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I don't know if anyone actually reads this, but oh well. I suppose this will be purely for my own entertainment.

If you want to talk to me, or drop by to say hi, just pm me. I go by Addie.

My interests include writing, anime, reading, tae kwon do, the usual. Oh and food… who isn't interested in food? I absolutely LOVE Inuyasha! Although I haven't attempted to write anything for the fandom, and I've kinda grown out of reading fan fiction from it since TFA came out… BUT if it weren't for Inuyasha, I would have never found this world of writing.

Fanfiction has been a huge part of my life, helping me get through some pretty rough times.

Servant Boy: Ahh, my first ever fanfic. Okay listen here. I wrote most of that story when I was like 12, came back to it a few years later, and finished it. No, it isn't the best thing ever written, but I'd like to think I progressively got better and improved and whatnot. So as much as I will probably never look at it again (because it actually mortifies me to think about what I wrote), I am proud of it and laugh fondly every time I think about it.

That said, I'd like to give a shout out to my Beta, PureHearts, who was wonderful and a great help to me throughout my first story.

Promise to the Empty Sky is a repost? I guess? of a story I posted a while back called Red Moon. I only finished two chapters of it and posted those two chapters as soon as I finished them. But then I left it for too long, lost interest in it, and gave up on it. I took it off because I don't like leaving things undone. However, New Year's Eve inspired me. I decided I really loved the story line, and trying to finish it was worth a shot. So, I edited it, made a couple changes, and reposted. So, please forgive any confusion, and I hope you enjoy it, because I certainly do.

I'm very happy you're interested in the little inner workings of this story. It really means a lot.

UPDATE: It took nearly a year, but it's finally complete! I do hope you'll read whatever else I end up writing. Thanks for all the reviews/favourites etc because that's the kind of support that reassures me I'm doing something right haha. This story is my baby, and I had so much fun writing it and reading all the feedback.

And once again, as I said somewhere : Thank you Ai Chiyo so much for beta-ing the first few chapters! Your encouragement and taking the fact that you took the time to read through it carefully was much appreciated. Plus you helped me with a great idea for the ending.

There isn't really much to say, I guess. I could have sworn I had a whole lot more before… Ohwell, guess not. Sorry to bore you with my mediocre life, but, THANKS FOR VISITING ANYWAY! ;)

Also, follow me on tumblr? I just started using it and I find it quite amusing so I frequent it a lot?


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On a cold winter day, Sebastian finds someone he hasn't seen in a very long time. But are the risks worth the reward? Sebaciel. *COMPLETE*
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If reviews
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Promise to the Empty Sky reviews
Once upon a time, he made a promise he couldn't keep. Now, after a millennia of waiting, will their lingering feelings be enough to keep them together? Ever wonder why Sebastian is so obsessed with Ciel's soul? Well, here you are. Sebaciel. **COMPLETE**
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