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Hey everyone. Finally got around to typing up a profile O_o;

Well anyways~ My pen name is Zinc210, and that name is more or less used in everything I do. From forum names to names of characters in MMO games (though not all of em). I have only been writing for a couple years now. It wasn't until a writing assignment in 11th grade that I realized how much I enjoyed putting my imagination into word form and to share it. But my imagination has always been there. For as long as I could remember, I loved to imagine scenarios and create my own characters which, whenever I'm done thinking about them (which can take months per storyline), I lock them away in the back of my mind. Since I've gotten my own laptop, I'm able to store them on word documents so I won't forget them!

So about me. I'm really into video games, cartoons, fantasy stories, and web comics. I just love being immersed into other worlds. It's mainly an escape from how lame and boring my real life is... but eh, what can you do >.

I spend a lot of my time playing MMOs, since 10th grade. It all started with Runescape. It was fun, then I moved on to Maplestory (who hasn't?), Tales of Pirates, Rumble Fighters, Lunia, then back to Maplestory (got to lvl 70 on my archer this time whooo~), then back to Lunia. During March, I began playing Mabinogi! That went til the fall where I started playing Dream of Mirror Online. That didn't last long (many games my friend drags me into. He usually quits then I quit not long after xD), so I went back to playing Lunia (it changed companies to ijji). Since then I've more or less been playing both Lunia and Mabinogi on and off. I love those games so much, and are much more fun than other MMOs in my opinion.

My IGNs:

Lunia: Aurum211 (Healer), Gummygumdrop (Lime)

Mabinogi: Zinc210 (member of Aesir guild!)

I'm a nice guy, really shy and quiet in public. Recently, I discovered that I have many symptoms of ADHD... It got me worried a bit and I thought about seeing a doctor for a diagnosis, but decided to not worry about it since I managed 19 years of living without it being overly apparent. It DOES definitely explain my abysmal attention span, my problems with zoning out, problems with starting and finishing stuff, and my tendencies to talk compulsively amongst my friends and family...

I've always been kinda artsy growing up. I love to draw, but my skills need a lot of improvement. I do find it cool that I can think up a character for my story and then try to draw how I imagined him/her, even though it often doesn't end up the way I imagined >_>; Oh wells. I used to make lots of comics I showed to my friends and my brother. I made bomberman comics using humor and randomness that probably only appealed to me and my brother, and I made Pokemon comics using my favorite Pokemon getting into wacky hijinks.

So far, I only have two stories in progress:

Breeze's Delivery Service: First started this after replaying the first Golden Sun game. I loved this series, and I'm SOOO glad they are making a third installment. I'm kinda nervous that it'll blow up my favorite pairings, but that's okay. This story is my first I've began to share with the INTERNETZ, and it involves romance and a quite a bit of humor. It follows a particular Jupiter Djinni (hur hur I bet you can't guess who it is?)

Scarlet Exarch: This is an Original character story that takes place in the Johto Region. The 2nd generation has most of my favorite Pokemon, with the first having a lot as well. Very few 3rd generation Pokemon I like, and 4th generation had a lot of cool ones, but they never topped my faves. A lot of Pokemon in this are my favorites. This story adds a few elements that are pretty unseen in the Pokemon series (like death, for example though its not that bad though), and I input my ideas and how I felt Pokemon should be like. The Pokemon have very human personalities, since they are around them a lot, and their conversations make up a hefty load of the story. I have actually started writing this story before Breeze's Delivery Service, but didn't post it up until earlier this year. I have a lot planned for this, but it'll take a while to get it all written. For those who read it, please tell me how you like it. I'm no expert writer, so i know something is not right, but I don't know how to fix it. I need some input to help me improve . Also, I occassionally draw pics of the characters in the story (a lot of them not yet introduced and with their appearances still in production) on my Deviant art. Go here--> if you want a quick look see (if I put it up there, that is...)

Recently completed: A chapter in Breeze's Delivery Service

Currently working on: Next chapter of Scarlet Exarch

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