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Author has written 6 stories for Batman the Animated Series, Pokémon, and Young Justice.

I'm a sixteen year old guy and I enjoy writing and reading stories, particularly in the DC Universe, even more particular: Batman. I probably like Pokemon more, though. I might post some Young Justice sometime! I so hope we'll get a season three...(if you're interested and willing to work hard to write a season 3 fanfiction with me, please PM!)

I think this is a neat site and I enjoy spending a little time on it here and there to read and critique other stories.

I have a great opportunity and responsibility to write at the very least a page every weekday as part of my schoolwork, and so I plan to contribute to this community (and fictionpress, as GuyBoyPerson) with that writing.

Now I may like writing and reading, superheroes may be cool, and Pokemon may be fun, but someone greater than anything I've ever known has been revealed to me. His name is Jesus Christ. He not only made us, but he died for us. He was fully God and fully man, and He provided such a perfect plan of salvation to save us from our sins! Only in Him can we truly live. He is God, He is the One true thing worthy of praise. He is the One God. He is the Lord of all Creation! He is the only thing we can live for that will be worth it in the end. And I won't forget to mention the other option-hell. We can burn for eternity. Its the sad truth-but not so sad when we accept God! It may seem offensive, but it is true, and I know it is true.

Its like this. We sinned. We've all sinned. You've sinned, I've sinned, something as "small" we'd consider it as telling a lie, or "big" as committing a murder. We've all done something bad. And God is perfect. God is greater than us all. He is above all the greatest and most wonderful being. As such, He has high standards for who he'd let into heaven. Who would he let? One who was perfect, completely clean and clear of any and all sin.
We all sin. We could not meet that standard.
So God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth. You've probably heard of him. He came to earth and met God's perfect standard. He never sinned, he never did anything wrong. He only did what was right. And we beat him and nailed him to a cross to die.
Well he did die, but in doing so he provided the perfect sacrifice that took away all of our sins. And not only did he take away all of our sins through his death, but he rose again. He rose from the dead. He conquered death.
Can you say wow? He gave me new life when I accepted him into my heart. Now God doesn't look on my sin. He looks on Jesus, and sees me as he sees him, spotless and clean. That's way more than I deserve.

Jesus' name is above every other name. I want to live like it is, and prove that His name is glorious! That His name is true! That His name is holy and above every other name!

"Riddled with Fear" and "Define" are both currently on hiatus as I seek to outline and improve both stories. I hope to re-post soon.

My three Pokemon stories, "Never In A Thousand Years", "Measures of Greatness", and "The Guild" are set in the same universe. "Define" is set in a seperate universe. Never In A Thousand Years takes place twenty years before the events in "Measures of Greatness" and "The Guild", which take place at the same time. I plan some small tie-ins, but the biggest tie in would be "Never In A Thousand Years" character Ivan being the same Ivan in "Measures of Greatness", though Ivan is not the main character of "Never In A Thousand Years".

Writing tips?
I'd be glad to help you with anything I can! I think that the best advice for writing that I can offer is this: Get a beta-reader, listen to their suggestions and ask for their and other's suggestions. I've been tossing around ideas with some other authors recently and it helps me figure out where to go.

Give your stories some "OOMPH"! This is just something I thought up recently. Opening, Order, Mission, Peril, Heart. Make sure your chapter's opening is good, captivating, and interesting. And then make sure everything's in order. Not just the continuity, things need to make sense. Next is mission: what is your character doing? Why are they doing it? Remind us of their mission. Peril: a little action keeps your story moving and exciting. I think every chapter should have at least a little action. Finally, give your story heart. This is not just a chapter by chapter thing, this is an overall story thing. We want to be with your characters, to feel with them, to go through their problem with them. Is your story lacking in any area? Try "OOMPH" and please tell me if it helps!

