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Hi! I’m Absolhunter251. This is my first ever time being on fan fiction. Net and I only found out about it through my friend and my brother. (Both are on this site, by the way.)

Despite my profile name, I am such a BIG Nightmare fan. I’m also a Vincent Valentine fan, A Sonic the Hedgehog fan, (I like Knuckles!) and a Pokemon fan! (As you can guess, Absol is my favorite, along with sooo many others). Well, here’s a little about me:

Name: Not gonna tell! _ (Wiggles finger and winks)

Gender: female

Age: Old enough to play FFVII, almost close enough to drive, not old enough to see AvP-R without my older brother at a theatre. (I can watch R-rated stuff at home, but where’s the fun in that?)

Close relations on this site: JonseyCat79, Lord Nalthren. (Guess what’s the relation.)

Now...i'm trying my best to make things inetresting for myself to enjoy, I really don't MIND...if my stories don't get enough view..unlike my bro who is a pro...But i'm trying to rech that state...if any of you want to give me ideas or tips, that WOULD be nice. Okay turns out this story FFVII: the adventures of cloud stife the chocobo has fans all ready. W FINALLY!! and it even also has my Brother Jonesycat79's interest! . Does the Chocobo dance! WARK!! XD!

Now for a list of favorites, because everybody likes lists!

Favorite Games: Soul Calibur III , Soul Calibur II , Soul Calibur (arcade), Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII , Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (I heart Shadow!), Sonic Mega collection , Animal Crossing (Sooo cute _) Sonic Riders

The list can go on…

Favorite Pokemon games: Pokemon Red (My first pokemon game) Pokemon silver (Had to give it away because of a stupid glitch that killed my Lv. 98 Golduck and Lv. 100 Typlosion! Sill regret giving it away. >. Pokemon Coliseum and Gale of darkness XD ,Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Fire red. Side note: Trying to get a Shiny Absol by either catching it or breeding it. Vincent and Moonlight still trying to breed and get one. (Yes, I did name an Absol Vincent)

Favorite Soul Calibur Characters: First and foremost, I’m a Lizardman fan on Soul Calibur! He was my first ever fighter…until I met a little Azure knight named NIGHTMARE!! (Melts in seat) Oh, he has the COOLEST voice out of the fighters. (Especially in SCIII! English of course). I’M A FREAKING MASTER when it comes to SCIII Nightmare, just ask Lord Nalthren and JonseyCat 79. Siegfried comes second best!

Other Favorite Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Vincent Valentine, Cloud Strife and Sephiroth, (Who else would look cool dueling each other with big-ass swords , besides Siegfried and Nightmare, of course) Godzilla, king of the monsters (not to be confused with Zilla, we call him Sammy!)

Once again, the list could go on…

Favorite Voice actors: Patrick Ryan, (Nightmare III) Crispin Freeman, (Siegfried and Rude) Jason Griffith( Sonic, Shadow, Jet,) Steve Blum( Vincent), Steve Burton, (Cloud), George Newbern (Sephiroth), Rick Gomez (Zack from Advent, I just like his line during the stigma attack, “We‘re friends, right?”), David Hayter (Snake), Christopher Randolph, (Otacon), Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter, Emma Emmerich (E.E) Samus) .Paul Eiding, (Roy Cambell), Spike Spencer, (Shinji Ikari), Allison Keith, (Misato Katsuragi) Peter Cullen( Optimus Prime)Haley joel Osmant(Sora from KH2) Jesse mccarthney(Roxas, Ventus)

Favorite actors: Gerard Butler,Patrick Wilson (Phantom of the opera), Toby Maguire, James Franco, (Spider-man trilogy), Eddie Murphy, Jim Carry, uh, uh, Willem Dafoe ( Norman Osborne), Alfred Molina (Doc' Ock), Alec Guinness and Ewan MCGregor (Both for Obi-Wan Kenobi), Hayden Christensen( Anakin), Frank Oz.(Yoda)

Favorite Movies: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. (THANKS A LOT, LORD NALTHREN. Now me and my brother can’t get enough of Final Fantasy VII!! CURSE YOU, ONE-WINGED ANGEL!! (just kidding, thanks Nalthren), The Pokemon movie series (Before Ash started sounding gay. Spell of the unknown, 4ever and Heroes are my favorites). Phantom of the Opera (musical)(I love Gerard Butler!! Oh, and the songs are good to)

The list can go on, again…so to make things easier, I’m naming my favorite types:

Animated Disney films (not the direct to video crap), Pixar films, Godzilla movies.

Favorite music artist: (These guys are geniuses!!)

Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series), Akira Ifukube (Godzilla series), John Williams (Who wouldn’t like this guys music?), Junichi Nakatsuru (Soul Calibur series), the guy who made the music for Dirge of Cerberus (Black widow theme is my favorite), Danny Elfman, ( Spidey!) Yoko Shimorua(KH series)

Notice: Consumed!

stories completed: FFVIIKH2, FFVII:DoC 2, Soraxess's Tale, Heartless Love, FFVII: Absol Hunt, Consume

New stories: Consumed, SONICXELISE: THINKING OF YOU, Kingdom Hearts 2: RE soraxess's tale- tainted one

Stories in production:

Consumed 2: undeniable truths

FFVII: Could strife the gold Chocobo

SonicxElise: thinking of you

Kingdom Hearts 2: RE Soraxess's Tale- tainted one

Stories that will NOT be updated anymore Due to lost ideas and support for the stories:

Sonic the Hedgehog:Wrath of Metal sonic

FFVII: Absol hunt 2

Kardios: the absol Hunter

Starfox: the new adventures of Starfox the series

Starfox: the Adventures of marisa the fox

Living with Nightmare

Pokemon: Birth of a legend

Zachary: the half blood

SOUL CALIBUR IV: My Immortal Hero

Notice for all you fans of my stories:

I finally made it to DeviantART. If you liked my stories, then check out my art. Who knows. Maybe some of my art might have pictures of Absol hunt. I hope you all enjoy my beatuiful art. That's all! - AbsolHunter251- here's the link to my DA account:

Well, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Enjoy! _

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