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Hello. I'm matthias4ever, 17 year-old girl from Finland. I love books. Besides reading, I love writing., My favorite authors are Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling and Finnish author Tuija Lehtinen. I have many favorite books, like Darren Shan books, Twilight, Potters and Pirates!. Twilight is my newest passion and that's why I'm actually here, to publish my fanfiction and to read others. I love the wolves, but of course Edward is my favorite. Who wouldn't love him? I think I write a lot, mainly in Finnish. Frozen Windows is my first fanfiction and my first story in English.

Travelling is one of my passions. I've been in USA, Egypt, Sweden, Brazil and India. I'm going in India again this December and I'm looking forward to it. I just fell in love with the local people, culture and food. Food was excellent! I'm planing on going to Interrail with my friend after finishing high-school. That would fill up my need to see more Europe. The country that I have dreamed visiting in is Australia. Maybe someday I have enough money to go there and see the kangaroos. The most interesting place was Egypt. History is close to my heart and it was awsome to see the tombs of the ancient Faraos.

My personality... You would get a pretty colorful answer if you would ask about it from my friends. I think I'm funny and happy person. I never can be angry with anyone longer than an hour. My friends do make of fun of me when I say this, but I love to watch documents. Every subject is interesting to me. I hunger for more information. It feels like I can never know enough. My friends call me their personal encyclopedia. As I said I love knowing stuff. With my friends I sometimes like to talk about somethings, that may sound crazy to some one else.

My favorite movies are Titanic and Butterfly effect. I love rock music and my favorite bands are Scorpions and Iron Maiden. I actually went to both of their gigs, when they were visiting here in Finland this summer. Maybe some Scorpions fans can guess where I took my pen name from. For those who doesn't know Scorpions, they have this wonderful guitar player, Matthias Jabs.

Finland really isn't a big place. There are just a little over 5 million people in this whole country. I live near our former capital, Turku. Turku was the capital before it burned down. The present capital is Helsinki. Finland is a cold place in winter. But in summer, the sun shines 24/7 and it's always warm, even hot sometimes. The nature is always near where ever you go. I'm not a nature person. Only thing that I do outdoors in the winter is ice skating. I love watching ice hokey, but I'm not that good at it, so I'll just watch. Where I live, is actually nothing. We have two stores and one café. But luckily the nearest big town is just a 15 km away. The population of this town is just 4000. I hate the cold, so I would love to move away from here. Maybe I would enjoy the sunny California. You never know...

Here are some links for my story Please Nessie. Go check it out! :)

Clothes and shoes

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Nessie’s black blouse:

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Justin Timberlake - Sexy back:

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Embry is sick and tired of hanging around his friends who all have imprinted. Until he finds this dark-haired beauty from Port Angeles. So why did Embry imprint to this girl, isn't the imprinting all about making new stronger werewolves?
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