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Insanity… well that’s just a funny word for brilliance

So it used to be MARIE-ANTOINETTE but new screen name so that’s how you should know me- I wrote frantic, Caribbean house guest- if that jog your memory, I don’t know what will

And here I am on Fan Fiction - cause fanlib kicked all of its hundreds to maybe even thousands of members out (jerks) but I think you guys are being remarkable accommodation, well done.

If any of you are from fanlib- e-mail me please!

Just a short over view….

My name is Annabelle Marx

I usually go by Annie or Belle though, take you pick, both are equally liked. I hate the movie Annie, I just like the name so that’s were that nickname came about.

I have one brother, I’m treated like the baby in my group of friends because most of my friends are male and older then me. I get treated like the younger sister, teased a lot, but they often end a tease with “love you Annie.” So we know things are still "cool".

And though I’m borderline only girl, I’m still ever so girly and I crave anything with good flow and femineity.

British blooded, not blue blooded (sadly, but I’m sure one of the royal bachelors will notice soon). I’m not rough and tumble British, I’m dinner party and dances though they can be excruciatingly boring for me (the older guest go on and on and on!).

I go back to England a lot but I’m currently living in Australia (It’s true! There are heaps of kangaroos!)

I’m still “well spoken” as my friends say and I still have the British accent going for me. I also love tea :P

friend's and family are the most important things in the world to me, and it is true

friends are the family you chose.

My favourite ice cream flavour:

is strawberry cause it’s cute.

My favourite fandom’s are:

pirates of the Caribbean, Marie Antoinette, anything and everything Tim Burton/Johnny Depp I guess- but I’m up for anything. Oh, and more recently, pulp fiction, messed up fun my friends.


And heres one from the friend archives...

Josh: “It was that annoying thing… conscience! Yeah! I couldn’t do it cause of my conscience…”

Me: “I thought that yours died years ago”

Josh: “so did I- wired huh?”

and from my hero- tim bruton...

"your reality is someone else's insanity"