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Author has written 11 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice, D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

About what I've got up:

Gingerbread: A fluffy, cracky piece about the triplets from Kuroshitsuji II. The triplets fear gingerbread men. they discover that Alois is the ultimate weapon against them ,but he's to busy hating the cold to care. FINISHED.

The Unconventional Wooing of Pierce: Boris really wanted to fix the strange relationship between himself and Pierce. He thought sending him presents might help, and sadly it backfired. Watch Pierce not understand Boris' many attempts at friendship and more! FINISHED.

Oatmeal: Kuroshitsuji II. Trancy Household. Oatmeal. Crackfic. Trees. FINISHED. Why are you people still favoriting this? Seriously, what?

The Ups and Downs of an Interspecies Relationship:Sequel to The Unconventional Wooing of Pierce, discussing some of the strange, cute, and fascinating problems that come with a relationship between a cat and a mouse. FINISHED

Love and Affection: Oh GOD. PURE FLUFF. Alice introduced the world she was thrown into to many of her customs, including Valentine's day. Pierce really, really wants to do something amazingly nice for Boris, and the reverse is also true. Fluff ensues. (Oneshot) FINISHED.

Context is for the Weak: a strange, overdone drabble about Lavi and Kanda from D.Gray-Man. Lavi loves picking on people almost as much as he loves Kanda. Put the two together, and you've got Lavi having more fun then you can imagine, while Kanda just wants his book back. Drabble. FINISHED.

Bloody Jealousy: My first attempt at a Blood/Elliot fic, and I think it turned out pretty decent! Blood is a very overprotective person, and doesn't appreciate it when other people touch his things. that includes Elliot. A Blood/Elliot oneshot. FINISHED.

Finally: a request from the lovely miss Ink'n'Echo. Ace/Gray. Ace decides that it's about time that someone acted on the tension they'd both noticed, and he takes the initiative. Oneshot. Request. Ace/Gray, as I already said. FINISHED.

Rise and Shine: more Blood/Elliot. Drabble. yaddayaddayaaa.

The Strange Birth of Emily: Pandora Hearts. Break wants a friend, but he's not so great with people. creating one was just so much easier! drabble.

Painting Confusion: UNFINISHED. Manic!Canada and murder. Hetalia, RusCan. Temporary Hiatus, I've got another project for my Heart No Fans that I've been promising for quite awhile~

About what I'm working on now:

A Hetalia (RusCan) fic. Canada wants to help out Russia, and can think of no better way to help him then by sending him a snuggie. In a round-a-bout way, it nearly initiates the second Cold War.

Another Hetalia fic, this time instead of RusCan...CanRus. how I'll do that? I've no idea.

a short fic for Ace/Julius from HnKnA, with a possible sequel. Oh Dear, I'm frightened of this, and I'm the one who's writing it. Status: I really don't know when my beta's gonna be done with it...

D.Gray-Man/Oliver thingy. This is something I've wanted to do for awhile. plug the DGM cast into characters slots from Oliver!, and what would happen? Disturbing tension between Lavi and the Earl, Tyki and Rhode as undertakers, Lavi the prostitute ,and a ton of strange, twisted things that only i could come up with. Status: I think I'll be taking this on after I'm done with Ups and Downs. Oh Boy.

A Serious (Gasp!) fic about Drocell from Kuroshitsuji. didn't think i could do serious, did you?

Two different Pokemon crossovers, unless my dear friend decides to take one of them on for me. one will be Hetalia, and the other Legend of Zelda. Yeah.

Hetalia: Ivan is a gym leader, Matthew is a challenger, Gilbert wants to be a challenger, and Alfred is...himself. this is going to be...interesting...

Legend of Zelda: I don't even know .Sheik is a rival, Link is a trainer. that's all I've got right now.

a Boris/Pierce twoshot inspired by my friend, who adores sickfic.

yet another Blood/Elliot, this one involving the question "Elliot, are you a masochist?"

A kuroshitsuji/Hellgirl crossover.

A kuroshitsuji AU based on the episode The Making of Kuroshitsuji II

A 8059/5980 (Reborn!) fic, centering around the idea of them as two fairly normal eighth graders attempt a date. fluff happens.

An incredibly strange fic for soul eater...the main pairing is going to be , I kid you not, Hiro( remember that kid who actually liked Excalibur? With the pants and the exposed tummy and the piercings and the spazz and the blonde and the sneeze-hating and the pushoveryness? yeah, him.) and Male!Crona, and a side of Stein and Spirit, Maka and Soul, and possibly Black Star and Tsubaki, maybe. yeah. I really don't know why this is going to happen.

If you have anything you'd be interested in seeing from me then please, tell me! I'm always looking for new ideas! I just can't do smut...yeah. Especially for pairings like Ace/Julius or Blood/Elliot, who I love working with but can't come up with situations for. Please, anything, just ask! I can't promise I'll do it, but I'll certainly try!

Oh my goodness, guys. oh my goodness. I'm writing Boris/Pierce again. wut. ~Ali. (Tuesday, September 27, 10:55 PM)

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"Little Canada" had finally reached the breaking point. He was tired of everything, confused, and had officially let go. Warning:Blood and coloring with it and morbid themes.more than likely RusCan
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The Unconventional Wooing of Pierce reviews
Boris/Pierce Fluff. Boris doesn't want Pierce to be afraid ,so he gives him presents. Pierce takes the gifts as death threats. Boris doesn't seem to realize that normal people don't appreciate dead things as gifts. Pierce is traumatized.
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A fluffy,tiny fic . The triplets discover a gingerbread house, and don't understand what it's for. Remember children, Gingerbread men are NOT sentient.
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