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Announcements from the Captain


-- Updates from February 1: Entombed in a Glass Bottle: Jack and Angelica have a few small memories of their past and hook up with Barbossa at last and Queen Anne's Revenge gets the fate she deserves.

-- Updates from July 28: Tragic Happiness: Barbossa and Jack have a needed talk about the future and Angelica runs into a small dilemma.

--Updates from July 27: Teaching Sunlight; Training Moonlight: rules are broken by Hiccup and the Elder.

--Updates from July 9: FINALLY-James Pleiades Silver: Silver and Jim have a talk about the past and share a true father and son moment.

--Updates from May 10: Bedtime Story: i've decided to make this a multiple story tale. it's getting longer than i thought it was going to be so i'm breaking it up. as i thought of it, those young children aren't going to be awake for that long. the next part will be entitled Bedtime Story: And then What Happens?. it should be up soon enough now that my distraction has gone back to school.

--Beyond the Horizon is going through a major change right now. the story is about 500 pages in Word so i've decided to break it down into a four part series. i'm going through the story from the beginning and adding characters and rewriting a few things, but the story is going to be the exact same. there will be updates off and on for a while as i finish them and my other stories.

--Beyond the Horizon: His Son's Realization Part Two of the Beyond the Horizon Series. i have added more to a total of 10 chapters into the world of Wills Turner!

Here’s a bit about the good TurtleHeart…

--to begin with my real name means "sea circle", which i rather find amusing. (but don't go and try to hunt me down or stalk me)

-- i work in shop that sells pirate and nautical trinkets while wearing my pirate costume. best job ever!

--Well, i finally did it. I counted all the pirate merchandise and items i have collected over the years. I call it a passion rather than an obsession as all of you will most likey say it is. How can it be and obsession when you've been at it all your life. Hate me even more, pity me for my ridiculousness or simply shake your head. Here it is... (and this list is lengthy so i won't take offense if you don't read it and i have added more since)

Pirates of the Caribbean Alone

58 calendar pictures torn and stuck up on my wall

54 random pictures from magazines to balloons to printed out myself

29 fanfiction stories - 13 in the works on my computer - 11 complete online - 5 in progress online

26 books including - 3 movie novelizations - 3 story picture books - the Pirate's Code - all 13 Jack Sparrow series books - all 4 Legends of the Brethren Court series - Bring Me the Horizon: the Making of Pirates of the Caribbean - PotC: The Secret Files of the East India Trading Company

25 folders-7 on my walls

10 posters (one being the teaser poster for PotC 4 i printed out)

8 action figures

8 shirts/sweatshirts including the new one for PotC: OST that reads "Jack Sparrow At Your Service" and "S is for Sparrow"

5 CD's - all 3 movie soundracks - the unreleased and remixed PotC music - Ultimate Swashbuckling Pirate Songs

4 games - Liar's Dice - Scene It? (Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his jar of dirt!-those that don't know i lost the game because of that) -Scrabble - hand held 3 Pirates of the Caribbean Movies (plus 2 more bonus DVD's) - ticket stubs - notebooks - binders - bracelets - stenciled images i painted onto my border

3 pillows

2 blankets -puzzles - Valentine's boxes (14 of them on my wall) - backpacks- pencils/pens - necklaces- clocks- drawings - packs of washable tattoos - fruit snack wrappers - book covers - ornaments -key chains

1 wallet- pair of Jack Sparrow socks - bag - shot glass - flag (Captain Jack Sparrow's colors) - car antenna thing- magazine - cut up cereal box - pin - bookmark - the key from PotC 2 - card deck - cup/straw - Mickey Mouse - and 1 countdown to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Jack Sparrow mug - Davy Jones bobble head - jacket

Total Pirates of the Caribbean items:


Now, onto normal pirate things

12 books -Treasure Island - Peter Pan - A General History of the Pyrates (the holy Bible of pirates) - Under the Black Flag - Pirateology - Handbook of 50 Pirates - Mammoth Book of Pirates - The Pirate's Pocket Book - Pirates: Scourge of the Seas - Pillaging the Empire - The World Atlas of Pirates - Pirates!

