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Author has written 8 stories for Doctor Who, TV X-overs, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Name: What? Disclose my real name? On the Internet?! Nope, far too paranoid for that. I don't even have a Facebook, for goodness' sake, that's how Internet-safety-conscious I am! Online I answer to "goddess of all daleks". I also sometimes get called "the Pudding-Meister", so you can call me that if you like.

Age: Hang on, let me check... Nope, still paranoid. Sorry, not telling!

Gender: I take feminine pronouns, thanks.

Location: I was born in and am currently living in the USA. Having grown up across the Pond in England, however, I usually consider myself a Brit.

Profession: I recently finished my undergraduate education. Woohoo! I'm looking at short-term jobs for now while I shop for grad schools.

Ships: I ship so many different pairings it's not even funny. I would list them all here, but it would take up a truly ridiculous amount of space. So I won't. Suffice it to say that there are very few ships I won't read.

Crossovers: I love them! One day I may get around to writing one.

My fics:

A Bunny and a Bad Day - My first foray into fanfiction. Reasonably good-ish, in my opinion. I think it's funny, anyway. Includes a Classic!Master. Classic!Masters FTW!

The Wonders of Modern Technology - I'm quite proud of this one. It's a humour-fic, and people seem to like it, which is immensely gratifying! Does include one or two embarrassing typos, as I posted it before I figured out that likes to filter out websites, then never quite got around to going back and fixing it. (The edited-out website in question was meant to be .)

You Thought I Was a WHAT! - Erm, yeah. This one is on indefinite hiatus. I had what I thought was a brilliant idea, wrote up the first few pages, and posted before I realised that I really didn't have any, you know, plot. Or anything. If there's anyone who'd like to adopt it, feel free to PM me - I'd love for someone to complete it! Otherwise I expect it'll languish until I get some more inspiration for it, which could be never.

Mmm, Sparkly - As pointed out in my author's notes for this one, the plot bunnies made me do it! If you're into both Doctor Who and Labyrinth, please give this one a read, as I'm quite proud of it as well. It really ought to be moved to the crossover section, but I just haven't got around to doing that yet. This may or may not happen at some indeterminate point in the future.

Whose Line Is It, Anyway? - This is a sort of almost-but-not-really-crossover between Buffy and Whose Line. It's complete-ish as is, but there is room for further updates if I get the inspiration and the chance to collaborate some more with Pickles, my co-writer, so it's not tagged as complete at the minute.

Vengeance - Urgh. This was an ill-advised late-night angst-fest in my brain and should never have made it into (poorly) written form on my computer, let alone onto the Internet. So I've deleted it. Sorry. If you were one of those lovely people who enjoyed it and wish it were still up, please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to send you a .pdf of the story.

Dodging Blame - I had fun with this one! It's Classic!Who!Expanded!Universe, so those who are strictly Nu!Who might feel a little lost, but are of course welcome to check it out anyway.

A Supernatural Encounter - This was another attack of the plot bunnies. Well... not so much the plot bunnies as the crack bunnies, maybe, but I like it. Yes, I misspelt "Shakespearean" and never bothered to go back and fix it. Deal with it. =P

A Pair of Knickers - I spent rather a lot of time and effort on this one, and I must say I'm very pleased with the finished product. Yes, it's Classic!Who, but I think (hope!) it should be accessible to Nu!Whovians as well, so go on and take a look!

So come on in and have a look around! Like many people here on , I love to receive reviews, so any and all comments are enthusiastically accepted! (And recorded, and taken out and looked at on a regular basis...) ;)

Worth noting here: I read a lot of fanfic. I may have read your stories. I may have then internalized some element from your stories only to remember it later and think 'Man! That's a good idea! I should write a fic with that in it!' If you think I've done this (or if you are a prat and think I've actually intentionally plagiarised your work), please contact me and tell me so. I'll either remove the offending fic/passage(s) or try my best to rewrite to your satisfaction.

I used to have a couple of those copy-paste things here, but they were cluttering up my profile so I got rid of them. Instead, I will sum up the message they conveyed thusly: Some people are gay. Get over it.

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Life After Death by JenniferRSong reviews
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A Pair of Knickers reviews
There's a pair of knickers lying on top of the Third Doctor's lab bench. The Brigadier does not approve. Reviews are love!
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Or, A Time Lord and a Spellchecker. In which the Doctor borrows Mickey's computer to do some typing... Featuring the Ninth Doctor and Mickey Smith. Please review! I wilt without reviews!
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