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My ultimate goal is to become a full-time novelist/mangaka, and I am currently studying Creative Writing at the university level to bring about this end. My artistic works are available for viewing at .

My purpose in writing fanfiction is to hone my writing skills and obtain feedback from other readers; for the first reason, I write only stories which can easily accommodate original characters and subplots. I walk a fine line here, understandably, for not every fandom can actually accept either. If, therefore, you have anything to say in regards to my execution of my OCs, the canon characters, plot deviations, writing style… etc., anything, really, just shoot me a message or a review! I love to hear feedback from others, whether it’s constructive criticism or comments in general. Criticism is especially needed; without it, how will I know what you guys want? I’ll never be able to write something that you would love to read! So please, tell me your thoughts!


A Death Note fanfiction, completed, pending a redo. LxOC-1 is the main pairing, but there is also MatsudaxOC-2, OC-3xOC-4, one-sided LxOC-4, one-sided NamikawaxOC-1, and one-sided OC-5xOC-1. Other canon characters with major roles include Soichiro Yagami, Light Yagami, Shuichi Aizawa, and Watari.

This is my first fanfiction, and I realize that it has many… many glaring mistakes, such as OOC-ness, slight Mary Sue-ness (it’s not horrible, I can assure you that), excessive flippancy, and ignorance of real-life matters. As stated above, it’s pending a complete overhaul with the aid of my beta, Tristyn des Fleurs, so starting summer 2010 (if all goes well), you will start to see a much better version of this story.


A Death Note fanfiction, in progress. LxOC-1 is the main pairing, but there is also MelloxOC-2, MattxOC-3, and NearxOC-4. Other canon characters with major roles include Watari, Roger, and the mysterious A.

The sequel to Jizen Keiji and a much better story; this takes place after the Kira case at the Wammy’s House. ON TEMPORARY HIATUS. I will finish this story, I promise! I took a year off from the Death Note enterprise, and after I finish my Vampire Knight fanfic, I’ll get back to SnF and finish it up for you all.


A Vampire Knight fanfiction, ongoing. TakumaxOC is the main pairing; also in descending order of appearances, ShikixRima, KanamexYuki, AidoxYori, and KainxRuka. Other canon characters with major roles include Sara Shirabuki, Ori (Shirabuki’s canon fiancé), Kaien Cross, Toga Yagari, Zero Kiryu, and Kaito Takamiya.

The story follows the canon plot up until manga chapter 52, and makes a sharp deviation from the plot thereafter (though there are a few elements in later chapters that are incorporated into the story).

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I hate you."I hissed. If my words were a venom, he'd be dead."You don't hate him though."he retorted back with that stupid smirk on his face."No I don't, I love him, but I hate you."I growled."I look like him don't I? Now tell me your secret." Sequel up!
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Vampires Don't Exist reviews
He's a vampire; she's human. Things wouldn't be THAT bad, except her memory keeps getting erased and the purebloods constantly interfere with everything, not to mention a lot of drama. TakumaOC - plus SenriRima KanameYuki AidoYori later KainRuka
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Seizonsha no Fukushuu reviews
Sequel to Jizen Keiji. L and Keiko are married and settled with their two kids. Unfortunately, there are a few people who are still sore over the past... and they want revenge on L. LxOC; MelloxOC; MattxOC; slight NearxOC. Rated M to be safe.
Death Note - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 33 - Words: 124,133 - Reviews: 364 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 7/5/2009 - Published: 12/1/2008 - L, A
Jizen Keiji reviews
LxOC. She is haunted by her past; he's just bored. Both have secrets. Both have reasons to be left alone... But loneliness is hard to deal with when you don't give someone else a chance. Rated M to be safe. Kind of OOC-ish. REWRITE PENDING!
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