10 stencils i painted on my border

5 signs - treasures chests (one of them my father and i built from wood and it holds all my books)

4 folders - maps - Build a Bears with pirate outfits

3 flags

2 hats - shirts - mugs - pairs of earings - belts - belt buckles bracelets

1 Mickey Mouse ears - ball - coat (authentic pirate coat i got at the Renaissance Festival in MN) - sword (short dagger and metal, not plastic) - bottle, JUST bottle (with food coloring to make it look real) of some Captain Morgan - magnet - water bottle - table cover - wristband from the Pirate's of Nassau museum we went to while in the Caribbean - book mark - binking red skull - pair of shoes - honest attempt and hopeful published book (i'm writing a children's series of pirate books)

Movies - Hook - Disney Peter Pan - Universal Studios Peter Pan (2003 version) - Muppet Treasure Island - Treasure Planet

Music - Hook Soundtrack - Peter Pan (2003) soundtrack - Treasure Planet soundtrack - Pirates of Pennzance (musical) - The Pirate Queen (musical) - Fly Away (Never Neverland) by Scott Alan - 3 Disney Peter Pan songs


5 drawings

2 skull bandanas

1 future tattoo design

Total General Pirate Items


All in all and total pirate things i own


(this does not count the numerous files dedicated to piracy on my computer or the number of pirate dreams i've had in my life)

So, there it is! You have just been taken into my crazy pirate world. This is not an obsession. Obsessions stop at like 100 right? I think with 380 and some things that probably didnt make the list, this is what you call your genuine, authentic pirate passion. Now, how many of you think i'm even crazier than you thought?

oh and for the record "PYRATE!"

--my favorite pirate of all time is Anne Bonny. Obvious reasons. Followed closely by Calico Jack Rackam and then Blackbeard.

--i have an addiction to the taste of coffee rather than the caffeine

--after lessons from my best friend, i'm drawing people better than i was and plan on drawing out a few scenes from my stories

--finally own my own guitar and absolutely love it but still kinda suck

-- a proud graduate of High School and glad it's over forever

-- well, i'm looking into how to get a few short stories of mine published as well as hopefully locating a publisher who is willing to publish a possible children's series. i have he desire to become an author for a career while finding an agent then going to casting calls to begin my career as a professional film actress... what can I say other than I love acting (I know how difficult acting as a career can be but if you truly want something bad enough you’ll fight for it and that’s what I intend to do) and I know it’s the one thing I want to do in my life. like Silver tells Jim in Treasure Planet "you've got to take the helm and chart your own course and stick to it no matter the squalls"

--i also am planing on becoming a writer when not acting

-- i’ve done Show Choir (it’s like musical theater only made into a show with about forty people and we compete against other schools) for six years including last year

-- okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a theater junkie and will take on all and any acting opportunities because I have an obsession with the stage and performing

-- i have a big black Newfoundland named Henry. leaving him home makes me cry. (if you don’t know what they are just Google them because they are adorable dogs)

-- the color on my bedroom walls once hardly existed. No need to mention what covered the blue do I? Since I’m on that subject, two pirate flags (Jack Rackham and Captain Jack Sparrow) were my curtains and a generic flag hung from my bed and another on my wall. Oh, and the wood on my door is was nearly nonexistent. now i just have all my framed posters and two of my flags. the joys of moving to a smaller room in an appartment.

--i wrote a children's book about two ten year old twins who try to find the pefect place for a pirate cuz they want to be pirates. They sail to all seven continents not finding the perfect place and in the end they learn that the perfect place is found by following your heart. it's a really cute story that i'm having friends read cuz i hope to get it published someday soon. it's dedicated to my nearly two year old cousin.

-- i’m attempting to write children's series of books and it’s not as simple as it may seem. The story is of an adopted nobleman, Aidan, who is the son of the most notorious and wanted pirate on the sea (Captain Turtleheart). Years before, Turtleheart found a stone of Posiedon and Triton. The stone breaks into to halves. While he keeps one, he sends the other to his son. This so called seastone, has the power to control the sea when the stone is as one. Together, the two sail the world with all there adventures. Unknown to them, another is in search of the stone and will do all in his power to retrieve it for his own doing. In each land they stop in, Aidan collectes and item of some sort. By the end, the stone's power is revealed with Aidan's sacrifice and the two become of the sea. Yeah, it'll be better than it sounds. It's difficult to describe.

