughing cause i'm the only one who got Haley's joke. -My friend Stedman, my sister, and me.

Haley is dancing and singing to some music, i start laughing and try to drink some Coke Zero. "WE'RE AT THE BEACH!!" My dad yells. Coke Zero come spewing out of my nose... -My sister, my dad, and me.

"One day if you ask your mom this question she'll give you this look that says 'i'm slightly amused by your question but it's really stupid'. I bet you've seen it before." "I dont hink we have. I think that look was reserved for you." Haley said. "Ouch. Burn." I laughed. - My dad, my sister, and me.

"I'm so peaches and cream right now!" - my sister

"Black is emo, white is gay. Learn it, live it, love it!" - my sister

"I think i'll be gay." - my sister

"OH MY GOD!" - my sister

"I'm peachy keen!" - my sister (this is getting old...)

"Oh my God! Look at this, i got the lightning bolt egg-OH MY GOD!!" - my sister (she was playing a game on Neopets. HA!)

"Are you, like, jotting down everying i say?" - my sister (that's how i got all those funny things she said XD)

"Hey Mr. Dress-up!" My friend Michaela says to our science teacher. -My friend Michaela.

"I need help...lots and lots of help." -Me

"One day, the big teenage hangout spot is going to be the counceler's office." -Me

"Some people say that 'The Vampire's Assistant' is the boy version of Twilight, WELL I STRONGLY DISAGREE!! The vampires are different, they don't sparkle in the sun, there's more than just vampires, it has a plot, and it's WAY better than Twilight. That's what i think!" -Me ranting.

"Mad Dog's (me) the vampire of the family," My dad says. "Vampire," points at me "Wearwolf." points at my sister "Fruit bat." My uncle says pointing at my dad and laughs "A-hole." My dad says pointing at my uncle and now my sister and i are laughing

"Damn you cream puff!" My uncle yells at a cream puff.

"I Dudits!" - my friends and i after watching Dream Catcher.

Someone burps "ASS BABY!" My friends and i yell. (inside joke after watching Dream Catcher.)

"I only dropped you on the head a couple of times." -My uncle talking to me.

"YOU!!" -Me spazing out on my uncle.

"A teenager beating a six year old on Wii, that's nice of you, Mad." -My uncle talking to me.

"I WON!! IN YOUR FACE!!" -Me gloating after beating my uncle at Wii Tennis. (Don't you think my uncle and i get along really well? XD)

"I love it when the words 'spontanious' and 'combust' are in the same sentence! Like: Her head spontaniously combusted!" -Me

"Don't drink alcohol while doing crack. Alcohol is a low and crack is a high, if you have both, you will die." -A guy in my english class. (not saying his name since i'm not very close to him)

"I was penguin hunting." -my friend Ashley waking up from a dream.

"You know, you'll have to go to japan and go to school there to even have a slight chance at becoming a manga artist and even then, they don't like having Canadian or American manga artists, blah blah blah blah..." Says some random woman i met in chapters as my mom had just finished saying that i wanted to be a manga artist. 'Ha ha, you son of a bitch...' I'm thinking while faking a smile and nodding.

Fav. Naruto Characters!



The 4th Hokage








Naruto Characters I HATE!!

SASUKE!!( He kills Deidara...)

sakura( She kills Sasori...)

Fav. Fairy Tail Characters






Fav. Pokemon Manga Special Characters



Bill (nerds are the shit)

Koga (i like ninjas)





Fav. The World Ends With You characters

Sho Minamimoto

Koki Kariya

Daisukenojo Bito (Beat)

Yoshiya Kiryu (Joshua)

Neku Sakuraba (sorry if i'm spelling any of these names wrong...)

Fav. Pokemon

Cyndaquil, Smeargle, Tyrogue, Hitmonlee, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Gyarados, Darkrai, Charizard, Weavile, Vaporeon, Magby, Magmar, Beedrill, Kabutops, Sandslash, Lugia.

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