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ATTENTION: New News!! I do have my own lap-top, Was beginning to write again then my new pup chewed and peed on my charger cord which fried my computer. My plans are to transfer my stories to my new bf's lap-top and writing once again, good news is that he has fast internet so If this works then I'll be able to update stories and continue writing. Please be patient with me and I'm so sorry for the wait!! I appreciate my faithful followers, I have not forgotten or ignored you! I promise!! Thank you all for being such good readers! Read on my loyal Readers!!!!

Name: Stacy Mae

Age: I'm 20, One more year to go! (If ya know what I mean ;3)

Sex: Female ofcourse!

Occupation: Er.. Fanfic writer, Fanart artist (Sucky one at that), Daughter, Sister, Cousin.. blah blah blah

Looks: Uhmm.. I'm sorta tall, About 5'7 I think.. Dark blondish brown almost shoulder length hair, My bangs ending at my eyes. Green eyes most of the time, But sometimes they're brown. I wear glasses too (Thin ones)

Personality: I'm shy and quiet, Yet caring and loyal. Once I open up to you, You'll see why I'm loyal.. and if I REALLY open up to ya, I get quite crazy at times xD

Likes: Animals, Anime, Guys (xD), The color dark green and black (Best combination, ever!), Uhmm.. Hard Rock, Pop, Metal (Anything that sounds good), Can't think of anything else at the moment.. oh wait.. PICKLES!! I loooove pickles.. and citrus green tea! (Yummy!)

Dislikes: The color pink (But will wear, If forced -.-) Zac effron and Justin Beiber (SORRY! I HAD to throw that in there xD) I really don't hate anything..

Personal Quote: "Everyone deserves love, Even those who have sinned" (After writing it in one of my drabbles, I found that It had so much meaning and it reflected of how I thought. Like everyone deserves a second chance) "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'll get through it, One slice at a time" (Dark I know, But I really liked it when it popped into my head one day)

My fav cousin is on FanFiction!! YAY!! I love her to death!!..Okay weird..but anyway she is so cool! She is almost just like me!! YAY!! and I'm almost just like her!! WOOHOO!! Sorry..hehehe..but she loves the same animes I do and the same music..She is awesome!! but not boy awesome..girl awesome!! YEA!! She's panda-of-darkness

(In No Order)

Anime I Love


Avatar: The Last Airbender






Fruits Basket

Descendants Of Darkness

Blood Plus

Listing Favorite Chars

Naruto: Gaara or Neji, and in the Akatsuki it's between Zetsu and Hidan (Use to be Kakuzu, But sadly and gladly, Me and my cousin traded men..Weird, right?!)

Avatar, The Last Airbender: Zuko

Saiyuki: Hakkai or Sanzo

Bleach: Hard one but It's between Ukitake and Byakuya (Probably Ukitake) and in the Arrancar...Nnoitra and Ulquiorra, Most likely Nnoitra!

Deathnote: Matt and Near..but I love Matt even more!!

Gokusen: Has to be..SHIN!!

Blood plus: Soloman (Haji's awesome too)

Descendants Of Darkness: Yataka (I know, He's girlie xD)

Inuyasha: Koga, No doubt about it

Fruits Basket: Between Ayame and Hatori, probably Ayame lol (I must like Girlie guys O.o)

Least Favorite Char(s)

Naruto: Karin Or Kabuto (I still dislike Sasuke tho!)

Avatar, The Last Airbender: Hmm.. Jet, I really can't stand that guy!

Saiyuki: That stupid doctor! I hate him and his gay little bunny (I've only watched reload T_T I'm Pitiful, I know!)

Bleach: Aizen! I can't stand that traitor!

Deathnote: Mikami! I hate him more than I hate Light, And that's sayin' something!

Gokusen: That vice Principal

Blood Plus: Soloman's Brother, I can't stand him!

Descendants Of Darkness: Maraki

Inuyasha: Kagara (did I spell that right?)