--i'm attempting to write another novel. Ok so here's the idea. There is a loophole in the Bermuda Triangle, which "Calico" Jack Rackham stumbles upon one day. He then finds a brother and sister who know everythiung about pirates. They are taken to 1716 to help Jack. The basic idea is to write a story around the timeline of Jack Rackham's life, the sister is Anne Bonny. Essentially, these two rewrite history, thus Jack Rackham and Anny Bonny. However, the siblings need to bring Jack back to the 21 century where he must recieve proper, modern day medical care (he doesnt hang like the true Jack Rackham did). In the end, the sister and Jack return to the 18 century where the live together until death and back in this day and age, the sister is declared dead. Here's a little snipit i thought of:

A second is a second. An hour is an hour. A day is a day. A month is a month. A year is a year. A life is a life. There is only one reason time was invented. Ye and I are part of that reason. We live simultaneously. Ye didn’t realize it did ye? Ye live nearly three centuries after me, yet here I am, alive and here ye are three hundred years into the past with me. But that can't happen can it? However, it always has been. The only reason time was invented was so everything didn’t happen at once.

So yeah, that's a work in progress. Slowly but surely.

-- i love musicals and have sadly only seen three on stage: Jersey Boys, Xanadu, and Wicked, but, through film, i've seen RENT, Moulin Rogue, Sound of Music, Across the Universe, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and Mamma Mia!.

-- i have a treasure chest (literal treasure chest my dad and I built from wood boards and plans off of online) full of pirate books because I admit I have a passion for the world of pirates

-- one of my worst pet peeves is not saying the Captain to Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s bad enough that I’ll apologize if I don’t say Captain Jack Sparrow (the only quirky thing about me I’ll openly admit because I’m proud of it)

-- i love all genres of music because music is nearly as part of my life as being on stage and performing

--i am not a fantasy person per se, but i have this weird thing for gothic fairies and celtic dragons.

Favorite Movies

-- Pirates of the Caribbean of course

-- The Avengers - back stories of all six included (i may only have a SERIOUS Loki-session :D and small obsession for Tony Stark)

-- Treasure Planet

--How to Train Your Dragon

-- anything with Orli or Johnny I have to proudly admit because the two of them are amazing and talented actors and their films are just as excellent

-- any make of Peter Pan or Treasure Island

--Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It's everything his style is and Johnny, ah..., such talented actor.

-- classic Disney animations because it’s a simple pleasure of childhood that can be brought back (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, ect. you know, the original classics)

-- any Ridley Scott production because he creates the most astonishing and accurate historical retellings

-- Princess Bride (don’t give me crap about it because I don’t even know why I like it, but I do and I’m proud of it so there)

-- although I am a female I’ve never been one for chick-flicks, and I doubt I ever will be, and tend to lean toward the military movies

-- and more I’ll think to add eventually

Favorite Books

--On Stranger Tides (the book Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is loosely based off of)

-- Jack Sparrow series (I own all 12 of them including the Tale of Billy Turner)

-- Legends of the Brethren Court (again, all of them)

--How to Train Your Dragon Series (all currently available for purchase)

--Treasure Island

--Aubrey/Maturin Series (i got all 21 for this past christmas)

-- Peter Pan

-- i’m a sucker for Shakespeare

-- i’ll read anything by Edgar Allan Poe because he is my favorite author of all time

-- A String of Pearls (Sweeney Todd for those of you who dont know)

--i swear i own every nonfiction pirate book out there as well

-- and more I’ll add when I think of it

About the Tales that Have Been Shared :


Pirates of the Caribbean

A Simple Gift

-- It picks up right on the Flying Dutchman before the heart is stabbed. In this version, both Jack and Will are stabbed and sure to die. Because Jack is a good man and won’t be able to live with Will’s death, he helps Will stab the heart knowing his life is forfeit. As he always wanted, he dies in his father’s arms knowing his father loved him with Elizabeth, Barbossa, and Mr. Gibbs beside him. In the end, Will embraces the simple gift Jack gave to him by giving Jack a gift in return. My favorite one I’ve written yet.


