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Hey everyone!

So a little update on my stories...

Another Alex Rider

December 6, 2011

I've been reading a lot of AR lately and realize how unprepared I am to actually publish a decent story. First of all, an actual plan for the story would be a good place to start, which sadly is lacking since I have been making it up as I go. This is why I was rewriting my story. Second, there are tons of details and important tidbits that I have no knowledge about that are important to making a semi-accurate and well written story. I realized that if I was going to rewrite my story, I wanted it to be as good as I could make it.

So basically, I need to research and put a lot more work than I am into rewriting the story. With my schedule and lack of inspiration, this would be a very difficult thing for me to achieve. If I somehow get the motivation and inspiration to make this story into something I will try to continue. However, this isn't a likely option, so as of now this story is now on permanent hiatus.

Sorry to all of you who have read and reviewed this story. You guys really are the best!

April 4, 2013

The plan has changed a bit. Before, I was planning on a full length story. Now, I've decided I'm just going to be making them related one-shots. That was people who are interested still get reading material. For some reason, I've got in my mind that an actual story needs to be complex with complicated plot lines that aren't overused and predictable. This is a problem seeing as I don't really have the time to dedicate to such things. With this new idea about the structure, I don't have to stress so much and feel guilty abot not writing my best story. Also it will be much easier for me to make it light hearted, which I am much better at. It also benefits my general lack of direction and inability to update regularly.

Basically the first three or four chapters are going to be a sort of mini story that sets up the background that my one-shots will be based on. The first two are already completed and the third is in the works. I can't promise when it will be done, but it's progress none the less. After those first few chapters, it will just be a bunch of one-shots that are set within the world the first chapters set up. I have at least two seperate one-shot ideas, but I'll worry about those after I finish the first bit. It's going to be called Safe Haven and I'll post a new authors note on the current story to let readers know that it has been posted.

Angel Wings

blazzer12 generously offered to adopt. Nothing has been continued or posted yet, but it is in the works.

On a different note:

If you find mistakes or typos in my writings do me a favor and let me know so I can fix them. Please!

Also, I'm always looking for a good read. Drop me a line and let me know your favorites!

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