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Author has written 13 stories for Kung Fu Panda, Bolt, Sonic the Hedgehog, Inheritance Cycle, Dinotopia, Star Fox, Horton Hears a Who, Push, Spyro the Dragon, and Silent Hill.

Well all I can say is welcome, here are some things you might want to know about me

NOTE TO READERS AND FANS: Dear FanFiction readers, I am currently working on a "Mortal Kombat" fanfiction that will star Reptile and an OC of mine, Jesse. That will be my priority for now as I work with it. Other projects having been placed on the mantle will be attended to as my writer's block for them is overcome. I apologize my to my readers of other works. Especially to those who were awaiting continuation of those I have deleted. I am so sorry, but I could not see any of those heading in any direction no matter how hard I think it through.

FORENOTE: It may not be what I wanted to the fullest... But I'm happy with what I have gotten.

NAME: Okay, well I guess I can tell you guys my real "first" name, it's Jory, way to say it is, Jore, ryhmes with gore, and then, Rey

AGE: Well I'm twenty-years-old

BIRTHDAY: I was born on August first in the year nineteen-ninetyfour

GENDER: I'm a male

DISCRIPTION: (I'm not going to be direct on my description) I'm slim, my hair is short and dark (Note I said dark, not black, I'm saying my hair is a dark color), I'm around 5'0" and 6'0", my eyes are a light mix of two colors.

OCCUPATION: Server at Applebee's

ORIENTATION: I'm bisexual (and I'm not ashamed of it. SO SUE ME HATERS!!)


ETHNIC: I'm white

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a relationship

PERSONALITY: I'm nice, loving, helpful when needed, imaginative(Duh, if I wasn't why would I be on here),drug free(Thank God),and sometimes really sensitive towards certain things, but most of the time I'm cool

MY LOVE LIFE: Met the one man I EVER really loved on here... and lost him because of my stupidity. I'm more ashamed and angry at myself than he could ever be... and believe me, that's saying something...

SIBLINGS: Yep, I'm a proud brother of five, one is eight-years-old, he lives with me and my mom, and another five-year-old boy (YAY!), and my step-dad has a son of his own whose eleven and I have another step-brother who is ten-years-old and a step-sister who is seventeen-years-old and they live with my dad and step-mom.

MUSIC: I can listen to any song you throw at me, but I like hip-pop, R&B, or rap(mostly R&B)

BEST INTEREST: I would have to say my best interest is, love, because I love helping people out with their love problems(I'm no wisdom king of it or anything but I can give you a basic)


FAVORITE DRINK/FOOD: I'm in love with chocolate coffee(YAH HYPER!) and food is ramen

FAVORITE SONGS: Disturbia by Rihanna, She's No You by Jesse McCartney, Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney, Step Up by Samantha Jade, Show Me the Money by Petey Pablo, One Two Step by Ciara, Get Up by Ciara ft. Chamillionaire, The Game by Disturbed, Down With the Sickness by Disturbed, Numb by Linkin Park, In the End by Linkin Park, Angel of Mine by Monica, Only Hope by Mandy Moore, Cry by Rihanna, Cry by Mandy Moore, I Won't Say I'm In Love by The Cheetah Girls, Not Falling by Mudvayne, I Wanna Be by Chris Brown, I'll Call Ya by Chris Brown, Ain't No Way by Chris Brown, No Air by Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown, Next to You by Jordin Sparks, Tattoo by Jordin Sparks, Freeze by Jordin Sparks, One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks, Super Massive Blackhole by Muse, Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park, New Divide by Linkin Park, Tik Tok by Ke$ha, Cryin Like a Bitch by Godsmack, Baby by Justin Bieber, One Time by Justin Bieber, Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber, Girl Talk by Ultraviolet Sound, Backseat by New Boyz, Don't Turn Out The Lights by New Kids on the Block ft. The Backstreet Boys, Boyfriend by Big Time Rush, Who Says by Selena Gomez, Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Selena Gomez, S&M by Rihanna, F-in Perfect by P!nk, Raise Your Glass by P!nk, Blow by Ke$ha, 0:00 AM by Acid, Worldwide by Big Time Rush, I'm Into You by Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil' Wayne, Lollipop Luxury by Jeffree Star, Blush by Jeffree Star, Size of Your Boat by Jeffree Star ft. Muff Mommy, Starstruck by Jeffree Star



