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Konichiwa everyone, this is Dolphin Guardian here. Okay let’s get this straight my email is:

But by this I do not mean Iruka from Naruto I mean iruka, as in the Japanese word for dolphin. Me love dolphins. i'm 15, and in the 10th grade. Okay, now that that’s settled time for the Faves.

Favorite singers/bands:

Avril Lavigne

Boys like Girls

Taylor Swift

Bowling for Soup

I also like any kind of music except; heavy metal, heavy rock, jazz, and classical.

Favorite pairing:

Sasunaru- Sasuke has to be seme for me

I’m okay with any other Naruto couple, as long as Sasuke and Naruto are together.

MikanXNatsume - from gakuen alice

Yuuram - kyou kara maou, it's what got me into shouen ai and yaoi.

ShikiXIchijo-... acutally i just thought of this pairing after reading Vampire Knights "It's too Frightening to ask, "Why only me?"".

Inugome- form inuyasha one of the older ones i forgot about

YuukiXZero- also from Vampire Knights

RobinXStarfire- teen titans, i know but still.

ShitoXChika- Zombie Loan

YuukiXShuichi- Gravitation, one of my main favs

GurenX Masahiro

Favorite color:

Defiantly Turquoise

Favorite Subjects:


Marine biology




Best Subject:

Math, i skipped like two years in it.

Pet peeves:

when people call themself full or half american. i mean seriously you can't be american it's a ethnicity not a nationality. i mean, seriously, gosh.

MONKEYS, i just hate them i mean, seriously, they're evil being sent from hell.

People who think that their lives suck so they have to be all mopy.

people who ditch their friends for their boy/girlfriends

Theme Song:

Mobile & My World both by Avril Lavigne, I’m an army brat so I move a lot so these songs are perfect song for me, along with other things.


half korean, 1/4th norweign, and 1/4 luxemburgian (no idea how to spell that, but yes it is a country in Europe)

I’m currently residing in Japan so I can speak a little Japanese since my school teaches it.


Name: Tenshi Nokiyama

Stars in: Scroll One: Shinobi in High School

Age: 16

Stats: 4'7,

brown eyes,

red hair that is spiked at the top and tied in a small ponytail in the back.

Parents: he is the son of the millionaire Soda & Yuuki Nokiyama.

Todays yen rate is: 105Y to the dollar. :)

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Exclusive Love Contract reviews
Salaryman-horny seme, Sasuke Uchiha is surprised when sexing-his-way-through-college uke, Naruto Uzamaki walks into his hotel room by mistake. After their first unplanned tryst what exactly does Sasuke have in mind for Naruto?
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