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Hello I'm a a huge Naruto fan. I know there's many huge fans, but I know just about everything of Naruto. My friends say I'm a fun, shy yet, outgoing person. I'm 'evil' when you mess with the ones I truly care about. I don't actually do anything..I look at the person and away. I can win in a no blinking contest, too! It's fun yet, painful...I now I'm weird, but that's why people like me. When someone's down I'll cheer them up no matter who it is. Friend or foe...or stranger I'm there for you. I'm like a mini Naruto...but a girl...and I'm more mature...ok maybe not. I'm always feel alone even when people are surrounding me. Even if I'm in a crowded room full of people...I feel alone. But I know I'm not. I'm in the dark, but with friends. I rather stay in the dark with someone than, be in the light alone...

I'm a fan of:






I took a a few quizzes on (QUIZZILLA RULEZ!!)

What naruto characters think about you

Your man is Kiba
NARUTO: She's dating Kiba.He actually has someone that goes good with him.She's hot.
HINATA: She's awesome.She's one of my best friends.Her,Kiba,and Akamaru work very good together.I'm glad their together because of that.
SASUKE: She kinda gets on my nerves.But she's hot.
SAKURA: She's pretty cool.
INO: I don't really like her all that much.
TENTEN: She's okay.
KIBA: I love her with all my insides.I'm glad we're together.She's so beautiful.And she loves me and Akamaru so much.I don't know what I'd do without her.
SHINO: She's cool.Her and Kiba make a prefect couple.She's hot.
SHIKAMARU: she's a girl and girls are trubblesome.But she's hot anyways.
NEJI: She kinda gets on my nerves a little bit sometimes.She's hot either way.
LEE: I like her,she's hot.
TEMARI: I don't really know to much about her but what I do know she's pretty cool.
KANKURO: I kinda like her.She's hot.
GAARA: She's okay.She's beautiful.
You were walking in the forest picking flowers with Hinata,when Kiba,Akamaru,and Shino came up to the two of you. Shino asked Hinata to come with him for a little bit. You kneal down to pick up a flower when Akamaru runs up to you and licks you face. You start laughing and pick him up. Kiba says "Sorry about that he just really likes you." You smile and say "Thats okay.I like him,too." Kiba says "I'm glad you two like each other because it would be really hard to like youif you and Akamaru didn't like each other." You blush and ask "You like me?" His face gets red and he says "Yes,I've liked you for a long time now.But I've been to scared to tell you." You say "You scared?Yeah right." He says "Actually I'm still scared of your anwser to my question." You ask "What question?" Kiba said "I was wondering if you' my...girl friend?" You anwser "Yes,I'd love to." And then you kiss him. Then a while later Shino and Hinata come back and say "So how'd everything go?" Both of you blush and say "Yes,everything went great."

Possible Bf: Naruto or Kiba
Bff: Ten Ten, Lee, or Hinata
Naruto: I love her! She is the best we always pull pranks on everyone...
Saskue: i HATE her! she is just like Naruto
Sakura: what MY SASKUE said
Kiba: I love her! she likes Akamaru too! we do almost everything together
Ino: what SASKUE said!
Shino: she could be way more quiet
Shikamaru: too troublesome
Choji: she always steals my chips
Hinata: she's my best friend she understands me and i barely stutter around her
Kankuro: HOTT!
Temari: Nice but she could train more than pull pranks
Neji: Annoying little girl!