BEST FRIENDS: Jordan, Mallory, and my mother

IDOLS: Chistopher Paolini (Writes the best dragon books I've read in my lifetime), Ed Beard Jr. (Oh, my god, have you seen his mythology artwork), Jeffree Star(HE'S HAWT)

PETS: One dog, a Rottweiler/German Shepard mix, Adjo; a cat, a pure-bred Snowshoe, Zendikar.

FAVORITE QUOTES (AND WHO BY): "To look into the eyes of a wolf... is to see your own soul" (Aldo Leopold)

FAVORITE VIDEOS/GAMES: Spyro the Dragon and Kung Fu Panda

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, imagining, thinking, hanging with friends over Facebook or at school, playing in the rain(that sounded so gay, but so what)

FAVORITE ELEMENT/WEATHER: Mostly fire is my favorite element, and my favorite weather is anything that involves rain, I love the rain and sometimes I'll use it in my stories.

OTHER FAVORITE VIDEOS/GAMES: A Walk To Remember, Underworld, Blade 3, Digimon, Vampire Knight, Wayne's World, Silent Hill, Twister, and soon to be out, Spyro Movie, I'm also a newly turned Sonic the Hedgehog and Bakugan fan

RECENTLY SEEN MOVIES: "Mirrors"(So distubing, I can't even look at my own reflection anymore, LOL), "The Happening"(From now on, I'm going to listen to my Science teacher, LOL), "Wanted"(Holy crap, talk about awesome, Angelina Jolie is so hot), "The Love Guru"(OMG! LMFAO!), "Get Smart"(That was stupid funny, but still hilarious), "Push" (Awesome and so great. Dakota Fanning is one FINE chick)

FAVORITE BOOKS: Foxylady (Manga), Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Harry Potter, The Wounded Soul,

FAVORITE ANIMALS/CREATURES: Gray Wolf, Dragon, Lycans (Werewolves) Elf

TOP TEN FAVORITE CHARACTERS (games, books, movies, etc. 1) Wolf O'Donnell-Star Fox; 2)Jojo-Horton Hears a Who; 3)Vitani-The Lion King; 4)Lucian-Underworld; 5)Tails-Sonic the Hedgehog; 6)Joe-Bakugan; 7)Guilmon-Digimon; 8)Saphira-Eragon; 9)Tigress-Kung Fu Panda; 10)Volteer-Legend of Spyro


FAVORITE FANFICTION.NET STORIES: "Temperance" by FalconMage, "Hawaii? SWEET!" by SkytheHawk, "We're Going to DISNEY!" by SkytheHawk, "Kung Fu Panda,Twister" by SkytheHawk, "Date Nights" by SkytheHawk, "Kung Fu Panda, Music Concert" by SkytheHawk, "Camping on the Delaware" by SkytheHawk

COUPLES: Spyro- Spyro and Cynder, Flame and Ember... Spyro and Flame, Ignitus and Volteer... Ember and Cynder

Kung Fu Panda: Po and Tigress... Po and Tai Lung

Digimon: (Humans) Tai and Sora, Izzy and Mimi, Davis and Kari, Ken and Yolei, Takato and Rika, Henry and Jerri, Kazu and Alice, Takuya and Zoe, Marcus and Yoshino... Tai and Matt, Davis and T.K, Takato and Henry, Kazu and Kenta, Takuya and Kouji/Kouichi, Marcus and Thomas

(Digimon) Agumon and Biyomon, Veemon and Gatomon, Guilmon and Renamon, Terriermon and Lopmon... Agumon and Gabumon, Veemon and Hawkmon, Guilmon and Cyberdramon, Gaomon and Agumon

(Crossbreeds) Agumon and Sora, Veemon and Kari, Davis and Gatomon, Yolei and Hawkmon, Guilmon and Rika, Renamon and Takato, Terriermon and Suzie... Agumon and Tai, Veemon and Davis, Guilmon and Takato, Agumon and Marcus, Thomas and Gaomon