Are you bad at writing romance? Are you struggling to explain your character's surroundings? Is your dialogue poor and un-engaging? Are you bad at spelling? I suggest you do this: Read a story that is very good in the areas you fail. I really wasn't so good at journeys or traveling, I didn't know how to make it seem long, and then I started reading "The Lord of the Rings" series and I think I began to understand it better. I also started writing in a more proper manner, I think, closer to Tolkien's proper language. I think its very important for a writer to continue reading, and that we will pick up on our favorite writer's techniques and styles. About spelling, just use spell-check! I think its a fan-fiction rule that you're supposed to use spell-check before you post your stories anyways. Don't have one on your browser? The document manager has one. Using spell-check is not that hard, though sometimes it can be tedious. However, I think its always worth it. Your story looks unprofessional and unappealing if you have a lot of spelling errors and I can often be turned off to a story when the spelling is bad.

I've seen some ads talking about legalizing gay marriage recently, and I want to explain where I, as a Christian, stand on homosexuality.

I love homosexuals as much as any other person. I don't love what they do. I don't hate a person because of what they do. I hate what's done. Some Christians seem to hate homosexuals and curse and say all manner of terrible things about them. I hate a sin, not a sinner. Whether its homosexual acts or cursing another person, we all have sinned. Don't curse someone because they say they're gay. I don't approve of homosexuality, but I could still love a person who was a homosexual.
Why don't I approve of homosexuality? Because the act of homosexual sex is a sin according to the Bible. If you have an issue with that, feel free to PM me.

You can find my original fiction works here: GuyBoyPerson

OC Template for "Measures of Greatness"

I could use plenty of OCs, both good guys and bad guys. (You can explain which in personality) I could use unimportant characters as well as some who will be more important. I currently have only four important characters. I will decided whether your character will be a more important one, but I will try to incorporate all characters. Thank you for your interest. I will accept characters submitted through private messages. Please follow this template to send me an OC.

Name: (First and last, middle is optional)

Gender: (Male or female)

Age: (At least 18, no more than 40, preferred 20-35)

Looks: (Hair color and style [short or long, ponytail, shoulder length, eye color, clothes, distinguishing characteristics, any other additional details you wish to provide)

Personality: (Please list at least a few character traits or explain how your character acts)

Pokemon: (Must list three Pokemon, nicknames are preferred [required if your character has an Alakazam, Chandelure, Electivire, Empoleon, Exploud, Glaceon, Gliscor, Machamp, Magmortar, Yanmega, Weavile, or Zoroark, which are Pokemon owned by my characters]. If your Pokemon is one that evolves, please have it in its final form. Pokemon personalities are not required, but brief personality descriptions are allowed.)

Accomplishments: (Something like "Beat the Elite Four" "Won Pokemon World Tournament x Times" "Won Battle Subway/Frontier/Tower x Times" This is not required, but helpful)

Motive: (Why did they enter the tournament? This will help to know your character)

Extra: (If you want to add a history or any other information you feel would be helpful in this story)

Meaning of Latin words in "Define" (In order of appearance):

Luna Tetigit Repurgari-Moon Touched Clearing
Aegidius (Latin name)
Lucretius (Latin name)
Adamoculous (This is not a real word. I combined the words "Adamas" for diamond and "Oculus" for eyes, so it is meant to mean "Diamond eyes")
(I think that's all of them. If you notice one I missed, please tell me so I can add it to this list!)

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Measures of Greatness reviews
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John never got to go on a Pokémon journey when he was young. He had to stay home and care for his mother. But when his mother is caught up in a series of abductions, the very thing that kept him from Pokémon now drives him to seek their help in rescuing her. (Rated T just in case)
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,879 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 5/9/2013 - Published: 5/4/2013
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Paulo the Larvitar has lived in Fluvius clan his entire life. He knew nothing of who he really was, and nothing of the outside world. When he is suddenly swept into a journey with an Absol, a Glaceon, and a Cyndaquil, he must learn what the world is and follow the prophecy to call on Cresselia to save the world from the Dark Pokemon and his Dark Five. (Legendary appearances)
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Dr. Hugo Strange has unleashed the residents of Arkham Asylum secretly to capture the heroes Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Its up to the heroes to decode the Riddler's clues before Scarecrow frightens them into Strange's submission. (On hiatus, to work on improving my stories)
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