-- I know this is a long story, but take my word for it when I say this is a really good story about the Turners. It begins with the Royal Navy coming for the Dead Man’s Chest. Will has no choice but to serve Harrison Beckett, Cutler’s younger brother. He eventually is replaced by Harrison. With the help of Calypso, the Black Pearl brings Will’s soul back to his body and he is free to live. Unfortunately, just when life has come back to him, he trades his soul for his son’s on the Flying Dutchman. One week later, Will is rescued in time for him to die near his father. Because of her love and the unfairness of it, Calypso grants Will life back, but it is up to his family and friends (along with a little help from her Godly magic in a few bottles) to see to it that he can heal through and indescribably painful recovery. While in Shipwreck Cove as he is healing, everything goes wrong. Wills is blamed for his father’s condition and exiled from him. Being a teenager, he truly thinks it was his fault and nearly kills himself on many occasions. Caught up in her love for Will, Elizabeth doesn’t realize how much pain she causes everyone around her, especially Wills. Will eventually wakes and learns what happened to his son. All the while Jack and Edward Teague finally slowly learn to become father and son. With a heart back inside of him, Will doesn’t remember how to control emotion and leads to his son’s suicide. Again, Calypso has plans for Wills and so she allows him to live. Once he and his father are back together, Elizabeth is caught up and wounded in the mess. Finally, as the Pirate Lords arrive for the critical meeting, everything is well until the night it is realized the most important medicine given to him by Calypso is used. The Court meeting goes on and it is learned Harrison is on the way. Once again, there is a battle and three fight for the Dead Man’s Chest for a purpose of their own. I’m not saying who, but one of the Turners is murdered in the battle and given the chance to have a few more years of life before his/her time to serve the debt owed on the Flying Dutchman by a new Captain. The story is really good and I really would like more people to read it. When i'm caught up a bit more on the rest of my stories i'm most likely going to rewrite it a bit and make it modern with my characters.

Bedtime Story

-- An alternate ending to At World's End that begins an adventure and journey far more perilous and heartbreaking than what our favorite characters went through. Edward Teague becomes captain off the Flying Dutchman by his own hand to save Jack's life. During the battle Jack, Will, and Elizabeth sustain injuries that change them for the rest of their lives. Jack is the central focus of the story and everything feeds off of him. Jack Sparrow becomes Jack Teague with a head injury that leads him to amnesia. Will's front torso is cut apart and leaves the scar he was destined to have, not to mention he still lives what he was destined to become only on land by part of everything he's going back into. Elizabeth's head injury leads her into slipping into a coma. It's up to Will to bring Jack Sparrow back. Along the way, old and new characters come into play and Will's past is relieved at last in full detail as he struggles to become who he was never meant to be and adapting to the life he never wanted while just trying to live with what's happened to him.

--Part One: Tell Us a Story

ten years after Eward Teague is made captain of the Dutchman on his one day, Will is demanded to tell a bedtime story for the children before he goes to sleep. It at that time he decides everyone is old enough to finally hear the story that began everything. By means of the battle, Will, Jack, and Elizabeth are wounded. Jack and Will find themselves becoming very close like brothers. We learn a side of one Hector Barbossa and his compassion and love for Jack. There is plenty of Jack's amnesia that will cause laughter and tears. Everyone has decided to return to London to give the three companions the medical help all of them need. Along the way, Alexander Seastone, Will's uncle, runs into them and saves his life. Will spends the next month in and out of consciousness because of his severe injury with Jack trying to figure out who he is. By means of Edward Teague, Bill is allowed to stay with his son until he is well enough to live. After he leaves, Will learns a terrible truth about his uncle and his past while beginning to realize Jack lost more than just his memory. Jack lost himself. They story ends with Will and Jack wondering if they can love each other.

--Part Two: And then What Happens?

This picks up right when Jack and Will are having strong feelings for each other. They do test the waters of love. This is and isn't a Jack/Will pairing. They are together for a while then realize it's not right. The two of them loving each other adds more story to the deterioration of their minds. This goes on through Will arriving home and to what he left behind. Everything worsens when he's home because the entire family grew up and years too long away from each other was...too long. Will is severely injured and loses his mind. Jack joins the Royal Navy and becomes possessive over Will. Alexander becomes who he was supposed to be. Bill Turner comes back. Elizabeth wakes at last. An influenza epidemic hits London a finds its way to Seastone Manor. Anamaria and Lily show up in the middle of it. In the end, a dark truth is discovered and a risky procedure is done to save the entire family from ruin. This right here is going to be the most messed up story i've written yet. Slight Jack/Will pairing (temporarily). New characters. Torture and misery. Welcome to Will's past and future. It'll be good though; that i can promise.

Better Tomorrow

-- Will’s been granted his freedom on the cost of his son’s life. After becoming free and his father agreeing to replace him, Will watches as Wills struggles to keep his life and eventually dies from tuberculosis. The story is told through a series of letters Will writes to his father with pieces of the present time in between. Probably a sure for tears.