Pokemon: (Humans) Ash and Dawn

(Crossbreeds) Lucario and Dawn, Ash and Charizard

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic and Amy, Tails and Cream, Rouge and Knuckles, Silver and Blaze... Sonic and Tails, Shadow and Silver

Bolt: Bolt and Mittens (So? It's cute and unusual)

Star Fox: Fox and Krystal... Fox and Wolf, Panther and Wolf


CHARACTERS: Movie/Book: Kung Fu Panda

Name: Jay Lyn (last name unknown)

First Appearance: Chapter 4 of Un-Hindering Our Love

Sex: Male

Species: (Canis Lupis)Gray Wolf

Age: Fourteen

Eyes: Hazel, alittle brown mixed in

Coloration: White, black, gray, red, tan, brown

Personality: He's a sweet, loving, caring wolf that helps even when not asked, he is also a bit of a tease, but if you anger him enough he can become a bloodlusting killer

Family: Orphaned as a child, has a panda foster brother that took him in at age five

Distinguishing Marks: Horizontal, inch long scar on lower stomach where pant waistband begins, three inch long, vertical stitched up gash from front of hip down to his thigh

Knowledge: Medical care, cooking, fighting, legends/myths, can see when your lying when you talk by you face, art, science, alittle bit of math

Hobbies: Reading, working, training, usually messing with Panthera, thinking, listening with his keen hearing, meditating, joking

Similarities: Gives a great resemplense to Po in his cooking and joking way, also Tigress in the fighting way


Movie/Book: Kung Fu Panda

Name: Panthera Nightland

First Appearance: Prologue of Un-Hindering Our Love

Sex: Female

Species: (Panthera Tigris Amoyensis)South China Tiger

Age: Thirteen-Fourteen

Eyes: Blood red

Coloration: Orange, black, white

Personality: She's a sweet, caring tiger who is known for not falling in love with anyone from where she's from, she loves to help any chance she gets and tries not to show her bad side, especially to Jay Lyn

Family: Tigress' younger sister, daughter of Cho Ann and Joen, her and Tigress' mother and father

Distinguishing Marks: The white markings on her eyes are spikes in stead of dots like Tigress

Knowledge: History, fighting, art, alittle bit of cooking

Hobbies: Reading, working, training or meditating with Jay Lyn, drawing, talking to people, listening to jokes by Po or Jay Lyn, learning from Shifu

Similarities: When she loses her temper she can be like her older sister, she's like Jay Lyn when it comes to messing around


Movie/Book: Spyro the Dragon

Name: Jaren

First Appearance: Prologue of Flight of the Dragons

Sex: Male

Species: (What's a dragon's Latin name) Dragon

Age: Wyrmling- Seventeen

Eyes: Hazel

Coloration: Red and Brown (Little black and white)

BODY: Ruby Red


CREST(Thing that runs down the top of a dragon's head, back, and tail): Brown

WINGS: Frames of the wings are ruby red, but the membranes are dark black

REST OT BODY(Claws, Horns, etc.): Pearl White

Personality: He's a sweet, loving, protective, helpful dragon that hates it when he has nothing to do, he also has a side that he prefers to keep hidden from everyone

Family: Hunter's adoptive son, Meadow's nephew (not by blood, just calls him that)

Distinguishing Marks: He has a small weird birthmark right over his heart, he doesn't have a object on the end of his tail, he's a vegetarian and has no breath ability(not marks but unigue features)

Knowledge: The history, ancestors, and geography of Avalar, fighting, medical care

Hobbies: Loves to talk to friends and relatives, wheather he's doing it verbally, or is using his telepathic ability

Similarities: He is named after Hunter's great grandfather


Movie/Book: Pokemon

Name: Jay Lyn

First Appearance: Prologue of Into the Shadows

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Age: Ten - Sixteen

Eyes: Hazel

Coloration: Pale; Hair is red, changing to brown

Personality: Jay Lyn is a typical boy in his school, but he has always dreamed of becoming a famous Pokemon and Digimon breeder like his father. He is kind, gentle, loving, but really protective, he is also imaginative.

