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Heyhey all!!

First things first I want to apologise for my total and utter lack of updating in any way shape or form but all I can say is my class found out about all my stories including Jakeward (explained below). I was too embarassed to update until now and hopefully anyone who's reading my stuff (if there's anyone left) will accept my profound apologies. So anyway I changed the names of all of my stories to try to stop them reading them but alas some of them had read them and Jakeward (someone who I didn't think would have a lot of patience) searhed all of FanFiction to find one particular story... All I'm going to say is I was mortified when I found out he had found it even after me changing the name persistant prat that he is.

My name is Niamh, I live in Ireland and for all of you out there trying to pronounce my name it's NEE-OF sort of a strange one I know. It's Irish meaning brightness. HAHA it's the last thing you'd think if you saw me!!

I'm in Second Year in UCC (University College Cork)!! Wohooo... Chemical Sciences best choice I EVER made! I think I’ve found my Edward the only problem he thinks he’s more of a Jake! After imprinting on Nessie that is. From here on out he shall be called Jakeward... It sounds better than Edake orEdwarke haha...

I'm a total Harry Potter nerd and proud of it, absolutely LOVE Twilight too though! It's my Jake. It repaired the damage after HP left me and now there will always be a place in my heart for both of them!! Books with a chronogogical order are a passion of mine, The Mortal Instruments, The Black Magician Trilogy, Eragon... You get it... Me likey!

Anything else you want to know about me check out my Facebook profile otherwise I’ll just be repeating myself.

Ok so update on the boring college scene... C'mon second year... passed everything no repeats wooo! Can't say that about everyone though.

Update on Just Friends:

I'm trying really trying to finish the chapter. I just can't stupid college people fiding out (I jest I love them but still) I honestly don't know if I can continue it's just not the same as it was. I will eventually update but in my own time and only one more chapter I can't do anymore than that my heart's just not in it.

I am shorter than 5'4": no
I have many scars: no
I tan easily: no
I burn easily: yeah
I wish my hair was a different color: no
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color: yeah
I have braces: yeah
I wear glasses or contacts: yeah – when I’m reading
I have 5 or more piercings: no
I have/had piercings in places besides my ears: no
I have freckles: yeah

Disney movies still make me cry: no well except for the lion king...
I've laughed so hard I've cried: yeah
I've glued my hand to something: yeah
i've laughed till some kind of beverage came out of my nose: yeah L
I've had my pants rip/drop in public: no
I was born with a disease/impairment: no.
I've sat in a doctors office with a friend: no
I've had my wisdom teeth removed: no
I've had a serious surgery :no
I've had chicken pox: yeah

I've gotten lost in a city: yeah (I was with Meabh)
I've seen a shooting star: no
I've wished on a shooting star: no
I've gone out in public in my pyjamas: yeah ( I even have photographic proof!)
I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator: yeah
I've been to a casino: no
I've been skydiving: no (Heights + me = L)

I've played spin the bottle: yeah (drunken spin the bottle is not good!)
I've drank a whole bottle of liquor in one hour: yeah (quite a few times...)
I've been in a car crash: no
I've caught a snowflake on my tongue: no but one has landed in my eye...:L
I've sat on a roof top at night: no ( I don’t do heights)
I've played chicken: nope
I've played a prank on someone: yeah
I've ridden in a taxi: yeah
I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show: yeah
I've eaten Sushi: no
I've been snowboarding: no

I'm in one right now: no
I miss someone right now: yeah
I've gotten divorced: no
I've had a crush on a teacher: not really :P
I've hugged a stranger: am stranger no person I hardly know yeah
I have a crush on someone right now: yeah like hell yeah

I own something from Hot Topic: nope
I own something from JCPenny, Macy's, Robinson's May or Nordstorm: nope
I own something from The Gap: nope
I own something I got on e-bay: yeah
I own something from Abercrombie: nope
I own something from American Eagle: nope
I own something from Anchor Blue: again no
I own something from Victoria's Secret: nope
I own something from Pac Sun: nope
I own something from Hollister: nope (pattern we don’t have those shops here :P)

More Random!!:
I've stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant: no
I watch the news: depends
I kill bugs: yeah sometimes
I curse reguarly: ammmmm yeah
I sing in the shower: yeah

I'm a morning person: no i prefer to stay in bed for as long as possible
I am a sports fanatic: yeah love to watch, don't play too much
I have listened to more then 30 CD's in a day: yeah
My favorite color is either white, yellow, pink, red or blue: nope
I've worn pyjamas to school: yup
I know how to shoot a gun: no
I laugh at my own jokes: yeah if they’re really geeky chemistry ones
I am really ticklish: hell yeah ask my friends it is used against me all the time especially the guys!
I have played video games: yeah all the time

I'm good at remembering faces: yeah
I'm good at remembering names: no
I'm good at remembering dates: yeah

McDonalds or Burger King?
-neither but if I had to pick McDonalds
Pepsi or Coke?
- again neither but Coke if I had no choice
Sierra Mist or Sprite?
Dominos or Pizza Hut?
-Pizza Hut
Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays?
Pancakes or waffles?
Hamburgers or cheeseburgers?
- Hamburgers
Meat or veggies?
- Meat
Vanilla or chocolate?
- chocolate always chocolate
Abercrombie or Hollister?
- I have no opinion
Boxers or briefs?
- boxers:P
Collar: popped or regular?
- regular...
Jeans or skirt?
- at the minute I prefer my skirts but normally jeans
Sneakers or flip-flops?
-my falling apart red converse...
NYSNC or Backstreet Boys?
- Backstreet Boys
50 Cent or 2pac?
- ugh neither EVER
Country or rap?
- country
Rob Thomas or Maroon 5?
- Maroon 5.
Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbox 20?
- Matchbox 20
Porcupine Tree or Opeth?
- no opinion
The Other Sex
Face or body?
- personality (no seriously)
Chest or heinie?
- Chest.
Hair: short or long?
- in between
Brunette or blonde?
- neither cough something else
brunette if I had to choose though
Candy or flowers?
- Candies
Hugs or kisses?
- Hugs always hugs I miss my hugs
Friends with benefits or date?
- hmmmmmm date I’m a jealous, jealous person
MySpace or Facebook?
- facebook
TV or movie?
Cell phone or iPod?
- both I can’t live without either! Proven fact!
Automatic or manual?
- manual
Black or white?
- black.
Red or blue?
- red
Gold or silver?
Yellow or orange?
- orange
Pink or purple?
- purple
Summer or Winter?
- Summer!
Fall or Spring?
- fall
Rain or thunderstorm?
- ThunderStorm
Snow or rain?
- Snow

Would you rather...
Shower or bathe?
- Shower.
Play an instrument or sing?
-Sing, however badly I do have a bodhran and can play it to some extent
Play ping-pong or pool?
Be hot or cold?
- cold...

Are you...
Quiet or loud?
- loud
Immature or mature?
- depends on the situation and who I’m with
ugly or hott?
- ummmm not hot anyway
Smart or stupid?
- I’m not a straight A student but I wouldn’t be too far behind
Gay or straight?
- Straight.
Dogs or cats?
Pen or pencil?
Canada or Australia?
- Australia (I heart surfers!!;) )

And that's it from me. I think you all now know everything you need to and somethings you don't:)

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