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Author has written 4 stories for Prétear, D N Angel, and Anime X-overs.

Updates: I apologize if you have been directed here from the fifth chapter of my DN Angel fic, but as of right now, I no longer have the updates featured on my profile. This doesn't really work unless it's the summer, and seeing as I have started school, I can no longer withhold this position of commitment. Sorry!

About Me: (Like you care...)

Name: Kira

Age: 17


Short black hair, red inserts. (Yeah, I died it plain black since I was getting sick of the blue, and I wear black and red more than I do black and blue.)

Blue Eyes

Likes: Peach ramune, loyalty, metal (the music xD), yaoi, strawberry pocky, and ninjas

Dislikes: Interruptions, backstabbers, fakey pop singers (with a burning passion), and custody laws

Hobbies: Writing (nahw, REALLY?), drawing, reading/watching anime, ranting on and on and on and on about things nobody cares about

Occupation: Erm...?

I tend to lean toward the pessemistic side, and I apologize in advance if I leave a particularly nasty comment on your fic. It just annoys the hell out of me when people are like, "i am a wrtr. i wrt on fnfctn evn tho i cnt tipe. i spl wrds rng evn wen i dnt hav to jst 2 prv tht i is kool an i cn typ lik ppl txt." I will be mean to the illiterates of FanFiction. I have also been known to spaz when I read a fic that I really like, so be prepared. Some say I'm annoying, and I have mood swings, but you know what? Too. Bad. HA!

I know that some of my fics are kinda... well... dark-ish, but that's just how I roll. I will not try to be funny because if I do, I will probably have a crowd of ebl humor-fairies after me, making fun of me for stupid humor. And then the unicorns will come. -shivers-...

Any other bio? Hm, let me think. I... er... well... -thinks for an hour and a half- I like music... and... well... I'm obsessed with anime and Japan in general... and I HATE THE STUPID UKE-TYPE CHARACTERS! They act all innocent-like, but seriously. They aren't. Any guy who lets another guy shove his... okay, just seriously. I like it when there are equally-dominant pairings like HPxDM... SatoxDai are the only exception to my I hate ukes rule. I mean, I still hate Dai and stuff, but he's the only one for Sato, who I love. And I want those that I love to be happy. (Shit, I sound like Edward Cullen. I hate him too. -shields self from ebl fangirls-)

Quotes: "Madness is a nuisance, and no one is immune. Your sister, mum, or daughter may become a raving-" --Emilie Autumn, Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches. If you haven't heard it, it's AMAZING. xD

"A guy who is "attacked" by another guy while already sitting on a guy." --Crazy for You (Yaoi Manga)

"'Make love not war.' Or get married and have both!" --Bathroom Wall


Mom: Kira! Have you done your homework?

Kira: Not yet. I'm on FanFiction.

Mom: Kira! Did you call your father back?

Kira: No. I'm on FanFiction.

Mom: Kira! Want to go see a movie?

Kira: I'm on FanFiction.

Mom: Kira! Why did you fail Science?

Kira: ...shh! I'm on FanFiction!

Mom: Kira! Aren't you going to be late for school?

Kira: Yeah. But I'm on FanFiction.

Mom: KIRA! You're friends have been calling you for days!

Kira: Who cares? All of my real friends are on FanFiction.


Kira: I've been busy on FanFiction.

Mom: Kira!! Have you left the house in the past month??

Kira: Erm... I was on FanFiction.

Music. Is. Amazing.

For me, one of the most important aspects of writing is the music behind it. This is basically a list of bands that I usually listen to... well not all of them but my favorites. Kay? I apologize if you like that cRap or Pop or anything equivalent to.


All Time Low

American Hi-Fi



Avenged Sevenfold

Book Of Love

Bowling for Soup

Bullet for My Valentine


Cobra Starship

Daft Punk

E Nomine

Emilie Autumn

Escape the Fate


Green Day

Hot Hot Heat

Kill Hannah


Linkin Park

My Chemical Romance

Natalie Merchant





Story of the Year



Tokio HOtel

The Used


We the Kings


Within Temptation


Wow, that didn't take up any of my profile... xDD

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