Beyond the Horizon

-- Okay, I know this is the size of a novel and about halfway done, but centuries of years is going to take a long time. This picks up right after Will becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman. It’s not all that easy to describe but the best I can tell you is that it is Will’s story of his years as captain with everything that is wonderful and everything that goes wrong with himself, his relationship with his son, Elizabeth, Bill, his crew, Jack, and the world around him. It is Will’s entire service as captain of the Flying Dutchman. Here’s a spoiler, I’ve already written the epilogue and it is you typical happily ever after, but it’s the happily ever after you’ll never think Will is going to get. Sometimes you’ll laugh, other times you’ll cry. Parts are bright and others are dark. It probably isn’t what you’ll expect but, hey, it’s just my idea of what it would be like. Please, please, please read and review this. I like to know my effort to finish this isn’t just going to waste. I promise you won’t be wasting your time. It’s like a book you can curl up with on a rainy day. Again, please try to make the effort to read this. I really would appreciate it. NOTE: changing it up a bit to make it much more better as i stated under my announcements!

--Part One: A Decade to Wait

This is what is it: the first decade after Will is made captain of the Flying Dutchman. It mostly focuses on him and his adaptations to being captain and all that is required while being so far away from his family and friends. He finds friends on the ship and runs into his long past uncle. In part one, we learn who Will and Bill Turner once were in their lives as well as what makes Jack Sparrow, Jack Sparrow. We are introduced to his son and Elizabeth's adaptation to being on land. There are struggles between all these people, but their struggles are not easily overcome. Part One ends following the one day upon land ten years after the Trilogy and begins the adventure of a lifetime for young Wills Turner.

--Part Two: His Son's Realization

Wills Turner is the son of Will Turner, the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. All his life he has wanted nothing more than to sail with his father an for the two of them to be together. Throughout, he slowly learns the entire story to his father's story as captain of the greatest ship to sail the seas. Desperate to be with his father, he goes out to see and nearly kills himself to be with him. While sailing togther for a few weeks, Wills learns more than he wanted to know, but needed to know. After the second one day, Wills begins realizing things about his relationship with his father and the sea. We also watch Wills grow from and eleven year old boy to a grown man of twenty nine. Married and with two children, Wills has to choose between his own life, which means moving on from everyone and everything of the past including his father or the life with his father and always being together like he has always wanted.

Breathing Waves

--I found the isnpiration for this story after I was browsing wallpapers for my laptop. The story just evolved. Jack, age sixteen, is laying on the beach after attempting to sail to Shipwreck Cove after getting caught in a hurricane. The imagery he uses is vivid, the reoccurring being the meaning of waves. Since he is dying, the world is more exaggerated than it is and things are unclear. Thinking he is going to die, he feels himself flying through the air only to discover it was his father who saved him. Once he is safe in his room in Shipwreck Cove, Edward Teague recalls his story of how he found Jack with the same vivid imagery and the appearance of the other captain of the ship alongside Jack: one twenty two year old Bill Turner. Realizing the love for each other, Jack and Edward apologize for incidents of the past and become a family again. The story ends with one Bill looking at the clouds, seeing the image of a father playing with his son, he and his one year old Will in his eyes. A story with vivid imagery and another of Jack and Teague becoming father and son.

Christmas Wishes

-- This is just a cute little story I came up with a while ago. Will is three and he wants nothing more than his father for Christmas. Curious, he goes around his home and asks his mother, uncles, and grandfather what they want for Christmas. In the end everyone gets what he/she wanted.

Entombed in a Glass Bottle

-- Jack and Gibbs return to Shipwreck Cove to try to solve the mystery of how to resurrect the Black Pearl from it's tomb in the bottle. Like before, Jack seeks the help from the captain of the Flying Dutchman. He learns much more than he wanted to hear about the new dealings on the ocean. Blackbeard may be dead, but his weapon is not. The Sword of Cortes is now in the hands of one Hector Barbossa. Knowing he cannot do it alone, Jack, Gibbs, and Angelica join together. Unfortunately, Jack's connection with the doll may become fatal if fallen into the wrong hands and so they must seek out a way to destroy it before it destroys Jack. All the while, the Spanish have discovered there are those who drank from the Fountain of Youth and are tracking down the trio to kill the years. If they are found, it will mean death for all three. Jack and Angelica fall in love with each other all over again and learn what made them separate in the past. It takes one of them nearly dying to realize there is no future without the other.