Family: Son of Seil and Hanna, step-son of Jacob, brother to Halm, Dillian, and Jeri, considers his best friend Zentin as his brother(I can't say Zentin is my OC, for he was made up by my best friend)

Distinguishing Marks: Ten-years-old: No marks; Sixteen-years-old: Tattoo of a wolf on fire on back

Knowledge: Breeding, medical aid, Fighting(Trys not to use it though, doesn't like it), also can gym battle but doesn't like to

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cleaning, and drawing

Similarities: Looks alot like his dad as a kid and teenager


Movie/Book: Star Fox

Name: Wolf O'Donnell (Jr./II)

First Appearance: Prologue of Wolf's Legacy

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Age: Twenty-one

Eyes: Grayish purple

Coloration: Gray and white

Personality: Wolf is kind of secretive, his personality is his father's but his true personality remains hidden within his hard shell

Family: Son of Wolf O'Donnell and Devera O'Donnell and has an older brother, Leon, and a twin sister, Clare

Distinguishing Marks: His white bangs cover his left eye, unlike the mohawk his father has

Knowledge: Medical aid, fighting/killing, flying

Hobbies: None

Similarities: Looks like his father, inherited the spot of Star Wolf leader from his father, named after his father


Movie/Book: Star Fox

Name: Rachael McCloud

First Appearance: Chapter One of Wolf's Legacy

Sex: Female

Species: Fox

Age: Nineteen

Eyes: Green

Coloration: Blue and white

Personality: Rachael is kind, loving, and sometimes annoying (towards Marcus), she thinks highly of her job as a Star Fox member

Family: Daughter of Fox and Krystal McCloud, sister of Marcus McCloud

Distinguishing Marks: She has a long scar that stretches from her left shoulder blade to her lower back

Knowledge: Medical aid, fighting, flying

Hobbies: Reading, flying, driving her brother insane

Similarities: Looks like her and Marcus' mother, Krystal, and holds the same markings on her arms and legs


Movie/Book: Star Fox

Name: Clare O'Donnell

First Appearance: Chapter Five of Wolf's Legacy

Sex: Female

Species: Wolf

Age: Twenty-one

Eyes: Grayish purple

Coloration: Gray and white

Personality: Clare is cocky and mean, but at the same time kind, loving, and sometimes annoying

Family: Daughter of Wolf and Devera O'Donnell, twin sister of Wolf O'Donnell (II/Jr.), and younger sister of Leon O'Donnell

Distinguishing Marks: She has long flowing white hair and short bangs

Knowledge: Medical aid, fighting/killing, flying

Hobbies: Bossing people around, driving Wolf (her brother) insane

Similarities: Looks like a female version of her father


Movie/Book: Star Fox

Name: Leon O'Donnell

First Appearance: Chapter four of Wolf's Legacy

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Age: Twenty-three

Eyes: Grayish purple

Coloration: Gray and white

Personality: Leon is charming, but at the same time secretive and has one hell of a temper

Family: Son of Wolf O'Donnell and Devera O'Donnell, the older brother of the twins, Clare and Wolf O'Donnell (It is later found out in the story that thanks to time travel, Leon is actually Clare and Wolf's half brother as well as real father)

Distinguishing Marks: Has a mohawk just like his father

Knowledge: Fighting/killing, flying

Hobbies: None

Similarities: Looks like his father, named after Wolf's former teammate, Leon


Movie/Book: Pokemon

Name: Emma

First Appearance: Chapter One of Into the Shadows

Sex: Female

Species: Lucario

Age: Sixteen

Eyes: Green

Coloration: Black

Personality: Emma is kind, loving, and sensitive

Family: Daughter of Zentin and Carie, sister of thirteen children, later becomes the wife of Jay Lyn

Distinguishing Marks: She has bangs that lay over her left eye

Knowledge: Medical aid, fighting

Hobbies: Reading, driving her father insane

Similarities: None


Movie/Book: Dragon Heart

Name: Dream (Real name is Dymond or nicknamed "Dy" but calls herself "Dream")

First Appearance: Chapter 1 of Dragon Heart: Return of the Dragons (Makes her true appearance in chapter three)

