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Author has written 6 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

For all of those who want to see the scene example for chapter 48 please go to this link and then comment:

Please read and review my story Avatar the last airbender book 4. air. I think it is my best story and I need reviews from readers and writers like you, so that I can make it better. I NEED REVIEWS PLEASE!!

I joined fanfiction.net to write avatar the last airbender stories. i guess that makes me a 14 year old avatard There are a lot of good stories here on fanfiction and I am interested on reading them. I love the way the series ended but it destroyed me to know it was over. I live on fanfiction to fulfill my need to know what happens after sozin's comet. I enjoy shipping and I ship cannon ships. I pretty much hate Zutara and and all Jet ships. I also am not interested in gay ships. The show just never went there. Taang can be acceptable and Tokka if they are a lot older. i will go in depth on the ships by writing about each one here on my profile. Please read and REVIEW my story Avatar the last airbender book 4 air. It is my best story. Together at last was a previous attempt that I bailed on because it wasn't as good.

The other stories were written by my brother not me. (spongebob story and Avatar epilogue"

Kataang: This is my main ship. I don't ship this because it is canon but rather because it is perfect. They have true love for each other. Their personalities compliment each other and they share a special bond. I hate when Zutarians talk about he is too young. Love knows no age. Aang isn't imature either. He has proven in more than one instance that he might be the wisest person in team Avatar. He is knoledgeable and smart about his duties. I believe Aang only acts childish because since finding out his identity he hasn't been able to be a kid. This works well with Katara who because of the war and death of her mother had to become almost an adult. Pretty much acting as the groups mother. It seems like only Aang can bring out the kid in Katara. Like penguin sledding and dancing in a cave, slidding down mail chutes in Omashu. Aang knows he loves Katara and Katara knows she loves him. Whenever one of them has an emotional imbalence the other helps fix it. When appa was lost it was Katara who made Aang feel better. She always brings him out of the Avatar state. She is his biggest attachment on planet. She brought Aang back from the dead and was the first face he saw in over a hundred years. Aang is able to calm Katara's temper and makes her a better person. The southern raiders is a great example of this.

Sukka: When Suki was first introduced into the show i did see a Sokka Suki romance. But during the North Pole events I thought Sukka had just died. Then Yue died but I wasn't thinking about Sokka in a relationship. He seemed to still be preocupied with Yue It wasn't until "Avatar Day" did I think it was even possible. He seemed to be interested then and then my mind got thinking. With Yue out of the way, Sokka is all Suki's. i like this because Suki is just as strong if not stronger than Sokka. She isn't like Toph who is over the top or Yue who has to protected. Suki is like a nice balance between the two. They are sweet together and there seems to be a lot of passion between them. Being as they are both non benders it seems to work out very well.

Tokka/ Taang: I decided to merge these two ships together for a reason. To me these two ships are on the same boat. When Toph was first introduced in "The Swamp" via Aang's vision I was thinking Taang might happen. However at this point due to episodes like "fortune teller" "cave of two lovers" parts of the "Avatar state" Kataang was becoming more canon than speculation. Toph was the only girl in the immediate group who could go with Sokka and Yue was dead. Suki hadn't reappeared yet so Tokka was also possible. I have a hard time with Tokka because of the ages. I know what I said in my Kataang section about the ages. i think that Tokka isn't possible until they are both older. Being as a relationship now would make Sokka kind of pedafile. I would realisticly see a Sukka relationship and then break up. Then Tokka rises out of the ashes years later. Not in the current time. Because of that Taang seems to be more feasible than Tokka. Tokka may not work just because Sokka would be intimidated. Taang on the other hand would be interesting. Aang is also an Earth bender so they have that in common. They are the same age and good friends. My only issue is Katara. Aang loves Katara and he has said that. i don't see Aang just dumping Katara like that. I think maybe in an Au where Taang happens before the the desert maybe possible. by the desert Aang is completely attatched to Katara. she seems to be part of his drive. I could also see Taang in a story where Aang lets go of Katara for the avatar state instead of being shot down. Then maybe Taang could grow after that. Another point with Taang and Tokka is that people use them to justify other ships. People will write retarted Zutara stories and have Aang with Toph to compensate. I think that is tainting the ship by using it to justify another. Tokka is used alot with Zutara or even Kataang. I know there are die hard Taang and Tokka shippers who are dedicated to their ship like I am dedicated to Kataang. I respect them. I don't respect those who throw it in there to give people matches. I see that as sad because usually when that is done this ship is written poorly.