Your guy: Neji (me: gasp who woulda ever though that he would ever like someone! lol, jk...kinda...)
What he likes about you: You are so friendly and easy to get along with. Actually, he tried hating you at first, but it didn't work...
What the characters say and think about you:
What Sasuke says: "She's strong and she's smart."
What Sasuke thinks: A very good fighter, and a tough opponent.
What Naruto says: "She's fun to be with, and really strong!"
What Naruto thinks: She's pretty!
What Neji says: "She strong, nice, pretty, smart. Everything."
What Neji thinks: She's cool. It's destiny I met her. (me: What is it with you in destiny?? -_-'')
What Kiba says: "She nice and strong and smart. She's got it all!"
What Kiba thinks: Why would she pick Neji over me?? I made it pretty obvious I liked her...
What Shikamaru says: "Nice and strong. Not only that, smart. Tough opponent."
What Shikamaru thinks: Nice and strong. Not only that, smart. Tough opponent. (me: You know Shikamaru. Always saying what he thinks.)
What Rock Lee says: "She's nice, strong, smart, and hell, pretty too! She's the package."
What Rock Lee thinks: Cries Why did she pick Neji? I'm better!AND I WILL BEAT HIM ONE DAY!
What Gaara says: "She's got a little bit of everything, she'll be a tough opponent."
What Gaara thinks: Very very strong...
What Kakashi says: "Perfect student."
What Kakashi thinks: We should have a bakini bash... (me: chases him around throwing things at him STOP BEING SUCH A PERVERT!)
What Choji says: "Youdafa ajecka dikjer iafejc aijewi riaj favaije."
(Translation: I want something to eat really really really bad!! lol, jk!!)
Real translation (because his mouth was still stuffed with the cookies he'd shoved in there earlier): She's so perfect, it's scary...
What Choji thinks: "She's got a big heart."
What Kankuro says: "She's cool."
What Kankuro thinks: WON'T ANYONE STOP BOTHERING ME BY SAYING I WEAR TEMARI'S MAKE UP?? I DON'T! (me: Sure you don't) (him: Grrr) (me: Leaving)
What Kabuto says: "She's perfect!"
What Kabuto thinks: She'll be the best one to work for Orochimaru, except Sasuke of course, actually, I think they're within the same range.
What Sakura says: "She a great friend and person!
What Sakura thinks: Why is she better then me??
What Ino says: "Cool person! And she listens to me!!" (me: The only one, huh?)
What Ino thinks: I'm better then her, right?
What Hinata says: "I really like her. I think she's one of me best friends, as well as everyone else's."
What Hinata thinks: She's so nice, and she not only listens, she hears. She's even made Neji not want to kill me! As much...but anyways, I am greatful to her.
What Temari says: "She's great! We are almost always hanging together."
What Temari thinks: She's perfect!
What Tenten says: "She's an interesting opponent."
What Tenten thinks: I can never hit her with my weapons!! Grrr...

Naruto: She is to much like Sasuke! He wont even let he me near her!
Sakura: She took Sasuke from me! I want to kill her! But, I cant get near her!
Sasuke: She is the best! She understands me and does not try to stop me when I fight Itachi! She Is a great fighter!
Kakashi: She is the best! She lives with me because her dad lift her and her mother is died! I love her Like a daughter and I help her train! smile
Ino: same as Sakura
Lee: She is like Sasuke! I like her but, she doesnt like me! cry
Gai: She is always with Kakashi! All the Jounin like her!
Gaara: Who??
Tamari: I didnt really know her but, She can fight!
Itachi: She will be the way to get Sasuke! evil smile/ laugh
Kiba: She is Hot but, she is always with Sasuke or Kakashi!
Tenten: She is all right but, she doesnt come near me.
Choji: she said that it is not the out side that counts, it is the inside. I am handsome on the inside!
Hinata: She is nice but, I didnt really know her all that good. Smile

Name: Haruka
Age: 26
Rank: Jounin
BF: Kakashi
BFF: Sasuke
Naruto: She is too much like Sasuke! but, she is so pretty! L
Sakura: She took Sasuke from me!
Sasuke: She understands me! But, She is to old for me! All the Jounin like her!
Kakashi: She is my wife! I love her!
Ino: same as sakura
Lee: Who??
Gai: She is to much like Kakashi! I will beat you Kakashi!
Gaara: She is a great fighter! I like her but, She blow me off!
Tamari: She blow off Gaara and He loved her!
Itachi: I could use her to get Sasuke and Kakashi! evil laugh
Kiba: She is to much like Sasuke! But, she is hot!
Tenten: ..
Choji: She is hot! she said that it is not the out side that counts, it is the inside. I am handsome on the inside!
Hinata: She is nice to me!!

Name:Hana (flower)
Best friend: Ino and Sakura
Sasuke: She is nice
Sakura: shes my friend
Naruto: shes nice and pretty
Hinata: She's n-n-nice she doesn't mind that I am q-q-quite
Shino: She doesn't crush bugs
Kiba:she plays with me and Akamaru
Tenten: Shes really nice we train together
Neji: shes nice but not strong
Shikamaru: Shes smart we watch clouds together sometimes
Chouji: She buys me chips
Ino: shes my friend
Gaara: She has a past like Naruto
Temari: She is nice but sometimes annoying
Kankuro: She's hot!
your past: You have always been a popular person you have tons of friends, great style, great looks. Everyone thinks your life is perfect but your brother died when you were eight and he was your best friend. You still cry at night because you think if you were with him every moment he wouldn't die. You blame yourself

My name is Kohona
My age is 13
My hair color is black and brown streaks
My eye color is black
(Opt.) My clothing looks like girlish/boyish
My personality is evil, shy, nice, hyper
My relatives are grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, a lil bro and sis, parents, step mom/ sisters.
They live around the USA or Cambodian
My past is was full of happiness
My favorite color is red, pink, black
My favorite food is sushi
My village is Konoha
My rank is A/B
My friends is Rookie 9
My enemies are no one
My BEST friend/s is/are Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba
My favorite weapon is my mind
My favorite ninja skill is all
My favorite class is/was all
My special ability is Sakuton: The ability to control my blood and transform it to anything to kill.
And/or rasangon
I specialize in medic
Some other things I don't like people messing around with me ( I take things so seriously)

Some other things I like are everything

What do you think about...

