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Hey everyone!

The name is foxermit. Please don't ask me to explain that one because I don't think it is possible to do. I've actually had this account for years now and my name has changed a few times. I blame it on my wee child self that was completely clueless and indecisive.

I'm of the female variety and too old to be spending all my free time reading fanfiction (Hint: early twenties). I do it anyway.

I am definitely an introvert and a gigantic nerd. I have a wild variety of interests, but with things like books and movies, I tend to enjoy science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, and that type of thing. I'm not such a huge fan of the romance genre, just because I find them so utterly predictable. That doesn't include romantic comedies since those just make me laugh.

Lord of the Rings is my one true love and I'm not sure anything will ever top it. Harry Potter is a few steps behind. Mythology is fascinating. Science is brilliant. I found manga and anime a few years ago which was a joy. I worked at a library for a while in the children's section and found that I enjoyed some of the chapter books despite being much older than the target audience. And of course, I love me some Disney.

Some fandoms and other interests:

Lord of the Rings.

No explanation necessary on this one. Both books and movies are glorious. They are pure magic. My best friend and I attempt, and usually succeed, to set aside a day every year for a movie marathon (extended versions of course). I’ve only seen them at least half a dozen times, so I don't think it’s too ridiculous :). I am also undefeated in LotR trivial pursuit. Though to be honest, I just have had good luck and get the easy cards. I may have dressed as a hobbit at one point.

Harry Potter.

The entire HP universe and the idea of a magical world is fascinating. Hermione is probably my favorite character in the series, but I will admit to loving Draco as well. I find his character extremely interesting. I liked Ron much better in the books than movies, same with Ginny. Harry is cool when he is not too busy being an angst ridden teenager. I prefer the books to the movies, but given the limitations movie adaptions have and comparing it to other movie adaptions, overall I think they did a fairly good job. I may or may not be the owner of a boxed set of the books stored in a Hogwarts trunk, an elder wand pen, and a slytherin house scarf.

Doctor Who.

Nine will always be my doctor, just as Rose will forever be my favorite companion. I loved how good they were for each other. I've only seen new who, but my goal is to go back and watch the original series. I've liked all of the doctors (though I do have my preferences). I never connected with Martha the same way I did with some of the other companions, but there is no denying she is a complete badass. Thinking about Donna just makes me want to cry. Amy was empowering. For some reason, Clara's character irked me and I have mixed feelings about River, depending on when you are talking about. I liked her in the beginning and in her last episode, but I felt like some of her characterization that made her so great disappeared in the middle episodes of her arc. Jack needs to return ASAP.

Marvel (Cinematic Universe).

Unfortunately, I haven't read any of the comics but I have done some research on the background and stories of characters I found the most interesting. By which I mean Black Widow and Captain America. Black Widow is a complex and fascinating character that I wish we saw more. I find Natasha and Steve's friendship amusing. Thor is especially great to look at. Not that any of them are bad on the eyes.


I'm talking the old school stuff that I grew up with. I haven't seen all of the recent ones. Mulan is my girl. Peter Pan was one of my favorites growing up. Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid are all great too. Who am I kidding, I liked them all. I've always been jealous of Belle since I want my own library and swimming lessons were sometimes a struggle since I was too busy pretending I was Ariel.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I had never read these until a little kid who always came into the library begged me too. I'm really too old; they're meant for kids but I enjoyed them anyway. Percy's sass is always good for a laugh. Also, the mythology was interesting. I actually haven't thought about this series for a while, but just got around to finishing the Heroes of Olympus series recently and it reminded me what an easy and enjoyable read the books are. I struggle to find fanfiction in this category since it is a series for younger readers a lot of the writing reflects this.

Others movies/tv shows/books worth mentioning:

Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Jurassic Park. Star Trek

Firefly. Merlin. Avatar: the Last Airbender

Alex Rider

Hetalia. Yuri!!! On Ice. Fairy Tail. Kuroko no Basuke. Cardcaptor Sakura (My very first anime, I watched every Saturday morning as a kid and on this list because of that)

There are tons and tons of others, but I only listed some of the ones that I have loved for a long period or have been reading/watching recently. I'm always looking for a good read, so be it a fanfiction or actual publication, I would love to know your favorites!

So a little update on my stories...

There's No Place Like Home - Completed.

Maximum Saving - Completed. Please stop asking for me update. There is a reason the status is set to complete. I completed it in 2009 for god’s sake. Feel lucky that I haven't deleted it since it was so long ago and my writing has changed so much.

Another Alex Rider - Deleted. Let’s be honest—it was terrible. Dreadful. Awful. Embarrassing. I mean, look at the title. Obviously, there was no hope for it from the beginning. I was holding out in the hope I would get it revamped and rewritten into a halfway decent story seeing as my writing had improved so much (thank god) and I had an actual plot thought out, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon. So I deleted it. It made me shudder thinking about it just sitting there, still available for people to read and melt their brains with.

Angel Wings (Maximum Ride/Mortal Instruments crossover) - Deleted. It was up for adoption for a long time, but after three attempts of someone offering to adopt it only for it to fall through, I've decided to give up. Someone also informed me while I was still writing it that someone was copying my work and posting it elsewhere under his or her own name, so that sort of killed it for me as well. I apologize to those of you who were hoping for a continuation.

If you find mistakes or typos in my writings, (the few that actually exist) do me a favor and let me know so I can fix them. Please!

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Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie reviews
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There's No Place Like Home reviews
Alex returns to the flat he shares with Tom with a little more excitement than is strictly necessary. Short little one-shot.
Alex Rider - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,877 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 7 - Published: 7/18/2012 - Alex R./Cub, Tom H. - Complete
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