Zutara: Zutara is my my least favorite ship ever. While some good writing is done with it I loose interest in even the best Zutara stories because of the ship. Zutara doesn't appeal to me for many reasons. Katara pretty much hated Zuko for seasons one and two. By that time Aang and Katara already had a very close relationship. Katara and Zuko were alone for one scene in the crossroads of destiny and Zuko betray them. even if Zuko had joined them right then I don't see Zutara working then. When Aang got shot down you could see that Katara loved him. knowing Zuko was partly responsible for Aang's coma only made it worse. they were only real friends for like the last couple episodes. (Southern raiders and on. Even though he was in the group she didn't accept him until then). Zutarians argue that ying and yang(opposites attract) make Zutara possible. I don't think so. There are many flaws in that arguement. One if that is true that would also imply that Yue should be with La the ocean spirit since there koi fish are opposites of each other. Also Zuko and Katara's elements are opposites, not their personalities. They have some in common but their personalities don't compliment each other. They both can be hot tempered and stubborn which doesn't really go together. They both have lost their mothers which they can relate to. But Katara is really optimistic while Zuko can be very negative. Maiko also shoots a lot of wholes through Zutara. They really do care about each other which is evident through out the show. Mai betray one of two only friends because of pure love. Zutara fans praise Zuko for jumping in front of lightning for Katara but ignore Mai's sacrifice. Zuko really cares about his honor. It would be sad if he just dumped Mai, the girl who risked her life for him out of pure love, for a girl that he knows his good friend is in love with. Katara herself needs someone to love her for her and Aang has done that since day one. When even her own family poked fun of her powers and didn't support them, he did. He unconditionally loves her. And vice versa. I just don't see her ever having that deep, emotional, unconditional love and bond with anyone else but Aang. In fact after The Fortuneteller she didn't look at another boy. The idea that she and Zuko were being thought to be romantically linked both in EIP and by June was repugnant to her. Aang and Katara also balance each other, they seem to fit. Like two pieces of a puzzle. He completes her and she completes him. And Katara deserves to have that kind of a romance. I feel that a lot of Zutara stories are serious OOC because Katara wouldn't dump Aang and Zuko wouldn't just dump Mai. Also a lot of the stories just have Aang disappear or end up with Toph. Which I feel diminishes the ship Taang and is just used to get Aang out the way. One reason is they aren't even close to a canon ship. The most physical contact the two have ever had is a hug. Katara has been giving Aang cheek kisses since season one. During the ember island players when the play starting having Katara and Zuko together they both looked uncomfortable. Also in Sozin's comet when June, the bounty hunter, calls Katara Zuko's girlfriend they both get angry and freak out. The other reason I don't like it is quite frankly Zuko would have no consequences for his behavior. He hurt people, he hurt her and her loved ones, he hunted them, burned things down, betrayed those he loved and who had given him second chances. His behavior was atrocious. He did make up for it and atone, but like some people say a 12 year old boy falling in love is unrealistic, I think that being that poorly behaved without having some form of consequence is unrealistic. Considering Zuko got his throne, his uncle's love and forgiveness, new friends, new allies, new respect, an end to the war, his father and sister defeated. And he did get reuinted with the girl he has shown romantic love for. He gained a lot and he deserved every bit of it. But I always felt that to take Katara away from Aang and give her to Zuko was just way too much frosting on Zuko's redemption cake. I view CoD as the big "Zutara that might have been." But he blew it. The opportunity was lost and I am glad that he made a good friendship with her.

Zuko and Katara get all they need from being just friends. Romance between them seems like overkill.They don't like each other. For all these reasons even with a HUGE AU zutara would not make sense. After a while Zutara comes off as crack fiction. It isn't even close to being real or possible.

Maiko: I have solid feelings about Maiko. I think it is cute and make senses from a story and cannon perspective. I have only one complaint with it. Writing for Mai is so hard because she shows so little emotion. Even when she is at her most passionate she only reaches a normal level of Zuko's passion and emotions. He is so much deeper than her but he loves her so I forgive it. Mai also cares a lot about Zuko which is evident. I think the boiling rock episode changed my perspective on Maiko. we hadn't seen how Mai delt with zuko's departure so it nice knowing she really did love him. Overall I think Maiko is a good ship. I tend to write Mai becoming more open because she is easier to write for if you do. otherwise she is really flat and two dimensional character. Overall thoughI am satisfied with Maiko.

Toko: I don't have much against this ship other than I don't think it could work. It does work better than Zutara which is bull shit(excuse the language but zutara gives me nightmares). First off the ship wouldn't work until they are older because Zuko is the oldest in Team avatar and toph is the youngest. Zuko is technichaly a man in the avatar universe and toph is a child. Zuko also loves Mai. He going to Toph wouldn't make a lot of sense for a couple of reasons. Their personalities don't compromise each other. They aren't opposites either. I think they just annoy each other. Toph is laid back and doesn't like Zuko's uptight attitude and Zuko doesn't like Toph's aggressiveness at times or aloofness. They have one thing in common and that is their social class. Other than that they are completely different people. Toph is a kid at heart and Zuko is a man. I just cannot picture that ship.

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