Fruits Basket: Akito

(That about sums that up)

Favorite Bands

I love Slipknot

Hollywood Undead


Buck Cherry

Papa Roach


Tokio Hotel

Nine Inch Nails


Nickle back


Linkin park

My Chemical Romance

System Of A Down


Three Days Grace

Stone Sour

Coheed and Cambria

Killswitch Engage


Within Temptation


Marilyn Manson

Lacuna Coil


Dir En Grey

Fair To Midland



Breaking Benjamin





Evans Blue

Dropping Daylight

10 years

Alter Bridge

I can't decide, They're all so awesome!..I use to be addicted to Hollywood Undead, Which I still am! But I'm also addicted to Apocalyptica! Ah! Cello's are one of the sexist instruments ever! Well, Violins are smexy too! (I like Piano's also!)

Favorite Games

Draken: The Ancient Gates -PS2-

Guitar Hero, All Of Them -PS2- (All the Guitar hero games are fun xD)

Darkcloud 1 -PS2- (Part 2 is semi fun)

Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Chain Of Memories -PS2-

Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 -PS2-

Silent Hill 3 -PS2- (And 4!!!)

God Of War 1 -PS2- (Haven't had a chance to play 2 OR 3!)

Dark Angel -PS2- (Haven't played it in forever, The disc broke -sob-)

Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 -PS2-

Blood Will Tell -PS2-

Champions Of Norrath 1 and 2 -PS2-

Fable 1 and 2 -XBox-

Dangerous Hunts -XBox- (I love all Cabala's games!)

Heroes of Might And Magic 3 -PC- (Ah, Classic)

Diablo 1 and 2 -PC-

Now You Know Almost Everything About Me

Anyway, If you are one of my loyal readers, That read my other stories..You'll find out I removed a few of my stories..I'm doing so because I am rewriting them, Making them time I put them back up, You should read them..Because they will be written better and easier to follow..Thank you all, PM me anytime! If you have any questions, I won't mind

I hope everyone likes my sucky stories!! ENJOY!! -sigh- I disappoint mahself

-Stacy and Brittany's wonder show has been taken off since It was starting to annoy me, I have another started! Just gotta get it finished!-

I am thinking of Stories..Actually writing them at this very moment! Alot of stories...Wow, I really disappoint myself


'Sasori's Trouble, Sori' -- Sasori couldn't believe his eyes..That note..those letters..that tear stained paper! He wanted to burn it! Why did he have to be so foolish when he was younger? Now..There was someone searching for him. DeidaraxOCx?? (I really love this story, It may be up on the net soon)

'How Could I?' -- I was suppose to rot in prison, I was suppose to live my pain everyday. I had done the unthinkable! I was suppose to stay in the cold prison, But they had to take me from that place. AkatsukixOC

'Forever Owned' -- Run, Run is all I could do. My home wasn't a home, My job wasn't a job. I was a slave, I couldn't stand it anymore! So I ran from him. As he caught me, I was saved by the strangest man..He took me to a new place, Was I sold? Or..Am I just lucky? AkatsukixOC

'Interesting New Girls' -- Zetsu, Deidara, Tobi and Sasori came across a huge crater when something fell out of the sky. After figuring out that it was none other than two women of rare clans that have been killed off. Everyone is so happy when the leader wants them. AkatsukixOC's

'Things Aren't Always Wonderful' -- I try to hide it, hide it from my friends but in truth..I hate my life! My mom died, she was the only one who ever truly cared for me! Now I'm stuck with my wonderful dad and brother..If things doesn't get better, I'm going to leave. OCx??

'Owned By The Enemies' -- She was always told she was a monster..She caused her mother's death. She destroyed her village. Then, They came. They showed her she wasn't a monster..Yet, When She hit 18..She was thrown away. DeidaraxOCxSasori and OCx??

'Kaze No Hebi, Fujin Follower' -- When tracking down a bounty, Hidan and Kakuzu come across a woman. Who only stall them from Kakuzu's bounty, That is until she begins a suicide jutsu to kill them. Kakuzu has to think fast. KakuzuxOCxHidan (I also really love this story, If I write enough on it. It could be posted up soon)

'Crimson Cobra, Nira' -- I agree to give over some scrolls to the Akatsuki in exchange for poison, It just so happens that the leader wants more from me. So he hires me as a mere grunt to accompany two certain members on missions, One that I know well. ItachixOCxKisame

'Inuzuka Girls, Kiba's Cousins' -- After ten years accompanying their parents on a mission, Akime and Mae Inuzuka are back to Konoha. Not knowing of the war that went down, One wonders into forbidden Nara property..What shall she find? OC'sx?? (Actually on the net already, Please read it! Thanks :3)

'Blood Tears' -- After trying to fulfill my only wish, To end my life, I was so rudely denied my chance of peace. So when I find out who saved me, Only god can help me in not ripping his head off! OC'sx??

