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Author has written 4 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Wolf's Rain, and Saiyuki.

My name is Ginger Cathoway...Im practicing tring to be an author or a poet. if you ever want to hear any of my work just write me at . I also draw and i do take requests. Aroura draws too so yea. just send us a message or something and tell us what you want and how to send it to you...i warn you now- we can not scan and we might charge you for sending fees and what not. lol but if you want we can make a deal of course wee flexible and honestly i wouldnt charge alot anyway so yea lol. love to ll my fans! thank you for reading!

My friend Aroura528 wrote this about animal abuse, post this on your profile if your against it!

Animal Abuse

Hi, my name is Rover,

and I am but one,

I am still a puppy,

who loves to have fun

I'm loyal and I'm friendly,

as cute as can be,

but everyday I ask why,

why I'm not set free,

Did I do something wrong,

am I really all that bad,

did I not wag my tail enough,

and make my master mad,

No, I'm not alone,

there are others you see,

but they all still fight,

their still trapped just like me,

right now I want to cry,

for he will come tonight,

but I am still broken,

from the last fight,

here he comes now,

I pray he lets me be,

but I try not to whimper,

as he kicks me,

I am thrown into the arena,

and drop to the ground,

as the other dog bites me,

I make no sound,

I do not hate the other dog,

I am to blame,

it can't be mans fault,

that my time has finally came,

I watch them walk away,

with not even a goodbye,

I know this is the last I'll see them,

I know I'm going to die,

No, I am not sad,

No, I have not lied,

if there is one truth you sould know,

I am happy I have died.

Aroura528: If your against animal fighting and/or abuse copy this onto your profile! I hope you all do, it may not help, but it may make people aware of how serious this is, you don't beleive me? Go to google and type in animal abuse and/or fighting into images, you'll see what I mean!

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