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I'm a writer...uh, duh. :) Well, I'm definitely big fan of Zelda (Link RULES!!!*look at the penname, damnit!!!) and many of my fanfics revolve around our elfish hero and his many adventures. Hehe! My stories get a little bit long, a private one that I've never sent out online is over 250 pages long. Yup, I can exaggerate! Therefore, they are not for those less patient or faint of heart. ;) Enjoy. *P.S. - if you ever read any of my fics, PLEASE R&R!!! ~.~ It's the only way us poor authors know that you like something!! ^_^*


~ me and a good -*bishouji comes in: what do you mean 'good'?! aren't i special?!* ^_^ a very special friend bishouji are writing a continuation together on Escaflowne. if you wanna check it out *it's only started but we're getting started* click on the link below:


ps - i'm working on all my fanfics and artwork *tampered with adobe photoshop, you'll see color..sometime!* spare me until then!!!!!


FINALLY UPDATED!!! i've added a new chapter to all three fanfics *though i've been through a major writer's block and i don't expect much from any of them ^_^ ; * the new chapter for SSB melee has strange symbols everytime there's supposed to be an apostrophe or a quotations mark. can someone please tell me why's that and help me get rid of them? thanks so muc for being patient, PLEASE R&R!!


ARGH!! i don't know what's wrong with fanfiction.net! i've uploaded previous chapters that never had those wierd symbols on the document manager but they come up with them anyway! if anyone can tell me how to get rid of them please help me out!

I've finally managed to solve the mystery of the wierd symbols, all thanks to Smoke Rulz!!! *biiiig applause* arigatou! I've changed all the new chapters to the new format that supports quotation marks etc., so you should be able to read clearly after fanfiction changes it. again, biig thanks!!

wow, it has been a year. ^_^;; i didn't think that's what anyone wanted to hear though. well, i got bad news and optimistic news. being not much the optimist, i'll start with the bad news first. i've hit this major writer's block, and i hate having you good people waiting for my lazy butt to start updating. u're all awesome, i loved all the comments on my stories and all the threats to make me start writing, i feel very much loved. so the bad news is, if i don't write anymore this following year, i might not finish the stories ever. the optimistic news? i could start writing, even if it takes me months to start a page or so. i hope by then i'd have thought up an ending that deserves all the time u've waited. thank u all, and happy reading as always.

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