'Blood Clan, Suki And Team Twelve' -- After nearly becoming a chunnin, Suki is sent on a high ranking mission. The good part, She has a crush on the shinobi she was assigned to go with, Neji. The bad part, Both Neji and his cousin, Rinzo, likes her. Aren't family feuds fun? NejixOC

'Rin Hyuuga, Loved And Hated' -- After being abandoned at a young age, An almost forgotten girl is forced to go back to the place she disliked most, The Hyuuga mansion. Rin Hyuuga will suffer for her master's wish. But will Rin forgive the wrong doings her family allowed? OCx??

'Who Knew?' -- Mai has her problems.. Headache spells, Almost got killed, Is cold towards people and her parents doesn't believe she can defend for herself..After they send her to a village for life protection, Will they even protect her? OCx??

That's all my Naruto stories I'm currently writing..hmm...I have four Bleach stories that I'm working on...


'Dragon Fukido, Demon Dog Skello' -- Miru and Akiko Shizuko. Shinigami of the Sixth and Eleventh division, After having some life changing moments. That's when trouble begins to arise, Painful memories and scars reopen. OC'sx??

'What Is Going On?' -- I had a normal life, Besides living alone with my cousin and us still going to high school. There used to be nothing wrong with my life, I was sort of happy and now confusing strange things are happening, I then figure out..I'm not who I thought I was. What Is Going On?! Oc'sx??

'This Can't Be Real!' -- It all started with a broken heart, After my cousin ran off with a meat cleaver. That's when everything began to turn, Strange. Now I'm a soul in Hueco Mundo and fused with.. what?! This Can't Be Real! OC'sx??

'Does It Still Exist?' -- Two Soul Reapers of different divisions who have been friends for the longest time, Have a disturbing chat with a few of the girl soul reapers. Then someone pops the question "Does the men soul reaper's sexual needs still exist?" OC'sx??

I have some other stories which aren't even worth mentioning..hmm...Well, I gave you all the latest up date!! Thank you all!! Please don't kill me for writing so many different stories!! PM me if you saw something that interested you! I'll then try my bestest to put it up on the Internet!

I love to PM me anytime!! Tell me your thoughts on the stories (But please, if it's flames..keep to yourself, I get hurt easily) Thank you for reading my stories!!

-Some Random Things-

Sasuke is gay

He has his way

Chicks follow him all day

He makes them sway

Lets hope he will stay

With the snake dude that may

rape him on the hay

He'll never be okay

Lets all say

That Sasuke is gay!

(Sasuke fans! No flaming, This was a mix of words..So, It makes no sense!!)

The cow goes moo, The cat goes meow

I go woohoo, When my friends go kewl!

--Random Poems, Mine By The Way--

Cries Never Heard

There's cries in the silence, Cries for help

Dirt, sweat, blood matted her hair like kelp

Her screams fall upon deaf ears

She finally breaks from his leers

Footsteps echo within the dark

Blood splatters almost like art

Pleads for mercy during the night

He ends it with his brute might


Everything's still, Lost the will

The room cold and dark

Same as the heart

Tears dried, Their gone away

Lips parted, But nothing to say

As the night comes fast

A soul lays within the past


Shaking from fear and cold.

Keeping sanity within hold.

I'm hidden, But lost.

What does kindness cost?

Too scared to scream.

No one is who they seem.

I wonder, How many die?

From his hands, I cry.

I wish, I had not cried.

Then maybe.. I'd still be alive.

(The first one was kind of a rush, But the second and third one I sat and actually thought on. It was kinda corny, But so if life!)

Now, Just because I think you all deserve to know.. Okay, I'll write down of the next chapters to my stories! If that made sense..

'New Girl'-- Chapter nine is half done, But I have lost my muse! That's why I have not updated it lately, Forgive me! But when I get my muse back, I WILL finish that chapter. It will be well written and I hope easier to follow! --I Have Started Rewriting The Current Chapters, There will be little things added and such. So Much Easier To Follow!! Will post them up soon!--

'Chocolate Lovers And Gamers' -- You will be pleased when I say.. I am almost done with the next chapter! YES! I've written on it bit by bit, I have sorta lost my muse for it. BUT, I'm writing on it and quite enjoying my work. I have one more little scene and I AM DONE!

