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My name is Kasey.

Though I have not updated in a very, very long time, I have started to make some changes and will possibly tie up a few loose ends because I feel awful for not completing stories that should, by all means, be completed. I have started a process of revising/editing most of my posted stories. Most changes will involve grammar, but some may involve content. I will be sure to let you know if any story's content changes. It should be noted that I cannot catch every last mistake in grammar, so please do not expect perfection. I also knowingly left sentence fragments in some of the stories because of artistic reasons and how they affect the flow of the paragraph.

As of right now, the following stories have been replaced with newer versions:

A Goddess Left Alone-grammar only
Sabotaged-grammar and content

If you do find further mistakes, please e-mail me at

I have also finally posted a new story which should be complete by, optimistically, 2008. Unmasked is a romance with some comic relief and a less somber tone than other stories. I do hope you'll try it even though the summary leaves something to be desired and like it. I have been writing it for quite some time and all inner senshi will be featured. Since they are all featured, however, it is very long and more complicated than writing a Serena and Darien fic. I will need some time for character development. The fanfic will actually be novel length by the time it is complete. That is pretty exciting, right?

Until the next time,

Ai No Senshi

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Disguises of the Beauty by AzianMu reviews
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