Temari- Kool, I like how she handles her fan

Gaara- He's so kool and deadly
Konkuro- He annoys me, but I don't care
Kakashi- HE's a perv yet mysterious
Sakura- She's emotional, I can understand anyone
Naruto- WOO!! He's funny...
Sauske- I like you, but I want to kill you at the same time...o.O
Kurenai- She's great sensei
Hinata- I like her alot!!
Kiba (and Akamaru ruff)- (smiles)
Shino- -
Asuma- He's kool for a sensei I mean
Ino- I wish she would stop fighting with Ino...I like her and hate her...
Shikamaru-!! He's lazy yet a good friend Choji- Awww...Choji your soooooo lucky. You and Shikamaru are such good friends

Gai- Stop saying youthful and I'll think about it
TenTen- She's tough and cool!!
Rock Lee- Same like Gai...
Neji- NIce hair...we should train sometime
Orochimaru- ...hi...>.> Itachi- ...hi...OMG
Kabuto- ...I'm going to kill you...
Konohamoru- Hey kid! He's annoying, but I can't blame him
ROLE playing
You see naruto sitting on the swings all by himself. What do you say do and think?
Hi. Can I join? (talk and become good friends)
YOU see sasuke all by himself on the swings what do you say think or do?

Play on the swings and have fun. Let Sasuke watch and join.

Gaara wants you to fight him what do you say think and or do? long you don't kill me I'm good.
Kiba is going out with hinata. How do you react?

Aww...sob as long she's happy I'm happy...
Naruto is runing and bumps into you you both fall down. YOu see an angery sakura ino, sasuke,neji,shikamaru kiba, kakashi and hokage.
he looks up to you and said" you wouldn't mind helping out a friend would ya? what do you do say and think?

Sure I'll help!!
Your best friend has just told you you are a worthless waste of skin that doesn't deserve to ,live and a lot of other hateful things. What do you say think and do.

I don't care. Act the way you want. It's not my problem that your a backstabber... That hurt so much...why?
also you want to talk to some one about it(naruto charater)who would that person be and why?
Naruto. For a knucklehead he's a good friend.

I'm a friend of yours...

I'm a the good guy or bad...

I'm the one by your side...

You can stop me from being your friend, but you can't stop me from acting like a friend...

I'm your friend...

I'm Kohana Kiwa...-

You're an musician!

Wether you sing, play the guitar,drums, or whatever! The music is in your soul. You make wanna try joining the chorus, band, orchestra, or anything like that! Just make sure you have plenty of fun!

Do you like to draw? There's a place for you in the stars, you could be a famous painter! Do you believe it? Imagine the envy of Picasso...

Your hidden talent is the ability to make others feel good about themselves. You're always sub-consciously helping others with words of encouragement. Even when you fail miserably others feel better because they either know they didn't fail alone, or they succeeded and your failure makes them look ten times as good!! Own this talent, it could come in handy one day!

Guys just cold and wicked you can be!

You're cool because you're dark and mysterious. You have a distant yet strong personality. At some point
you did want to be loved and have friend but no one seemed to like you. But now many people see you
as an idol. Also, many boys and girls desire to be in a relationship with you either because they can relate
to your pain, they want to comfort you, they want to know a different side of you, or because you're personality
is so luring they just can't resist! You don't exactly have friends. You may talk to them or say hi once and a while
but you don't really consider them friends. What can you say? People adore you even though you have
and awkward personalities.
Your quote: "You're cynical and beautiful. You always make a scene. You're monochrome delirious...
You're nothing that you seem." - I dunno
Your words: Dark, mysterious, strong, independent, understanding.
Your clothes: Dark cargo pants, shirts with writing, and leather jackets.
Your hair: Short and black with grey/white/silver streaks.
Your partner has to be: Accepting, understanding, loving/caring, knows what it's like to be sad and in pain, smart in many ways.

his is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read this chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia

(out of the blue...)

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