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I remember the first fanfic I wrote. It was a total Mary-Sure, but I didn't know what that term even meant back then. I just wrote because I enjoyed employing my creativity. To not use my imagination would havebeen a waste. Still, I've evolved as a writer since that first story (which I have saved on a floppy and look at every time I need a laugh). These past months made me realize that I am beyond fanfiction (not above it, because fanfiction isn't bad or anything). It's a nice thing, to take existing plots and continue on or change to a "what if"...but I kind of want to do my own thing, create my own worlds. I've sort of been fooling myself. All I've written are AU stories, 8 of them, most unfinished, but all of them really long and (I think) too drawn out. I created my own world, to an extent.

It's time to spread my wings, and for that I need to leave The false hope I've given my readers by setting deadlines for new chapters that are never met, well, it was wrong of me. My new life doesn't have room for writing fanfiction. I have litle enough time to work on my original story as it is.

I will continue writing. In fact, I'm working on my first novel. It will undergo many revisions and transformations before it
gets published, but I'm 17 (for all that I act like an adult...sometimes). I have plenty of time to get it published. However,
I doubt you will find the story at fictionpress. Once and awhile I will post a chapter or vignette on my livejournal, but aside from that, you'll have to wait about a decade to see it in print (hopefully). The working title is Coldfire, and it's about ayoung woman named _ (I haven't found a name that I'm comfortable with yet) who has pyrokinetic powers, an avatar of the Goddess. Nothing like Witch Hunter Robin, I assure you. I sincerely hope that I haven't inadvertantly ripped the idea from an anime, but somehow I doubt that. It's one of my typically complex and odd plots. ^^;

I would like to keep this short, because I hate saying goodbyes. I'm just grateful that I discovered fanfiction. I wouldn't have found that I enjoy writing. I'm also thankful for my readers, those who reviewed and those who at least read. Your encouragements and criticisms allowed me to go on and hone my writing skills (why do you think FMTW underwent so many revisions?). To my first and only betareader, M.A, I especially want to thank. I found a kindred soul. Nobody appreciated Makoto's strength and determination as much as you did...there are few who can put it into words half as well as you did.

It's a complete coincidence that today is New Years Eve, the last day in 2004. I'm glad that it is though. It's the end of a legacy. I was one of the last Makoto crossover writers'. The moonies have long since overrun us. My only wish is that somebody carries on the torch of top quality Makoto fanfics.

-Sarien (formerly known as Sailor Emerald) Fangirl for life

P.S. I would love to see you all on my livejournal

P.P.S. Just because I've stopped writing fanfiction doesn't mean that I've stopped reading it. ^_~

P.P.P.S. Maybe in the summer you will see a short vignette from me. Who knows...
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