Father and Son

-- Jack is rescued by Will and Bill and brought to Shipwreck Cove where Edward Teague is currently residing. By reason of his injuries and loss of ship, Jack has no choice but to stay there with his father. Over time, the two learn things about each other. Teague realizes it’s time to tell Jack how he truly feels about his son. Jack learns that his father has always loved him and the reason he was treated the way he was. Teague also learns more about Jack’s mind and why he is the way he is. Nearly loosing Jack finally brings the two of them together. In the end, father and son have a shaky relationship that brings them to retrieving the Black Pearl back from Barbossa to fetch immortality so they can be together for all time. However, it isn’t just Jack and Teague who end up father and son…

Love of Course

-- Ever wonder what would have happened had Will been brought back on the Flying Dutchman in Dead Man’s Chest after the Kraken attack? Here’s my take on it. He’s first used as leverage, tortured for amusement and anger relief after it’s discovered that the heart is not in the chest, frees his father because Bill’s love for him counters the service to the ship then taken to Tia Dalma by his father and healed there. He and Elizabeth have a bit of drama when she says she loves Jack more than Will only to spare him the burden of knowing she murdered a man but that is quickly solved when Bill is told and then tells Will, and finally he watches Singapore come into view on the way to rescue Jack with Elizabeth as his wife and his father at his side.

Love Story

--Set a year following AWE, Jack Sparrow is now immortal and accepting that it is time to change in the world. After he finds Joshamee Gibbs on Tortuga, the two of them travel to Charles Town, Carolina where Anamaria is earning a living working in a tavern while raising her daughter. Jack struggles between the issues of his past and the color of his skin. He willingly takes away his freedom by working alongside Anamaria and his daughter who he is in love with. When Jack's father arrives unexpectedly, Anamaria learns of a horrible event that causes her to understand Jack more than she ever did before. Because he seems off, Jack is given a day from work to rest and he does so at the beach where he finds his daughter having followed him. He spends the day and most of the night playing with her before returning her home where Anamaria and Edward Teague are panicking from her disappearance. Knowing it was his son who was with her, Edward hunts Jack down where Jack learns something about his father. Edward arranges Jack and Anamaria to attend a summer ball with close friends of his. Anamaria, for the first time in her life, is treated like a princess and that night, she realizes she loves Jack. Jack and Anamaria, now engaged to be married, return home where Jack can finally tell his daughter that he is her father. Jack and Anamaria marry a few months later and sail off into the sunset as a family.

Pirate Lord

-- Okay, this is an idea that has stuck with every story I’m newly writing because I love it so much. After being arrested by Beckett in Dead Man’s Chest, Will is condemned to death but saved by his grandfather, Richard Seastone, and uncle, Alexander Seastone. There, the world learns he is really William Seastone, a Lord of England by birth and thought to be dead after running away when he was nine due to his mother’s death and his sister Lily’s supposed death when actually, Lily survived and trails her brother everywhere around Port Royal. In this story we learn a huge piece of Will’s past and a bit of the reason why he is the way he is. There is the wedding between Will and Elizabeth, which was close to not occurring after Will’s sudden pneumonia. Doing the right thing, Will decides to return home, but along the way runs into the one and one Captain Jack Sparrow. After being told his father is alive and will be taken to him if he helps Jack find the key, Will goes with Jack, while Elizabeth and Alexander intend to wait in Tortuga for him and Jack to meet them there. Richard waits for months at his home in London for any of his family to return. In the end, only two completely return, as the third has only one piece return in the Dead Man’s Chest.

--There is a sequel in the process of being written.

Sand and Soul

-- Another random idea I got bored one day. After a shore leave to fetch a few humanly reminders on land, a bit of sand managed to cover the deck of the Flying Dutchman. Without realizing it, Will steps on the sand for days with no harm done to him or his crew. Needing an explanation, Calypso takes him to a place in the Locker where his and the rest of the crew’s souls reside. Because he now knows the truth, he may step on land when he so chooses, while his soul will call him back to continue his duty to the ship.


-- Well, without giving away too much, Will has been quite the rebellious sixteen year old. When he is taken sailing after he and his father get into an arguement, his mind is not all there, for his father's words hurt him deeply. Upon sailing through a storm, Will seeks an opportunity to make his father proud and accepts: securing the mainsail. When a rouge wave hits the ship, he falls and severly injures himself resulting in him nearly dying. But once he his awake at home, Bill Turner tries to get inside his head by explaining the stories to his many scars he got when he was Will's age. In the end, because his rebelling has changed his image to the world, Will has to make a choice between attending the Naval Academy or attending a strict school that has often been described as prison.