'Akida The Forbidden Dragon'-- Eek, Wellll.. I've completely lost my interest in the story, It is not that popular but I refuse to delete it. Because one day, I WILL write on it once again. I just have no clue when that'll be.

'Killers Can Never Find Happiness, Right?' -- Now the delay on that update is so not my fault! I just want to make the fight scene really good, So I have to research for some jutsus then I can actually start to write the fight. I barely have the chapter started, I'm sorry!

'Truth Or Dare, Stacy and Britt's DN Style' -- I have the next chapter almost done, But I can not promise that I'll update anytime soon. Quite frankly, I like my other truth or dare better. So forgive me for the lateness xD (This might soon be removed too, But I have all the chapters saved. So when that happens, I'll rewrite in story form :3)

'Stacy's April Fools' -- Why am I even putting this in here?? BECAUSE, I am writing what Brittany is doing during all of this. It is good for some laughs, And people that Stacy hadn't pranked.. Well, You get my drift! I can not be for sure when I'll finish it, But atleast I started on it!

'The Night They Fell'-- I have started on the next chapter, I barely have anything written on it. I am busy trying to write on other stories, I will write more when I can. Which I hope that's soon! 'Cause I really like this story, and Britt won't stop harassing me to get it done.. So just keep watch!

'Two New Girls At Whammy's'-- Just Updated Chap 9! Please read and hopefully it was atleast slightly enjoyable! Sorry for the shortness of it and I don't have the next chap started just yet.. I should get writing soon though. I'm so sorry!

'We Are Where'-- Oh yea! I have the next chapter done and UPDATED, I've even got chap 29 DONE.. But chap 29 has some.. 'drama'. But still, I hope that you will enjoy it anyway and it will be worth the wait (I am also rewriting chapters 1-15, Only have chap one and two rewritten)

'Unseen Pained Love'-- I really like this story, But sadly I have lost my muse. For the moment atleast! I will get to writing as SOON as it comes back.. Maybe I just need to watch Naruto reruns, Maybe Sasuke leaving Konoha will make it come back O.o

'Ninjas Have Internet?'-- Well.. I'm sorry to inform all of you, That my crack muse has been taking a break. That means that I can't think of anything to write on the next chapter, Which is strange. 'Cause there is no plot in the story, Just giggles O.o about a sad excuse for a writer, Please forgive me!

'Raised Killer'-- I have updated recently! Chapter 13, I hope it wasn't too rushed. I'm sorry if it was!

'They Are Where?' -- I Have Updated Chap 17!!! I have a couple more chaps wrote, I will update them when I get time. Still have to re-read them to make sure everything is right and correct little details and stuff. So There will be a couple more updates for this! Keep Watch!!

'Drabbles For Naruto Characters' -- I don't need to say anything, 'Cause this isn't actually a story. Just drabbles, So I don't know what the chapter will be until I get an idea. So I can not say when I'll update, So all I can say is just keep watch. But, I do have a chap done. I will update as soon as I can!

'Stacy and Britt's Truth or Dare, Akatsuki Style'-- IT HAS BEEN REMOVED!! But It's okay, I'm not mad :D. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I was kinda prepared :3 I have all my chapters on my writing comp, I'll just rewrite them to story form and It's back baby! It may not be as funny as script form, But atleast it's better than nothing. Just keep watch!

'It All Started With Sex Ed' -- I guess this would be more of a story, And I know where I'm going with the story. When I'm finished with this short story, I may make a sequel! Or just keep it going.. lol, That's all up to how popular it becomes! And so far, It IS popular. So expect either a sequel or a longer story.

'Much More Than Friendship' -- The chapters I have written, I'm not to sure about.. I have to research some stuff before I'll be satisfied enough to post up those chaps.. Which I need the internet for a long period of time for my research, If you haven't noticed.. I don't get much time on. Please be patient!!! D:

I gave you all the latest latest update on my stories, Thank you all so much for taking an interest in my stories. And thanks a TON if you actually read of all that, That just proves that you really care.. or really really bored O.o ..So please be patient and wait! Thanks again!!

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