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Author has written 2 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Hunger Games.

Hello! I am bluejellooranges, a second year university student who spends way too much procrastinating.

I currently am working on two projects:

For Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP:

The Other Version of CCS: an exciting and humourous story about the teenage cardcaptors trying to catch all the Clow Cards along with their friends, Kero, Cairo, Tomoyo and two mysterious boys.

For The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

Beneath the Water: the fight for the District 4 Victor, Mags to win the 12th Annual Hunger Games.

Thank you for all those who have read my work and I hope you can spend a few seconds just to review my story.

I give my thanks to Mysterious Angel Girl because she was the first to review my first story. She's great because she gives great advice and is very understanding.

News for the future and to watch out for:

1) The Other Version of CCS and Beneath the Water are currently in progress.

2) But look! The CCS gang's adventure isn't over yet! It's far from over! I am going to write another fanfiction where the gang meets Hogwarts. Over done, but I really want to write this story! Haven't thought of the name yet, but the general plot has already been planned.

3) Then, as promised, Nagisa and Honoka, from Pretty Cure will step into the picture for another section of the story! I'm probably going to call it something like: "The Love Chronicles: Pomiisho."

4) In the final story of the CCS gang, which I have planned is going to be called Secret Identity Realization. The title of this story is definitely stable and decided on.

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The other version of CCS reviews
Clow Reed was a careful sorcerer and he, in fact, made two copies of the Clow Cards. Two normal high school girls find themselves in the midst of a prophecy predicted by an old Chinese fortune teller in Hong Kong: The Ownership of the Two Books of Clow. ..
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