Sex: Female

Species: Dragon

Age: Fourteen

Eyes: Violet

Coloration: Brown and Black

BODY: Brownish tan


CREST(Thing that runs down the top of a dragon's head, back, and tail): White

WINGS: Frames and membranes of the wings are brownish black

REST OT BODY(Claws, Horns, etc.): Pearl White

Personality: She is really sensitive and loving, she gets frightened easily and is completely scatter brained, she is also really curious

Family: Daughter of Drake, granddaughter of Draco and the Stared One

Distinguishing Marks: She has a number of birthmarks on her hinglegs, forepaws and face

Knowledge: Wildlife

Hobbies: Loves to daydream (hence her preferred name)

Similarities: Her coloration comes from her father and grandfather


Movie/Book: Dragon Heart

Name: Jake

First Appearance: Prologue of Dragon Heart: Return of the Dragons

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Age: Fourteen

Eyes: Blue

Coloration: Pale skin; Black hair

Personality: Jake is kind, loving, and gentle but protective of friends, family and life, kind of quiet, but friendly.

Family: Orphaned, raised by a pair of abusive foster parents

Distinguishing Marks: A mark in the shape of a dragon on stomach around midsection

Knowledge: Dragons, wildlife, fighting

Hobbies: Reading, talking, exploring the woods around his house

Similarities: None that are known


Movie/Book: Mortal Kombat

Name: Jesse

First Appearance: Prologue of Darkness of a Broken-Heart

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Age: Twenty-years-old

Eyes: Indigo

Coloration: Pale, slightly tan skin with freckles, blonde hair

Personality: Jesse is a kind and gentle individual but holds dear to fighting and will do his best for those he loves, especially his favorite Kombatant, Reptile.

Family: Raised by mother, lost father to horrid accident long ago who taught him to fight

Distinguishing Marks: Scar along a diagonal on his back from right shoulder-blade to left hip

Knowledge: Mortal Kombat, fighting, and survival

Hobbies: Watching and learning about Reptile, reading, drawing, writing, and fighting

Similarities: Has an ability to manipulate the matter around him

WARNING: Without MY permission, use of my OCs for others stories is prohibited. Please ASK for permission BEFORE using my OCs. Thank you.

STORIES: Okay, well sometimes I can't think of stories on my own so I get ideas from some movies, cartoons, or video games, but I change the plots alittle, like if I was writing something based off of the movie "Ghost Ship" I would add the character from the movie the fanfic is about and add him/her in it and/or change the plot up a bit, or just add some parts from several movies that help my story fit it's rating so don't get mad if I change up or use a movie as the base of my story plots.Okay...Okay, we're good now lets move along. Here are some new stories you can expect from me.

1:Dragon Heart: Return of the Dragons, a Dragon Heart fanfic-In-Progress-OC/OC-Rated T for violence, drug use, language, and sexuality-Summary:Jake is an abused fourteen year old living in modern America. He lives in the middle of the forests of Montana, in the mountains. He has no friends though he is very friendly, but all that changes one day. While walking in the woods the boy comes across a small den that looks to be a deer den, as he gets closer he hears a voice from it, frightened he stands still and replys to the voice and the two become good friends over time. After a few months, the two become close enough that the owner of the voice shows herself to be a fourteen year old dragon named Dream. Now the two must work together to help one another if they are to survive a new evil that threatens to exterminate the dragons forever once and for all. But what happens when Dream falls in love with her new friend.

2:Night of Hell, a Kung Fu Panda fanfic-In-Progress-TiPo(in later chapters)-Rated T for disturbing characters, scenes and sexual references-Summary:Two heroes dream two connected dreams. A haunted legend about the Jade Palace. An unexpected ally. Someone is a royal child. Weird mist appears. Tigress acts like a cuddly, lovable playgirl. Wow, I thought it was rough before, but this really is a night of hell.Some scenes and evil characters based of the movie "Silent Hill"and "The Fog" One scene based off the fog episode of "InuYasha" and an episode of "Teen Titans"but mainly a plot by me.

