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What is it you really want to know? Anyone who is interested, really interested, can always just contact me and ask, if you dare!

Wow, life is just strange, isn't it? In case some of you are wondering what the hell happened to me, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. Between a dead power cord to my laptop, catching pneumonia and being dragged to Miami for very important reasons?...the rest seems almost boring.

I'm a lot of things, with being bored out of my ever loving mind usually at the top of the list. I study history, mathematics, linguistics, physics, and social science, but I have a degree in things that can kill you with electricity and I've been trained on how to dispose of someone with a pencil. That being said, I'm also one of the most insanely sweet people on the face of the planet, at least until someone steps on me. I will keep the details mum, since it will give everyone the benefit of plausible deniability, and I get to maintain my freedom.

I love anime, but I have a penchant for really bizarre people, far off places, and shiny objects. I'm currently in college, and I'm working on a dual major, in mathematics and economics.

I also welcome anyone to come over and friend me on LJ is more than welcome to do so. Be warned, I'm very much of an extrovert and my musings tend to be extremely bizarre.


Seriously, are you still reading this? Okay, I'll spill a little bit of what I've got planned inside this insane little head of mine. Remember when I said that I had fifteen chapters planned for Aduro: Odi et Amo? Well, I lied.

I honestly have no idea how many chapters this will be,only that my goal is to have it finished by this year. I've had a lot of confusing things going on with my life, including but not limited to world domination and massive explosions a la Michael Bay...okay, so that last part is a lie. But would that be awesome? Just shit blowing up, all over the place, yet in a cool, holy shit, it's got to be the Fourth of July kinda way.

So...you might be wondering...what the hey...wasn't that story...and I will be like...'Yeah, but I decided to confuse everyone and do this..." sooo...

No worries, I haven't given up on writing or ever updating...it's just that I'm insanely busy, and I have very few individuals who I can bounce ideas off of...so I'm left with crazy amounts of indecision when it comes to what to do next! Plus, I will read over some of the past chapters and I tell myself, "Wow, there are so many mistakes...I should really stop writing this stuff under the influence of vodka..." and I end up poking my friends on Facebook instead and playing video games instead of correcting any of it, and text messaging all my friends as to what to do on an idle Tuesday seems to take precedence time and time again. Also, it's a lot more fun to act out the stuff in my head irl than it is to write it...although I bet some of you are wondering about THAT now...

So if anyone want to bug the living day lights out of me, by all means. Looking for a new nemesis? I'm currently unemployed in the villains underground league of evil due to the slow economy and I'm more than willing to send my resume, which may or may not just be some macaroni glued to construction paper.

One night, after too many chocolate martinis, I came up with a Mello-centric fic idea I like to call Aut viam inveniam aut faciam which simply means, "I shall either find a way, or make one", and yes...it's a MelloxMatt story.

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