Silent Watcher

-- Three months after lifting the Aztec Curse, Will feels more and more like he killed his father and yearns for his father. A man known as Liam Teague in the town of Port Royal is finally realized to be no other than Bill Turner himself, who was on the island long before his Will got there. He never found the courage to go to Will until one James Norrington helps bring Will and Bill together. As the two Turner and Elizabeth thrive, he soon simply silently watches them until he leaves Port Royal for good with nothing more than to wander the sea knowing he wasn’t needed there anymore.

Tragic Happiness

-- Alternate ending to On Stranger Tides. Jack and Blackbeard are poisoned with the blade of toad innards. It is Angelica's choice to save one of them, as both cannot be saved. Both men have hurt her and caused suffering, yet both have given her the happiness she always so desired. Her heart always belonging to Jack and Jack always giving her happiness, she sacrifices her father's years for Jack. After waking on Queen Anne's Revenge, Jack speaks with Barbossa about what is to come of them now. Barbossa then tells Jack to speak with Angelica. Jack manages to comfort Angelica and the two of them continue where they left off years ago.

How to Train Your Dragon

Teaching Sunlight; Training Moonlight

--One month after the battle, Hiccup finds himself Dragon Master. He is to train all Berk how to handle dragons and teach them all they need to know about the magnificent creatures. With his new status, he finds he needs to change who he was, "a talking fishbone", and become "one of them". By night, both before sunrise and after, he puts himself through "torture sessions" otherwise known as workouts and excersises. In the beginning he pushes himself harder than he should have, but it all pays off. Everyone, especially his father, sees he's becoming more muscular and a man rather than the child he was. They want to be with him more and more. He pushes himself to the brink of exhaustion twice a day. No one suspects anything since he's always with Toothless teaching or at the smithy working. Once winter hits and he finds he's addicted to the results of his "tortue sessions" even in the freezing cold night, he falls ill with a wicked fever. Still, he continues to teach and train until he collapses of exhaustion and delirium at night, and, unfortunately, breaks a few bones with the fall. Toothless, who never liked that he was the only one who knew about more than he disliked what his boy was doing to himself, rushes to Stoick. After a few days of rest and eating, Hiccup explains he did it because he wanted to be more Viking like his father and the village always wanted. Stoick tells him something about Vikings that Hiccup should have seen before. In the end, because of his broken bones, wherever he travels he must travel on the back of Toothless and the Night Fury definately does not allow him to put himself through anymore "torture sessoins".

Treasure Planet

James Pleiades Silver

-- Jim was caught by Scroop on the Legacy and brought back injured to Treasure Planet. Since he is the only one who can open the map, Silver heals him up and once again lies to save his life. Besides being beaten, Jims broken left arm by Scroop poses as Silver's reason for his "soft spot" increase. Ironically, after Scroop pushes Jim through the portal, Jim discovers the booby trap, which everyone avoids saving Treasure Planet. When all plans of Jim, B.E.N, Morph, and Silver taking Flint's ship and leaving the rest of the pirates are spoiled by Scroop, Silver must rush a dying Jim Hawkins to Montressor Space Port. After, he tells Sarah everything and they wait for him to wake. The catch? Jim's entire left arm was removed and replaced with mechanical parts as well as a silver placed in his injured head. Soon after Jim wakes, Silver is arrested for piracy in his hospital room and we learn Amelia and Delbert have returned. On the brink of death, Jim finds his mentor back and debted to his mother until he repays her. While getting used to his new arm and construction on the inn going through, Jim and Silver get a little time together while at Delbert's home until, one night, Jim disappars. The following morning of his kidnapping, Sarah discovers a note left by his father, Leland Hawkins, that it was he who took Jim for his own monetary uses. Silver sets out on a search to find Jim and Jim is at the mercy of his unloving, cruel father that wants nothing from him but to show him the way to the undestroyed Treasure Planet with the second map. His only reason for hanging on is Morph, who was in his pocket when he was taken. Everyone meets back up on Treasure Planet for a final showdown and Jim does something he never thought he would do before collapsing. Back on Montressor, Jim wakes with amnesia. The map brings his memory and John Silver back. In the end, Silver adopts Jim and is engaged to be married to Sarah. But, one night, Jim is listening to the tale of Treasure Planet and falls asleep in his father's arms.

Contacting the good Captain

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