3:Demon Love, a InuYasha fanfic-In-Progress-Shippo&Kerara-Rated T for violence-Summary:The rest of the gang is dead, leaving only the adorable Shippo and cute and cuddly Kerara to find the remaining jewel shards, but one problem, Naraku is in the way, but he doesn't want the jewel anymore, no, he wants something else, from Shippo. Could Shippo be the adorable fox demon that we thought we knew or something else. FANWARNING: Kerara talks in this fanfiction, because Shippo is the only one who can understand her.

4:Hide-N-Seek, a Kung Fu Panda fanfic-Not started-TiPo-Rated T for sequences of horror and violence-Summary:Tigress is a truamatized Kung Fu master, after she makes up a imaginary friend named Charlie, all hell breaks lose, what is a tiger to do, when she makes another friend, Po, she falls for him, but Charlie wants Tigress all to himself, and he'll do anything to do that. Based off the movie "Hide-N-Seek" starring Dakota Fanning and Robert De Niro; FANWARNING: Character deaths

5:Into the Shadows, a Crossover with Pokemon and Digimon fanfic-Not started-OC/OC pairings-Rated M for language, sexual content, and violence-Summary: Jay Lyn and Zentin are two teenagers wanting to start their own journey, and after they start it, they run into a problem, someone has betrayed all he is close to and has started an operation known as "Into the Shadows" an operation that can produce shadow pokemon and digimon. Now, along with their close partners, Emma and Lusar, as well as their other pokemon and some allies, Ash, Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, and all the others, Jay Lyn and Zentin must solve the mystery of "Into the Shadows" as well the one behind the shadow production operation, before the world is thrown into a war that will decide its fate but along the way they will learn that nothing surpasses the strength of love, friendship, and knowledge.

6:The Messangers, a Spyro fanfic-Not started-SpyCyn-Rated T for sequences of horror-Summary: Spyro and Cynder are left at the Temple alone, soon after they're visited by some supernatural forces that only they can see. Based off the movie "The Messangers".

7:Resident Evil, a Crossover with Digimon, Kung Fu Panda, Pokemon, and Sonic X fanfic-Not Started-TiPo/Ash&Dawn/DaiKari-Rated T for sequences of horror,violence and gore, and sexual content-Summary:Our favorite kung fu master heroes, meet up with the Pokemon and Digimon characters in modern day America and find it overrun with zombies, can they survive or will they become zombies themselves. Based off the "Resident Evil" movies and games.
Po= Chris Redfield, Tigress= Jill Valentine, Ash= Billy Coen, Dawn= Rebecca Chambers, Davis= Steve Burnside, Kari= Claire Redfield, Brock= Carlos Olivera, T.K= Leon Kennedy, OC= Ada Wong, Tai Lung= Albert Wesker, Sonic= Bruce McGivern, and Amy= Fong Ling

Well there you have it a bunch of things about me

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When Saphira falls for Eragon, who is now married, she gets an urge and makes a plan intended for her young rider. Rated M for sex and language. Don't read if you think it's wrong, I don't mind flamers though. Hope you like it. R&R. In Saphira's POV. Njoy
Inheritance Cycle - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,305 - Reviews: 96 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 7/8/2009 - Published: 4/16/2009 - Saphira, Eragon S. - Complete
I'll Wait for You reviews
Po lets slip that he likes Tigress and she hears him and beats his butt for it, but why is it always him, well enough is enough, time to find out why Tigress seems to hate him so much, TiPo songfic; Song: I'll Wait For You by Elliot Yamin, please R&R
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Tonight, your greatest foe, becomes your greatest ally." When a vampire's partner goes missing and he leaves to find him, he meets a female vampire slayer. After finding that they have a lot in common, this un-likely duo must team up and work together.RR
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UnHindering Our Love: A New Adventure Begins reviews
Life at the Jade Palace has been going well, but then a new intern, a young tiger girl, comes and then a young wolf joins in on the adventure. Who are these young ones? Sparks fly, tragedy strikes, and romance is found. TiPo, OC/OC. Changed summary.Plz RR
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This is a 'what if' fanfiction. The summary is inside. It's a Bolt/Mittens, just to let ya know.
Bolt - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,054 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 4 - Published: 3/19/2009 - Complete